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Fluid Typography With CSS Clamp()

Summary In this article we will explore a cool CSS feature called clamp() which allows screen size to dictate what the font size should be instead of multiple media queries. We’ll also consider some factors such as browser support, accessibility concerns and the overall effectiveness of feature. Responsive Typography Responsive typography is adding a bunch […]

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The 4 UX Trends Shaping Digital Interfaces Today

Today, so many digital initiatives are driven from the perspective of enabling technologies for the sake of using them. Working in the Experience Design practice here at Perficient, I’m on a constant mission to remind everyone about the true value of design. How it looks is, of course, important, but what it does is without […]

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The Future is Now

Let’s examine a few of the current technologies and digital trends shaping our world in the near future. This is the second blog in a series I’ve written about digital trends. I’ve previously discussed how different generations use technology. Wearables Wearables such as watches and fitness bands have become more useful with time and consistently […]

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Perficient’s Ritu Madan Named an Optimizely MVP

Perficient is excited to announce our very own Ritu Madan, Lead Technical Consultant, as the newest Optimizely MVP. Ritu is one of ten individuals worldwide selected as part of Optimizely’s 2022 MVP fall class.  Each year, Optimizely awards a select group of individuals the honor of being an Optimizely MVP. OMVPs are nominated by individuals […]

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Top Custom Visuals in Power BI

Custom Visuals in Power BI Custom visuals in Power BI have additional features and options beyond those supported by the standard visuals of Power BI Desktop, delivering unique and powerful capabilities. Custom visuals are available in AppSource and within the integrated custom visuals store for Power BI Desktop. They are categorized into two types in […]

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The Next Generation of Digital Consumers

The Different and Next Generations of Digital Consumers Rock n roll vs. big band, grunge vs. pop – these music styles divided generations. Perhaps an even greater generational divide has grown around technology. Technology has been called The Great Equalizer, but while technology is available to anyone, it clearly shows the divide between generations. Baby […]

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Data Warehouses : What They Are and How to Choose

What is a Data Warehouse? A data warehouse, or enterprise data warehouse (EDW), is a system to aggregate your data from multiple sources, so it’s easy to access and analyze. Data warehouses typically store large amounts of historical data that can be queried by data engineers and business analysts for business intelligence. Instead of only having […]

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Bolstering Our Nearshore Development Expertise in Mexico

For more than 15 years, we’ve grown our presence, our talent, our skills and our global footprint so that we can continually provide critical agile software development and delivery services to the world’s biggest brands. Today, we continue to make investments in our global delivery capabilities – and we’re thrilled to announce we’ve once again […]

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Errors In Date Column and Methods to Remedy Them in Power BI.

Hello readers, the errors in the date field can be caused due to many reasons like format issues from the source file itself, the date is some times found in scientific numbers, or sometimes half date is missing. I am presenting you with two common scenarios and methods to remedy them, which I have faced […]

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Functional Testing with Selenium

Functional testing is a sort of testing that aims to determine whether each application feature functions in accordance with the needs of the software. To determine whether a function’s output is in line with the expectations of the end user, each function is compared to the associated requirement. What will be learn in this blog? […]

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An Overview of Images as a Filter

Images as a Filter As technology is evolving so, the reporting standards need to be in sync with the current trend. Nowadays, looking at the numbers is not only the purpose of the dashboard but how your dashboard looks in terms of the colour, graphs, filter position, etc. Also, users are leaner toward the interactive […]

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Efficient Custom Stencil using APS

As you are aware, the alfresco solution for BPM is built on the alfresco process service Engine. Alfresco process service enables process designers to develop forms, or user interfaces for user tasks, to simplify the interaction between business processes and human actors. APS has several present UI features, such as text input and process variable […]

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