Patching Sitecore Processors Tips and Tricks

One of the questions I hear from Sitecore developers that have just created a processor is, how do I position my processor to execute before or after an existing processor in a pipeline?    If you place the processor in the wrong spot then the processor that runs before your processor could have aborted the […]

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Hacking Human Nature, Part 1: Social Proof Theory

Leveraging Behavioral Economics to improve performance and user experience. This is first in our series co-authored by myself and Zach Gay exploring how understanding Behavioral Economics can- and should- inform your marketing strategies. With each blog post we’ll dig into an individual theory and show how an understanding of these principals can help you develop […]

Improving your Google Search Result with SXA

Improving the way your search result appears in Google and other search engines is paramount to driving users to your site. This blog post will show you how to display review scores in your search result using Sitecore’s SXA. How can this drive business for you? Why would you want to surface this information to […]

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Using Storybook for Sitecore SXA Development

Over the past few years, we’ve been using Storybook in Sitecore SXA theme development. It has provided us with a few key features that aid in accelerating our front-end development (FED) workflow: Node development environment with Hot Module Reloading (HMR) Disconnected environment not reliant on Sitecore Community Add-on to aid web accessibility (a11y) testing On […]

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Setting up SXA 10 theme using SXA CLI in Sitecore 9.3

This article describes about creating a custom theme using SXA CLI and applying it to the site. SXA CLI is a Command Line tool to create new custom theme. While setting up a site, it is not mandatory to create theme. Why Custom Theme: The assets related to theme, e.g. CSS, SCSS and JavaScript files, […]

Sitecore Upgrades: A Mini-Series Table of Contents

Welcome to my Mini-Series! In my Mini-Series, I take you through the steps required to perform a Sitecore upgrade. Use this Mini-Series to help empower your business with the latest version of Sitecore! Sitecore Upgrades: A Mini-Series Part 1 Overview Sitecore Upgrades: A Mini-Series Part 2 Database Upgrades Sitecore Upgrades: A Mini-Series Part 3 Sitecore.Config […]

Sitecore Upgrades: A Mini-Series Part 5 Dependency Injection Changes

The final post in my mini-series on Sitecore upgrades centers around dependency injection. Your solution may be using a popular third party tool like Castle Windsor or Simple Injector to handle DI (dependency injection). During the upgrade process, I recommend removing your dependency on these third party tools and implementing DI using .NET’s dependency injector. […]

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Sitecore Upgrades: A Mini-Series Part 4 ORM and Other Dependency Updates

For those of you upgrading a Sitecore instance for the first time, welcome to the hardest part of the upgrade. Upgrading your code base to continue functioning the exact same as it did prior to the upgrade can prove to be quite difficult. The newer versions of your dependencies could remove classes and functions that […]

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Hacking Human Nature: Behavioral Economics and Sitecore Strategy

Why Understanding and Accommodating Human Behavior Can Lead to Outstanding Digital Experiences When I first started working on website projects on the Sitecore platform, it felt like every other day I was discovering a new capability. I don’t know how many times in the first few months I thought to myself, “Cool! We can do […]

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Sitecore Upgrades: A Mini-Series Part 3 Sitecore.Config Patching

What is patching? Best practice nowadays is to keep your Sitecore.config file completely untouched. Do not directly change settings found here. Do not add new settings either. Patching allows you to modify existing settings and add new settings to the Sitecore.config without ever directly touching the Sitecore.config file itself. Patching will help you deduce whether […]

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VIDEO: Sitecore Content Hub DAM Admin Training

Since Sitecore Content Hub emerged, a lot of content marketers, including myself, wanted to learn more about the new addition to the Sitecore family. The combination of Digital Asset Management (DAM), Product Content Management (PCM), Content Marketing Platform (CMP) and Marketing Resource Management (MRM) tools certainly sounds like a great source of truth. One that […]

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Sitecore Upgrades: A Mini-Series Part 2 Database Upgrades

Welcome to Part 2 of my Mini-Series on Sitecore Upgrades. This blog post is entirely dedicated to tips surrounding what you need to do to upgrade your databases to account for all the new modifications that come with a newer version of Sitecore. Heed these tips carefully. They may save you a lifetime of stress […]

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