SQL Magic Series – Minus Sign in ORDER BY

We are beginning a new series on SQL – A Magic Series. We will see few of many, yet effective tricks & solutions to make SQL easy in daily use. Let’s begin!! So, the Question we are dealing here is: What does the SQL minus sign (-) mean in ORDER BY -emp_no DESC; ? Before answering that, let’s see, how ORDER […]

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Sneak Peak of the SQL Order Of Execution

After writing SQL codes for a few years now, I noticed I used to make mistakes in the order of execution of SQL Queries. So here I am with my new blog on the same topic. Let’s jump in to understand the SQL order of execution & learn practical, correct ways to write SQL Codes. […]

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How to Create Buckets or Groups with Power Query in Power BI

Power BI Buckets or Groups help you to create a range of data, when you are creating visuals in power BI, it aggregates your data into chunks (or groups) based on values found in the underlying data, but there may be times when you want to refine how those chunks are presented. For example, you […]

3 Ways to Get a Free or Reduced Fee for Microsoft Certification

Getting certified is always a great feeling for an individual and is a way to prove your competency and proficiency in a particular technology. Microsoft provides the pool of trending technologies in demand and is vastly used in many industries. Getting certified in specific technology is a really valuable addition to your profile. Getting Certified […]

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Dashboards in JIRA

Dashboard is a customized screen to give you a high-level snapshot of everything happening in Jira. Dashboards in Jira are made up of small configurable blocks called gadgets (Introduction, Projects, Assigned to Me, and Activity Stream). We can create multiple dashboards for different projects OR one single dashboard that spans all the work we’re involved with. How […]

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Introduction to Power BI Dataflows

Dataflows is all about self-service data preparation inside a Power BI. Before Power BI Desktop gives you these awesome tools like power query which lets you do lightweight ETL operations on your data inside a Power BI Desktop. The challenge with this is you tended to bypass the normal ETL processes that your organization may have, […]

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Introduction to Power BI Performance Analyzer

This blog describes how to use and interpret the information provided by the Power BI Performance Analyzer, finding the bottlenecks in slow reports. What is the Power BI Performance Analyzer? The Power BI Performance Analyzer is a feature included in the May 2019 release of Power BI Desktop that simplifies how you can collect the […]

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Optimizing JIRA – Adjust Personal Settings

This blog in our series on Atlassian Optimizing JIRA will cover personalizing JIRA settings to make JIRA best for you. (Read the previous post here on JIRA Best Practices). Moving on, we will consider optimizing JIRA also by personalizing JIRA settings. While your JIRA admin or team leader sets up many customizations, there are few […]

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GIFs in Power BI Using Tooltip

In this blog, we will show a GIF as a report page tooltip when hovering over a visual. This cool technique allows you to display instructional GIFs or videos for our end users. Steps for Creating GIFs: App to record gifs Adding gifs to Power BI Adding Tooltip Integrating with button App to Record GIFs: […]

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Power BI Performance Tuning

Power BI Performance Tuning Whenever we start developing reports in Power BI three important things always come to mind these are data accuracy, data security, and report performance. If the report performance is not up to the mark, then there is no meaning of how much effort we have put into it, we have to […]

Technical Controller Working at His Workstation with Multiple Displays. Displays Show Various Technical Information. He's Alone in System Control Center.

Data Warehouses : What They Are and How to Choose

What is a Data Warehouse? A data warehouse, or enterprise data warehouse (EDW), is a system to aggregate your data from multiple sources, so it’s easy to access and analyze. Data warehouses typically store large amounts of historical data that can be queried by data engineers and business analysts for business intelligence. Instead of only having […]

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Optimizing JIRA – 5 Best Practices to Follow

Optimizing JIRA for yourself is, customizing JIRA and making it like your own application. This blog in our series on Jira will cover JIRA best practices. (Read the first post here.) Starting on optimizing JIRA with some best practices on JIRA Issues. Optimizing JIRA – Issues Best Practice Straightaway, we start in JIRA by creating […]

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