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Major Steps Involved in Developing a Power BI Report

The following are the steps that play a significant role while developing a Power BI report: Step 1: Get Data (Identifying the Data Sources) Power BI provides a direct way, i.e., the “Get Data” feature, through which you can connect to various sources that range from flat-file, server-based, and cloud-based data sources. The data can […]

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Perficient Listed in The AI Service Providers Landscape, Q3 Report

Finding the Right AI Service Provider in a Data-Driven World It is not easy for even the most advanced enterprises to master modeling, data, applications, and digital expertise. Having the ability to take advantage of AI’s full potential as its capabilities expand is becoming increasingly important each day. A decision made using AI-driven intelligence will […]

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ETL & SQL : The Dynamic Data Duo

Data is the lifeline of any modern organization. At any point, every day, you work on molding data points into information to derive profits. Therefore, having the right building blocks is a crucial part of running a good business. This is where the dynamic duo of ETL and SQL comes into play. While you may […]

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Panel Discussion: Improving Supply Chain Visibility with Appian

In an ever-changing world, there are many factors that can impact getting goods into consumers’ hands.  Having visibility into your supply chain and the correct technology to manage it will help you minimize disruption and stay in front of your customers, no matter the challenge.   Join our panel discussion on September 13th at 2 […]

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A Basic Introduction to Amazon Web Services (AWS) for IoT

Hello readers!!!! It’s time to get back to the Internet of Things (IoT). In the previous blog I had given an introduction to IoT and discussed about how AI empowers IoT. Please click the link below if you haven’t already gone through it. In this blog, I’ll discuss about the well-known cloud provider, Amazon Web […]

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Unexpected MDX assumptions and error handling for subsets in TM1/Planning Analytics

I had a bug in a TM1 application recently that was very difficult to track down, and it was because I didn’t understand the different ways that TM1 might respond to vague or incorrect MDX expressions.  MDX makes some unexpected assumptions. Take the following simplified example cube: Let’s say that I have an active form […]

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Views in Denodo

Denodo Virtual DataPort tool can import data coming from different systems and with different structures or formats. To Retrieve Data from the source, views are created in Denodo. I will be using an Oracle 11g data source to fetch the data here and Denodo Web Design studio to create views. “To know more about connecting […]

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Connecting Data Sources with Denodo

What is the use of Denodo? It allows business users to examine the particular data mistreatment associated with an intuitive interface through the Denodo Platform.   Data sources supported by the Denodo Platform Denodo Platform supports many different data sources like Amazon Redshift, Apache Derby, Apache Spark SQL, Greenplum, Hadoop, Hive, Microsoft SQL Server, Netezza, […]


Empowering IoT with AI

Have you ever wondered how wonderful it would be if things like switching on lights, opening the doors, email replies, etc. which we require in day-to-day life become automated? Life would become easier, and humans will be able to take out time for themselves. Well, this is now possible thanks to AI and IoT. So, […]

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Analyzing TM1 logs and data from the command line using Find

The Find Command I come from a systems background in Windows and Linux, maintaining operations and writing programs in C.  Since I bring that perspective to my TM1 work, I’m more comfortable with command line tools than some of my other teammates, so I thought I would share some tips. As an example, let’s look […]

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Perficient Recognized in The Forrester Wave: Modern Application Development Services Q3, 2022 Report

Successful application development in the modern competitive landscape requires a strategic partnership with a trusted vendor that combines industry-leading technology partnerships with modern, scalable delivery methodologies. In the recent report,  The Forrester WaveTM: Modern Application Development Services Q3, 2022, Forrester states, “Modern application development (MAD) services focus on delivering modern digital software products that leverage […]

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Feature of Snowflake: Zero Copy Cloning

                                                                      Feature of Snowflake: Zero-Copy Cloning Zero Copy Cloning in Snowflake: Snowflakes have some advanced feature like Time Travel, zero-copy cloning […]

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