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A Comprehensive Insight into Coveo Content Recommendation ML Model for Reforming Content Strategy

Introduction Coveo’s Content Recommendation Model is a machine learning feature that provides personalized content recommendations to users based on their behavior and preferences. It enhances user engagement and satisfaction by suggesting relevant information, products, or content. The model continuously learns and adapts, ensuring that recommendations remain accurate over time. Coveo’s solution integrates seamlessly, offers configuration […]

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Creating Controls on Process Execution using Pipelines Continue-Stop Options

You can create a series of stages in an EPM pipeline, where each stage contains one or more jobs that perform actions like data loads, rule executions, file operations etc. By organizing these jobs and stages in a single Pipeline, EPM customers can streamline their business processes into executable “workflows”.   But what if one […]

Mastering Data Integration: Unveiling EPM Pipeline’s Cutting-Edge Features

EPM Pipelines is quickly becoming a very useful addition to the arsenal of many of our Oracle customers. It is especially important for those users who do not have dedicated personnel or server-related resources to automate their daily business processes. In my recent blog, I detailed how to create a Pipeline to perform data load […]

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Stay Agile with EPM Pipeline: Unleash Dynamic Substitution Variables

Pipeline variables are a way to feed runtime parameters to your Pipeline jobs. They can be selected from a predefined set of out-of-box variables or custom-defined. You can define values for these variables that are then used during run time by individual jobs (Read more about creating Pipeline variables in my recent blog). In this […]

Overriding Optimizely’s Content Recommendations Block to Implement Custom Recommendations

Introduction The Content Recommendations add-on for Optimizely CMS dynamically recommends content from your site tailored to the interests of each user. Installing the NuGet Package will give you access to Optimizely’s Content Recommendations Block which uses Mustache Templating to render the data from the Content Recommendations API on a page. Although Mustache Templates provide a […]

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Tackling Healthcare Staffing Shortages with Salesforce and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Aging Populations and Staff Burnout Combine to Create a Perfect Storm for the U.S. Healthcare Staffing Shortage The global population is top-heavy with more than 1 in every 6 Americans falling in the 65 or older age range (AARP, 2023). As the population ages and we see a continued increase in patients with more than […]

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Generate Embeddings using OpenAI Service

Introduction: Embeddings are essential in the fields of natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning because they convert words and phrases into numerical vectors. By successfully capturing semantic linkages and contextual meanings, these vectors help machines comprehend and process human language. We will examine the idea of embeddings in this blog, learn about their uses, […]

Do you Need an Operational Data Store?

I often work with organizations that have a need to move data out of their transactional operational systems to a repository in real-time. These organizations usually have a need to reduce query, reporting, and analytics loads on operational systems while increasing the real-time query and analytics applications to make better data-driven decisions.  This operational data […]

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Unleash the Power of Data: The Migration Factory by Perficient on Databricks

Introducing: The Migration Factory In today’s ever-evolving business environment, staying up to date on best practices and technology is essential for remaining competitive.  Many Fortune 500s have realized the importance of making data work in favor of one’s business.  Without proper data management, corporations begin to fall behind the competition by struggling with things like […]

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Workato Partner Delivery Bootcamp 2023

This blog will discuss my experience attending the 2023 Workato Partner Delivery Bootcamp in Bangalore. This was the first time Workato has organized such an event for Strategic partners in India. As a Strategic Partner of Workato, Perficient was invited to join their event to discuss the roadmap, future statistics, and share strategies. It all […]

The Data Lake and Data Zones

I believe there is confusion about what a data Lake is based on a 10-year-old definition that is not accurate anymore so,  in this post, I wanted to provide some clarity of what a Data Lake is in today’s technology terms. A data lake is a centralized repository that allows you to store all your […]

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Effortless Data Integration: Step-by-step Editing and Running of Oracle EPM Cloud Pipelines

In my recent blog, Efficiency Redefined: How Oracle Cloud EPM Pipelines Can Streamline Your Business Process, I discussed how Perficient implemented a single streamlined process to organize the daily data load and processing jobs of one of our clients. Now, let’s review editing an existing Pipeline to add a new job, how to execute the […]

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