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Understanding Cloud Native and What’s In It for Your Organization

“Cloud Native” is the current buzzword we will hear everywhere in major digital transformation projects currently underway. But what does Cloud Native even mean? Is it worth doing it for your organization? These are questions that pop up when thinking about transforming our workloads in a Cloud Native way. So let us dive in. What […]

Integrating LinkedIn and Marketo

Introduction To Virtuoso (Part I)

What’ll You Learn What is Virtuoso How to Create Project in Virtuoso How to Create a Goal How to Create a Journey What is Checkpoint What is Virtuoso: It is a framework for autonomous testing of web applications called Virtuoso. With the help of this platform, you can increase testing quality. Virtuoso investigates your application […]


How to disable Server-Side Rendering in Next.js

SSR in Next.js Next.js has become very popular recently because it is built on top of React. In addition, it has out-of-the-box features that are sometimes redundant to implement on React applications like server-side rendering, image optimization, Routing, and API Routes. Not like a typical React app, Next.js supports SSR out of the box. This […]

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Scribing Scribans in SXA: Part 2

Scribing Scribans in SXA – Part 2 Salutations! So you seek to assemble the science of scribing scribans in SXA? Look no further, for here in this four-part guide I will detail the amazing power and control that scribans in SXA offer. The Four-Part Guide • Part 1 – What are scribans, cloning the promo, […]

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Sitecore Headless DevOps Best Practices – Part 3

Welcome back for the final post in my series on DevOps Best Practices related to Sitecore Headless implementations. In Part 3 we are going to look at the continuous deployment of our Sitecore and Next.js applications following a blue/green model. If you haven’t checked out Part 1 and/or Part 2, I would recommend pausing here […]

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Optimizely CMS – Enabling Drag-and-Drop Support for PropertyList

Optimizely’s Generic PropertyLists can be a useful tool for both developers and CMS editors, but it does come with limitations. Our client recently approached us asking for a better way to organize their PropertyLists. Some of their lists had grown to be quite long and having to move items one slot at a time was […]


Playwright – End to End testing for Web apps

Have you ever wondered; How to simplify End-to-End testing??? Well, I guess that’s where PLAYWRIGHT comes into picture. It’s an open-source NodeJS framework by Microsoft for end-to-end automation for Web applications. Also, it helps developers to test web apps across all Browsers and modern Operating system. Optimizely AUI is an B2B marketplace website which hits […]

Why We Choose Selenium Webdriver Over Selenium Ide Wyc9f 600x400

Functional Testing with Selenium

Functional testing is a sort of testing that aims to determine whether each application feature functions in accordance with the needs of the software. To determine whether a function’s output is in line with the expectations of the end user, each function is compared to the associated requirement. What will be learn in this blog? […]

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Overview of Dispatcher & Configuration in Apache Web Server for AEM

In this blog, you’ll learn about dispatcher and how to configure it with Apache web server. But before we get to that, let’s discuss AEM author and publisher. Author The content that will be published to the publisher is designed, created, and reviewed in the instance. It defaults to using port 4502. Author is the […]


Image is everything: Managing assets with the Media Library and benefits of Content Hub DAM

If you’ve ever worked with Sitecore, you know that it comes with a Media Library for storing images for display on the website and other files for download. Images get stored in SQL database in their binary form which can take up a lot of storage space over time. Storing images in the database means […]

Designing accessible multilingual user experiences

Designing for Accessibility in Every Language

Creating inclusive and multilingual websites is complex but not without its benefits, especially to multilingual web users with disabilities. In Megan Jensen’s ‘kick off post’ on cultural inclusion she notes that “Undertaking a global multilingual website can be an intimidating and overwhelming project but it doesn’t have to be.” We’ve outlined specific ways to deliver […]

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Delivering Sitecore Media Items as a Compressed ZIP

The task at hand At some point as a developer, you might need to combine multiple Sitecore Media Library items into a compressed ZIP and deliver it on the fly to the end-user. In my use case, I had a client that wanted to build out an asset library for the press to use when […]

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