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Emily Lord Spreads Her Wings in Perficient’s Sitecore Practice

As a senior project manager, Emily Lord helps deliver exceptional customer experiences to our clients. Her expertise on our Sitecore team has driven incredible results that make a real difference for our clients and their customers. The hard work and dedication of the colleagues in our Sitecore practice led Perficient to recently be recognized with a […]

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Are You Looking for Your Next Career Move?

At Perficient, our people are at the heart of what we do. We love what we do and where we work, contributing to our collaborative, open, and friendly culture. Our culture is one of the main reasons Perficient continues to be recognized as a “Top Workplace” in key markets across the U.S. Perficient invests in […]

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The Power of Sitecore Specialization at Perficient – Our People

Every technology consultancy can boast essentially the same laundry list of go-to-market buzzwords. They all have certifications, MVPs, and partnerships of different varieties: Silver, Gold, Platinum, Titanium, Uranium. Basically throw a dart at the Period Table of Elements and they have a partnership with somebody that aligns with it. And while the Sitecore group at […]

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Perficient Receives 2022 Sitecore Partner Award

This Award is Dedicated to Perficient’s Incredible Team of Sitecore MVPs and Developers  Each year, Sitecore recognizes the achievements of their most deserving partners through the Sitecore Global Partner Awards.   Today, we’re proud to announce Sitecore has recognized Perficient with a 2022 Partner Award for Sales Excellence. The award recognizes Perficient for demonstrating overall […]


Sitecore Basics: How To Author Content In Sitecore

If anyone of you is starting their journey in Sitecore as a content author, then this blog will provide you a very basic ‘How to…’ guide and you’ll be able to author content in Sitecore (Version – 9). Content author are just the Sitecore users who manage content in Sitecore. Users can create pages, add […]

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SXA Map component Part 4 Show POI markers for the same coordinates

Challenge: Hi Folks! Given the SXA Map component configured on the page and if we have multiple POI items with the same coordinates, then it shows only one of them on the map. Apparently the last one in the content tree. Let’s explore how we can fix it and show all the POI items information […]

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Sitecore Personalize: The Roadmap for Success

Building a Foundation: Knowing Your Customers & Business Goals   Knowing Your Customers The foundation for building a great customer experience across all your channels is the ability to walk in your customers’ shoes. Understand their demands and challenges. A few questions you may ask: What are the key stages of your customer journey? What […]

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Planning for Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation programs based on new Content Management Systems (Sitecore, Optimizely, Adobe, etc.) are expected to have an immediate impact on both strategic and tactical goals.  While the immediate impacts are the primary focus, the long-term plan is to enable the organization to: Improve customer conversions by improving one or more aspects of the sales […]

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Configuring Multiple Sites to Run on Sitecore in Docker Containers

I recently went about setting up Sitecore’s Lighthouse Demo . While I found the documentation on setting things up fine, with several blog posts that describe it in more detail, once things were running and I could see the Lifestyle Lighthouse Site on the CD url. But when logging into the CM server, I noticed there […]

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How to Reset the Sitecore Admin Password inside a Docker Container

I’ve experienced an issue setting up the Lighthouse Demo and the Play Summit demo in recent weeks. Once I get through all the normal issues of setting up a new environment, I can’t log into Sitecore. I know I passed “b” to the init script, but alas, I get an invalid username and password error. […]

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How to Build a Global, Multilingual Website on Sitecore Composable DXP

As the digital world becomes both more global and more local, it’s more common for organizations have customers, offices, and partners in every corner of the world. This means we need to deliver relevant, useful, exceptional digital experiences to every user, no matter where they live or language they speak. Undertaking a global multilingual website […]

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Cultural Inclusion | How to Build a Global, Multilingual Website on Sitecore Composable DXP

The world and the digital experiences that connect us are more than words and images, zeroes and ones. They’re ideas. Values. Norms. Traditions. Expectations. And all of those have to be properly and appropriately represented by your team to your users. It only takes one jarring or culturally insensitive experience to give a customer the […]

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