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Getting Personal in B2B: How Qualcomm Engaged Brand Enthusiasts [Webinar]

There’s a perception (among some) in the marketing community that campaigns and tactics should be strategized and executed differently whether your organization focuses on B2B or B2C audiences. Contrary to this belief, results published in a recent Forrester study indicate that B2B-focused organizations need to let go of this idea. Buying journey interactions have soared […]

Generation X Marketing

Are You Slacking on Generation X in Your Hospital Marketing?

Much is being written in the media about generational decision-making when it comes to healthcare. Boomers are closing the digital divide, millennials are driving a streamlined end-to-end experience, and Gen Z is pushing that experience to include more transactional services such as voice search. But where is Gen X in all of this? The generation […]


Google’s Universal Analytics Is Disappearing: How It Impacts You

In March, Google announced all Universal Analytics (UA) properties will stop processing data on July 1, 2023, and Google Analytics 360 properties (GA360) will stop on October 1, 2023. The alternative? Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is a more robust analytics platform that Google launched in 2020. What makes GA4 different than UA? There are several […]

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Driving Success with Optimizely DXP and Perficient

Discover the New Optimizely and What it Means for Your Business In the past few years, we have seen many mergers and acquisitions in the marketing technology space. With the advance in content management systems (CMS), e-commerce software, and marketing optimization tools, we’ve seen many tools come together under one brand. This is seen across […]

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Creating Optimized and Engaging Provider Profiles For Your Hospital Website

If you work with a hospital or health system, the most important section of your website is likely the provider directory. In fact, in an unofficial ranking of 50 of Perficient’s recent hospital website implementations, we found that, aside from the homepage, the provider directory is the most visited section and one of the most […]

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Paid Search: Tips for Monitoring and Weathering a Changing Competitive Landscape

The pandemic made it crystal clear that responding quickly to changes in consumer behavior is crucial to success, especially when it comes to paid search. When shifts in the marketplace happen, the companies that fare the best are the ones who track customer and competitor trends and know when to add, pause, or reduce budget […]


Empathy and Intent: Leveraging Customer Insights for High-Performing Content

The paths your audiences use to engage with content, make decisions, and buy are becoming increasingly complex. It’s never been more important to let people shop when, how, and where they want. But how do you know what customers want? And how can you create content that engages and drives them to purchase? We recommend […]

Patient Engagement 2

Recapping Our “Modernizing Patient Engagement” Roundtable Discussion

Perficient and IBM recently partnered with BWG Connect to conduct a survey of 100+ healthcare professionals exploring technology adoption in the post-pandemic environment. Experts from these organizations joined a roundtable discussion to review what is top of mind for healthcare organizations in 2022 based on the responses to this study. The panel was moderated by […]

Difference Between Team Site and Communication Site in SharePoint

Optimizing the Presentation of Your Pages in the Traditional SERPs

While Google uses many different SERP features (top stories carousels, map packs, job postings, and many more), the traditional organic search result snippet is still the backbone of most Google search results pages. And how your pages are presented in those results can be surprisingly tricky and full of pitfalls. Let’s explore some of the […]

How Experimentation Test Design Innovation

Putting Innovation to Work: How Experimentation Can Test Your Design Performance

Like homes and offices, websites and mobile apps need a fresh coat of paint to keep up with industry trends. Full website and mobile app redesigns are risky. Optimization is always a better approach than a complete rip and replace. That is why experimentation is so important. It allows you to try and learn what […]


Integrating Digital Marketing Disciplines to Generate ROI: Achieving the “Full Voltron”

In the 80s, a cartoon called Voltron captured my imagination. It featured a team of five space explorers who each pilot their own robotic lion to fight the evil Zarkon and his cronies. They combine the lions to form the “Full Voltron” – a 328-foot super robot. In this case, the whole is much better […]


Perficient’s Alex Harris Honored as Optimizely MVP

Perficient is thrilled to announce our very own Alex Harris, Conversion Optimization Director, as the newest Optimizely MVP. In 2022, Harris is one of 13 individuals worldwide selected as an OMVP, and one of only seven awarded as a Strategy OMVP.  Each year, Optimizely awards a select group of individuals the honor of being an […]

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