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cybersecurity concept Global network security technology, business people protect personal information. Encryption with a padlock icon on the virtual interface.

Part 2: Read and Validate PDF Text Content in Browser Using PDFBox and Selenium

Validating the content of PDF files that an application generates is a common task while testing web applications. To do this, utilize PDFBox, a Java library for managing PDF documents, in combination with Selenium, a potent web automation tool. This post will demonstrate how to use PDFBox and Selenium to read and validate PDF text […]

cybersecurity concept Global network security technology, business people protect personal information. Encryption with a padlock icon on the virtual interface.

Advanced API Testing Part 2: JSON Schema Validation, Serialization & Deserialization Techniques

Welcome to Part 2 of our series on Advanced API Testing with Rest Assured. In this segment, we delve into three critical aspects of API testing: JSON Schema Validation, Serialization, and Deserialization. These advanced techniques empower developers and testers to ensure the reliability and efficiency of their APIs. Let’s explore how Rest Assured simplifies these […]

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Taxonomy: The Lifeblood of Site Search

I have found myself talking about taxonomy a lot recently. Taxonomy is a big job in a website project, but it’s something stakeholders may not consider early enough in an implementation project. I refer to taxonomy as a big job not only because it can be a lot of work, but also because it is […]

Extending General Link for Experience Editor Mode in Sitecore

Understanding the Shadow DOM in Web Components

Managing the structure and styling of components in web development may frequently become complex, particularly when working on large-scale projects with several developers or integrating third-party components. Because CSS is global, there is a chance for CSS conflicts and accidental styling changes, a common issue for developers. Here’s where the Shadow DOM comes in as […]


Astro: The Web Framework Revolutionizing Website Development

In this fast-paced world of web development, speed, flexibility, and usability are crucial to creating powerful online experiences. Within this context, Astro, an innovative web framework designed to generate static sites, offers exceptional performance and versatility. This blog will explore the benefits, challenges, and practical tips with Astro and its relevance today. Astro: A Quick […]

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Implementing in the Custom Breadcrumb Rendering

As we have discussed about in Sitecore and it’s benefits in my previous blog. We will be exploring the implementation of on components. In this blog, I am taking a scenario where I will be implementing on the Custom Breadcrumb component in Sitecore. Prerequisites: Sitecore 9.1 and above SXA I am creating […]

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How to Implement in Sitecore

In this blog, we will be discussing, the role of in SEO, and how to implement in Sitecore. What is is a universal way to describe web pages with structured data. Search engines use this information to enrich the user experience on their search results and generate rich snippets. Structured […]

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Data-driven Advertising in a Privacy-First World: Exploring the Power of Google Enhanced Conversions

Google Enhanced Conversions is a feature in Google Ads that allows advertisers to measure and track the performance of their online campaigns more accurately. It helps in improving the attribution process by giving more in-depth insights into how different conversion events contribute to the overall conversion value. With Enhanced Conversions, advertisers can capture and measure […]

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How to Customize & Debug SEO Pages in Optimizely Configured Commerce

Optimizely Configured Commerce SEO is a vital aspect of any ecommerce application, as having a good SEO ranking increases traffic to your website and brings in revenue opportunities. Optimizely Configured Commerce (formerly Optimizely B2B Commerce) comes packaged with SEO features built-in, providing SEO configuration settings without requiring development code. Don’t worry if the native capabilities […]

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Make the Move to Google Analytics 4 (GA4)

Google Analytics is one of the most powerful tools available for businesses to track and analyze their website traffic. With the release of Google Analytics 4 (GA4), Google has introduced a new and improved version of the platform, including a range of new features and benefits. Suppose you’re currently using Universal Analytics to track your […]

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What is Digital Accessibility?

In today’s digital age, more and more people are relying on technology to access information and services. However, not all websites, apps, and digital content are designed with accessibility in mind. This can create barriers for individuals with disabilities, limiting their ability to fully participate in and benefit from the digital world. What is Digital […]

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Semantic HTML: Building Accessible Websites with Native HTML Part 1 of 5

A Guide to Creating Accessible and Meaningful Web Content In the world of web development, accessibility has become a crucial factor in designing and building websites. Accessibility ensures that everyone, regardless of their abilities, can access and use a website without any barriers. Semantic HTML is one of the most essential tools in creating an […]

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