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Sitecore CDP: Understanding Identity Resolution

Sitecore CDP tracks user behavior by linking browsing session, events, and orders to a guest profile.  By default, guests are marked as “visitors” meaning we do not know who they are.  A guest can become a “customer” meaning we know who they are. In order to identify a guest, we must send an “IDENTITY” event.  […]

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Debugging Redux Applications with Redux DevTools and Trace in Editor

Debugging modern web applications can be a challenging task. Redux DevTools is an excellent tool for tracking state changes and dispatching actions in Redux applications. Combined with source maps in Webpack, you can easily trace back to your original source code, making debugging much more straightforward. In this post, we’ll walk through setting up Redux […]

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Adobe Sites: Migrating from Webpack to Vite

Webpack is an amazing bundler for JavaScript and, with the correct loader, it can also transform CSS, HTML, and other assets.  When a new AEM project is created via the AEM Project Archetype and the front-end module is set to general, Adobe provides a Webpack configuration to generate the project’s client libraries. Introducing Vite Vite […]


How Turso Brings Globally Distributed Databases Closer to Users

When we think about globally distributing an application to increase its performance, we usually consider deploying our front or back end in a serverless architecture, a CDN, or perhaps in an edge network. But, while these approaches work and give the expected results, we can go further and try to increase performance even more. What […]

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Easy Dynamic Property Permissions for the Optimizely CMS

I recently worked with a client who wanted to restrict access to specific properties of the content types. We set up some Editor Descriptor attributes, and applied a decorator to the properties in the model classes, which worked well. Then they wanted changes. The problem is that figuring out who has access requires looking at […]

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Tips & Tricks – Part 3 of User Story Writing

This blog is the third and final post in a series about leveraging user stories to improve product outcomes. In this post we will explore how the utilization of just a few simple tips and tricks can help build a meaningful backlog of valuable user stories. What are the “3 C’s” in Agile? One of […]

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Sitecore Personalize: Close Event Logic

Sitecore Personalize has several out of the box components that notify the user such as popup takeover, corner popup, sidebar, and alert bar.  These components all feature a close icon that will hide the component from the screen.  But there is no logic out of the box to prevent them from being displayed again. Imagine […]

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Striving for the Application Development Specialization with Google Cloud Platform

Specialization is critical for Perficient in vetting itself as a contender in the hotly-contested Fortune 2000 digital transformation consulting industry.  Without it, our clients and customers cannot be certain that the experts we engage to successfully deliver mission-critical technical solutions have the necessary skills to ensure success.  In layman’s terms, a partner specialization for Google […]

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Understanding Error Handling in TypeScript: Strategies and Best Practices

TypeScript offers significant benefits for software development, including improved productivity, code quality, and reliability. It is a useful option for creating contemporary online apps because of its static typing, improved tooling support, and JavaScript compatibility. Error handling is a critical aspect of software development that impacts applications’ reliability, security, and user experience. By implementing robust […]

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Sitecore Personalize: Initialization Error

I started a new Sitecore Personalize project.  The client nonprod and prod environments were freshly spun up.  All fresh and clean.  No offer templates, no experiences, no decision models.  I created the first experience and proceeded to click the preview button to test my experience.  To my surprise the experience did not render, and the […]

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Are we Agile Yet?

Agile is a Cliché, a widely used Phrase in today’s Industrial timeline. Evey Organisation, Group, Team wants to be Agile. But is it adopted in the name only??? Agile frameworks hold such promise. From focusing on value driven delivery to empowered investors or stakeholders, it is the time to be part of enthusing Software development. […]

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Unlocking Efficiency: Exploring Story within Story in Storybook

Story within Story: In Storybook, “Story within Story” means using parts of one story in another. Instead of remaking stuff, developers just import existing stories and use their parts in a new story. This helps make complex UIs by combining simpler parts from different stories, making coding faster and more efficient. Suppose you have two […]

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