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Designing for All: The Power of a User-Centric Approach in Universal Design

Universal design is not just about creating accessible spaces; it’s about crafting experiences that cater to the diverse needs of individuals. At the heart of this philosophy lies a user-centric approach—one that places the preferences, abilities, and feedback of users at the forefront of the design process. This blog post explores the transformative impact of […]

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Tutorial 03 – Publish Microservices to the Eureka Server

Read the other blogs in this series: Tutorial 01 – Microservices Architectural Design by using Spring Boot Tutorial 02 – Spring Cloud – Netflix Eureka Server Publish Microservices to the Eureka Server Every Microservice must be published/ registered with Eureka Server (R&D Server) by becoming an Eureka Client We must create a microservice using Spring […]

Extending General Link for Experience Editor Alternate Approach

Extending General Link for Experience Editor Alternate Approach

We have already seen the experience editor part in the Extending General Link for Experience Editor article in detail. Hence, in this article, we will explore how we can extend the general link for experience editor mode with an alternate code approach in Sitecore 10.2.0 to resolve the higher environment and performance issues that occurred […]

Extending General Link for Experience Editor Mode in Sitecore

Mastering Axios in React: A Complete Overview

A popular JavaScript library, Axios has become a staple in modern web development, especially when handling HTTP requests in React applications. This blog will explore the ins and outs of using Axios with React, providing a complete guide and practical code examples to enhance your understanding. Getting Started with Axios in React Installation Step 1: […]

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Unleashing Synergy: Why Salesforce Data Cloud is the Perfect Companion to Your Existing CDP

Leveraging Your CDP In today’s dynamic business landscape, harnessing the power of customer data is non-negotiable for success. Companies around the globe are increasingly turning to Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) to consolidate and manage their customer information effectively. While many organizations have already invested in a CDP, the addition of Salesforce Data Cloud can elevate […]

What To Consider Before Leaping Into Microservices

Tutorial 02 – Spring Cloud – Netflix Eureka Server

You may learn microservices in-depth from beginner to expert in this set of tutorials. click here for previous blog: – Tutorial 01 – Microservices Architectural Design by using Spring Boot Introduction: – Netflix Eureka Server – To enable discovery and communication between microservices, it is necessary to register or publish the microservice with the R&D […]

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Taxonomy: The Lifeblood of Site Search

I have found myself talking about taxonomy a lot recently. Taxonomy is a big job in a website project, but it’s something stakeholders may not consider early enough in an implementation project. I refer to taxonomy as a big job not only because it can be a lot of work, but also because it is […]

Extending General Link for Experience Editor Mode in Sitecore

Understanding the Shadow DOM in Web Components

Managing the structure and styling of components in web development may frequently become complex, particularly when working on large-scale projects with several developers or integrating third-party components. Because CSS is global, there is a chance for CSS conflicts and accidental styling changes, a common issue for developers. Here’s where the Shadow DOM comes in as […]

AEM as a Cloud Service Sites Theming And Frontend Pipelines

Test Driving AEM Cloud Service Sites Theming and Frontend Pipelines

In the past, deploying UI updates has required packaging them alongside OSGi bundles and HTL-driven components. While this is still a usable way to deploy projects in AEM, it cannot isolate the UI and hot reload updates. Furthermore, front-end developers and designers often need to only focus attention on the app experience. They may not […]

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Mastering Basic Authentication in Selenium: Strategies and Techniques

In the realm of web testing, encountering sites with basic authentication is commonplace. Handling basic authentication seamlessly within test scenarios is essential for comprehensive testing coverage. Selenium offers various approaches to tackle basic authentication challenges. This blog delves into the nuances of working with basic authentication using Selenium’s uriPredicate function, exploring different strategies and techniques […]

Discussing latest update in React JS 18

React 18: An Overview of its Updates and New Features

The most talked-about topic and trend in JavaScript right now is React 18. React v18.0, which offers the eagerly awaited concurrent rendering improvements, has finally been published by the React team. What is React JS? React is a JavaScript package that allows you to create dynamic and speedy mobile and online apps. It is a […]

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Tutorial 01 – Microservices Architectural Design by using Spring Boot

What is Microservices Architecture? Microservices Architecture Software development follows an architectural and organizational approach where small independent services communicate with each other through well-defined APIs. Overview of Microservices Architecture Microservices architecture provides a set of rules and guidelines to develop a project as a set of loosely coupled/de-coupled services, and this can be implemented using […]

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