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Azure SQL Server Performance Check Automation

On Operational projects that involves heavy data processing on a daily basis, there’s a need to monitor the DB performance. Over a period of time, the workload grows causing potential issues. While there are best practices to handle the processing by adopting DBA strategies (indexing, partitioning, collecting STATS, reorganizing tables/indexes, purging data, allocating bandwidth separately […]

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Exploring AngularJS Routing: A Practical Guide

AngularJS is a widely adopted JavaScript framework, arming developers with a rich arsenal of tools to engineer dynamic and captivating web applications. Notably, its robust routing capabilities emerge as a key pillar for constructing Single Page Applications (SPAs). Effectively orchestrating navigation and dynamically presenting diverse content sans the need for complete page refreshes, AngularJS routing […]

Exploring Basics of React’s useReducer and useRef Hooks

In the vast landscape of React development, developers are armed with powerful tools to navigate challenges effortlessly: the useReducer and useRef hooks. This guide offers a deep dive into these hooks, unveiling their functionalities, adaptable use cases, and advanced methodologies. What is `useReducer`? The <strong>useReducer</strong> hook in React is a cornerstone for managing state, offering […]

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React reusable API call using Custom React Hooks

Introduction Custom Hooks are reusable functions that let a React JS developer tailor and adjust a React application’s functionality. React JS version 16.8 includes them. A special JavaScript function with the prefix “use” is referred to as a “Custom Hooks.” Using a customized Hook, retrieve information from an API. This hook will return an object […]

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Optimizely Search & Navigation: Boosting in Unified Search

In the Optimizely Search & Navigation admin view, administrators can set a certain weight of different properties (title, content, summary, or document content). When an user searches for a keyword that matches to a property’s value, the higher weight of that property will make the matching pages to be more likely to appear at the […]

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Lessons Learned in Product Development from Paulo Neto’s eMLS Success

Our colleagues in Atlanta had the wonderful opportunity to step into the world of competitive gaming as they met, and even got to play against multiple eMLS champion Paulo Neto! Paulo Neto represents Atlanta United and is a renowned eSports athlete Known for his prowess in FIFA. Paulo shared his insights into his journey as […]

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Exploring Vue.js: A Thorough Guide to HTML Binding, Event Management, and Loop Iteration

Binding Methods and Functions in Vue.js Binding methods in Vue.js connect functions defined in the Vue instance to events or directives in the template, enabling interactivity. <template> <!– Interpolation –>   <p>{{ message }}</p> <!– Using v-bind directive –> <a v-bind:href=”url”>Learm More</a> <!– Using shorthand : –> <a :href=”url”>Read More…</a> <button v-on:click=”handleClick”>Click me!</button> <!– Using shorthand […]

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Understanding JavaScript Web APIs: Part 3

Welcome back to the third part of our series on essential Web APIs! If you haven’t had the opportunity to explore Part 2 yet, where we extensively covered the nuances of the Web History API and Web Storage API, I encourage you to catch up here to gain valuable insights into efficiently managing browser history […]

Exporting Media Items with Sitecore PowerShell Extensions

Intro 📖 At this point, I think every Sitecore developer uses or has at least heard of Sitecore PowerShell Extensions (SPE). This powerful module for Sitecore is an auto-include for most teams and projects. The module is included with XM Cloud instances by default; if you use XM Cloud, then you already have SPE. If […]

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Understanding JavaScript Web APIs: Part 2

Welcome back to the continuation of our journey through crucial Web APIs! For newcomers to our series, I highly recommend diving into Part 1, accessible here, where we extensively cover the fundamental aspects of the Web Forms API. Continuing our journey, let’s delve into further exploration of vital Web APIs, including the Web History API […]

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Exploring HTML Template Engines for Node.js

The fusion of HTML template engines with Node.js has sparked a transformative wave in web development, reshaping the landscape of dynamic web application creation. These engines give developers an efficient means of dynamically generating HTML content, effectively elevating the readability and manageability of code repositories. Over the course of this blog post, we will embark […]

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Mastering Responsive Videos and Maps with Bootstrap Embed Classes

In Bootstrap, the embed-responsive and embed-responsive-item classes create responsive embeds for videos, maps, or any other embedded content. These embedded classes ensure the embedded content scales properly and maintain its aspect ratio across different screen sizes. Let’s explore how to use Bootstrap embed classes for responsive embeds. Bootstrap Responsive Video Embed Bootstrap provides a simple […]

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