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Introduction to Accessibility Insights in Accessibility Testing

Introduction to Accessibility Insights The Accessibility Insights extension for Chrome is a tool that helps developers and designers test the accessibility of their web applications. The extension is designed to work with the Accessibility Insights for Web tool, which is a suite of automated and manual accessibility testing tools that can be used to identify […]

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Using Virtuoso Commands

As we learned in the last blog, how do we create Virtuoso Journeys and their checkpoints. In this blog, we will see some essential commands and how to use them in Virtuoso to write tests in Natural Language Syntax and by targeting a specific element. Virtuoso Tests Following the creation of Journey, test cases can […]

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Advanced ESG Reporting Capabilities Are More Essential Than Ever for Oil, Gas, and Utility Companies

Regulations and Policies In November of 2022, the EPA released new regulations to combat the release of air pollutants such as methane, VOCs, and benzene by both existing and new oil and gas operations. Another decisive move in 2023 by EPA enacted new policies to crack down on water pollution from coal plants. In these […]

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OAuth 2.0 Authorization using Client Credentials

Let’s see how to set the access tokens for APIs which are not public and need some sort of Authentication and Authorization. Access Tokens help clients securely call their web APIs with protection. There are lots of methods given in the Postman for providing the access token. When a user goes to the authorization tab […]

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Execution of AXE Tool in Accessibility Testing

This blog is in continuation with Introduction To Axe Tool in Accessibility Testing. I recommend you go through the blog mentioned first for a better understanding. How to Perform Accessibility Testing using the AXE tool Now we will see how to perform accessibility testing using the AXE tool. Make sure that you have already added […]

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How to Manage Main Menus in Drupal

To make your website easy to navigate, menus arblogucial. Links are provided on menus to aid with navigation. Using the Drupal menu, you can add, remove, and rename menus and items. We’ll look at creating menus in Drupal in this blog. Easy Procedures to Construct Menus in Drupal Step 1: Click Structure, as displayed on the […]

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Exploring Virtuoso Journeys

As we all know, Goals are testing areas inside a project which can be a small section of an application or a whole application. Once the Goal is created, it is set to add end-to-end test steps in the Journey. What is Journey in Virtuoso? With specific validations and checkpoints in between, the journey enables […]

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Introduction To Axe Tool in Accessibility Testing

What is Accessibility Testing? Accessibility Testing is system testing intended to discover whether system users with disabilities can use it. It is done to ensure that people with disabilities like color blindness, aging, and hearing may use the application. Objectives:  To serve to market for people with disability. To abide by accessibility legislation. To avoid […]

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Postman: Features, HTTP and Collections

This blog is in continuation to the previous blog “Getting started with Postman. It gives more information about the interface and basic features of Postman which would help a new user to get started with Postman. I would strongly recommend to read the previous blog and then go through this one for the better understanding […]

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Getting Started with Postman

Postman is a tool for API development that allows developers to test, debug, and document APIs. It provides a graphical user interface that makes it easy to construct and execute API requests and view the results of those requests. Postman also provides many features to help developers work more efficiently, including environment variables, request templates, […]

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Test Plans Management in Virtuoso

How to Manage Test Plans in Virtuoso By enabling fast or planned execution of a specific scenario with the same configuration, Virtuoso’s Plans feature helps with testing. With the help of the execution planner, you can inspect layouts and carry out various tasks on the plans connected to your projects. How To Create a Test […]

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All About Goals in Virtuoso

As we all know, Virtuoso is an automation tool that significantly enhances your testing efficiency while lowering the amount of manual work necessary to test your web application. Virtuoso test steps are written in natural language syntax with plain English texts. It also uses selectors like Xpath, CSS, JS path, and Hints to interact with […]

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