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Sitecore Personalize: Close Event Logic

Sitecore Personalize has several out of the box components that notify the user such as popup takeover, corner popup, sidebar, and alert bar.  These components all feature a close icon that will hide the component from the screen.  But there is no logic out of the box to prevent them from being displayed again. Imagine […]

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Sitecore Personalize: Initialization Error

I started a new Sitecore Personalize project.  The client nonprod and prod environments were freshly spun up.  All fresh and clean.  No offer templates, no experiences, no decision models.  I created the first experience and proceeded to click the preview button to test my experience.  To my surprise the experience did not render, and the […]

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Fixing an XM Cloud Deployment Failure

Intro 📖 Last week, I noticed that deployments to Sitecore XM Cloud were failing on one of my projects. In this blog post, I’ll review the troubleshooting steps I went through and what the issue turned out to be. To provide a bit more context on the DevOps setup for this particular project, an Azure […]

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Lessons from the Front: Indexing Content Hub in Coveo

Intro 📖 In the new composable world, it’s common for medium to large Sitecore solutions to include a search appliance like Coveo and a digital asset management tool like Sitecore Content Hub. A typical use-case is to build search sources in Coveo that index content residing in Content Hub. Those indexes, in turn, can then […]

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Handling Not Allowed Reflection Method in Sitecore

Recently, to meet project requirements, we customized and expanded the functionality of the “General Link” feature by incorporating a new “Telephone Link” feature. Everything was working correctly on our local project instance, but we got the below-listed error when the changes were deployed on the higher environment. Exception: Sitecore.Exceptions.AccessDeniedException Message: Calling Fieldtypes.ExtendedGeneralLink.ExtendedGeneralLinkForm.OnModeChange method through reflection […]

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Sitecore 10.4 is Out, Now What?

A few days ago, Sitecore released 10.4 of its platform DXP Products: XM and XP. Over the past several months, Sitecore has been doubling down on their messaging to existing customers that there is a path for them if they don’t want to move to XM Cloud in the near future and that they would […]

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Sitecore 10.4 is out and here’s all you need to know about it

That was a decent gap since 1.5 years ago Sitecore previously released a feature-full version of their XM/XP platform, namely 10.3 was released on December 1st of 2022. That is why I was very excited to look through the newest release of the vendor’s self-hosted platforms and familiarize myself with its changes. First and foremost, […]

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Create Experiences with Multiple Layouts in Sitecore Personalize

Sitecore Personalize uses a combination of experiences, decision models and offers to personalize content.  An experience defines a variant.  The variant is used to create the UI for the experience.  The decision model uses programmables and decision tables to select an offer.  The variant reads data from the offer to populate the UI.  By default, […]

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Fixing 404 Responses for Versioned Images in Experience Edge

Intro 📖 My team and I recently ran into an issue while working on a Sitecore XM Cloud project that turned out to be pretty interesting. The issue had to do with images published to Experience Edge not loading as expected within certain renderings. The GET requests for these images in Experience Edge would return […]

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5 Thoughts on SUGCON Europe 2024 in Dublin, Ireland

SUGCON (Sitecore User Group Conference) Europe 2024 was the second SUGCON I’ve attended, with the first just being six months ago in Minneapolis. There are few things that remind me how much I love my job more than being surrounded by the Sitecore Community. I’ve developed real friendships with folks from literally every corner of […]

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Creating a Composable AI Roadmap for Sitecore

There are many integration opportunities between Sitecore’s composable solutions and artificial intelligence. Sitecore has begun to integrate this technology into their product line and will continue to enhance their SaaS solutions with these capabilities,  having committed to an open approach that allows you to bring whatever AI models and technologies to enable your use cases. […]

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Eric Sanner Talks Life at Perficient and Being a First-Time Sitecore MVP

Perficient colleagues within our award-winning Sitecore team bring years of experience and vast knowledge to the practice and our clients. We’re proud to announce that recently nine of our colleagues have been named 2024 Sitecore MVPs. Below is a deeper look into Eric Sanner’s role as a solutions architect and his first time being awarded a Sitecore […]

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