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Case Study: Lift and Shift from Drupal to Sitecore SXA: Part 1

Welcome back to this case study on doing a lift and shift from Drupal to Sitecore 10.2 and SXA. In this article, we’ll show the theme setup, the grid setup and the base sxa component. Theme Since we are using SXA, we used the sxa cli to create our theme and upload into Sitecore. I […]

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Case Study: Lift and Shift from Drupal to Sitecore SXA

Drupal to Sitecore SXA One of my recent projects was a full site lift and shift from Drupal to Sitecore 10.2 and SXA. The goal was to make the new frontend Sitecore site look exactly like the old Drupal site. We did fix a few accessibility issues on the existing site as we went, but […]

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Making Sense of Sitecore’s Content Management System Offerings

When Sitecore announced their Cloud Offerings at Sitecore Symposium in October 2022, It crystalized their composable strategy in providing separate product offerings that were each best of breed but could be better together. When you look at Engagement Cloud and Commerce Cloud, with products that have clear capabilities with little cross over, that strategy is […]

IBM Cloud Pak for Automation

XM Cloud Deployments: Static site deployment using Vercel CLI

For the scenario of independent deployment of your NextJs static site, say in an automated deployment, one missing piece is a way to push the SSG site into Vercel. Here I provided a simple deployment script using the Vercel CLI of the static site in the XM Cloud project. Code: # Set up variables with […]

content management and import with Authoring GraphQL API

XM Cloud: a modern way to content management and import with Authoring GraphQL API

When it comes to content management, how would you deal with automating it? You’ve probably thought of Data Exchange Framework for setting up content import from external sources on a regular basis, or Sitecore PowerShell Extensions as the universal Swiss Army knife that allows doing everything. Sitecore XM Cloud is a modern SaaS solution and […]

Tackling the Unknown: My Experience at the 2023 Sitecore Hackathon

Introduction In the ever-evolving world of technology, it’s essential to continually challenge ourselves and embrace new opportunities. The 2023 Sitecore Hackathon provided the perfect opportunity for our team at Perficient to do just that. Comprised of three members from the United States, Canada, and Serbia, we embarked on a 24-hour journey to create something innovative. […]

Rendering Host with Xm Cloud

Not just Next.js! Making XM Cloud work with .NET Core Headless Renderings

Next.js is a wonderful framework and paired with its vendor platform (Vercel) it indeed provides exceptional capabilities for building natively headless applications. That unfortunately shadows out another great SDK for headless implementations – .NET Core Renderings, which in my opinion is undervalued. So, I decided to give it some more care by making it work […]

How Next Level Automation Will Shape Devops For The Better

Automating Front-End Builds with a Windows Shortcut

If you’re a front-end developer, you know that building and deploying your code can be a time-consuming process. But what if you could automate the entire process with just a few clicks? In this blog post, we’ll show you how to use a Windows shortcut to checkout the master branch, clean up your repository with […]

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Joshua Hover Talks Family, Choosing Perficient, and His Sitecore Podcast “Fireside”

Perficient colleagues within our award-winning Sitecore team bring years of experience and vast knowledge to the practice and our clients. We’re proud to announce that recently six of our colleagues have been named 2023 Sitecore MVPs. Below is a deeper look into Joshua Hover’s role as a DXP MSO Director on the Sitecore team and his second Sitecore MVP […]

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Perficient’s Sitecore Hackathon 2023 Entries: XM Cloud and Generating Content with AI

This year’s Sitecore Hackathon gave three ideas for teams to compete on: Best Enhancement to SXA Headless, Best Enhancement to XM Cloud and Best Migration Module to move from XP to XM Cloud or Content Hub One. Perficient was lucky to have two teams of three ready to compete, and we kicked things off with […]

Surf the Data Wave with Sitecore CDP

We are in an age of consumer data. Modern web tools and content management systems are making it easier than ever for businesses to gather data on their customers in order to tailor their web experiences. Additionally, with the increasing prevalence of first-party cookies, businesses can deliver individualized experiences to their users with a higher […]


Why I Think SUGCON is the Best Sitecore Event

I have some excellent news, so please make sure you read to the end. But to start with, let me share a story of mine with you. It was 2016 when I made my first trip to SUGCON which was held in Copenhagen, Denmark. It was the first time I met the global Sitecore community […]

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