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Eric Sanner Talks Life at Perficient and Being a First-Time Sitecore MVP

Perficient colleagues within our award-winning Sitecore team bring years of experience and vast knowledge to the practice and our clients. We’re proud to announce that recently nine of our colleagues have been named 2024 Sitecore MVPs. Below is a deeper look into Eric Sanner’s role as a solutions architect and his first time being awarded a Sitecore […]

Mj Knows Sitecore

Megan Jensen represents Perficient at SUGCON Europe 2024

SUGCON 2024 is coming! Some of you involved into Sitecore community have come across of Megan Jensen‘s catchy personal branding – “MJ Knows Sitecore” (and she indeed knows it!). This year Megan will prove that to the entire community by presenting her topic “Optimizing for Headless: SEO Tips, Tricks, and Special Considerations for the New […]


Cypress: a new generation of end-to-end testing

What is Cypress Cypress is a modern JavaScript-based end-to-end (e2e) testing framework designed to automate web testing by running tests directly in the browser. Cypress has become a popular tool for web applications due to a number of distinctive advantages such as user-friendly interface, fast test execution, ease of debugging, ease of writing tests, etc. […]



You may have never heard of Storybook or maybe that was just a glimpse leaving you a feeling Storybook is such an unnecessary tool – in that case, this article is for you. Previously, I could share this opinion, but since I played with Storybook in action when building JumpStart starter kit with Next.Js, it […]

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Which Components Are Available Out of the Box with Sitecore XP Using SXA? A Quick Reference Guide

When planning a new website, a web development team must identify the essential components required for completion. These pieces are often called components. Assuming the site is being built using a Content Management System (CMS), most, if not all of these platforms will have their own set of “out of the box” components. Out of […]

Exporting Media Items with Sitecore PowerShell Extensions

Intro 📖 At this point, I think every Sitecore developer uses or has at least heard of Sitecore PowerShell Extensions (SPE). This powerful module for Sitecore is an auto-include for most teams and projects. The module is included with XM Cloud instances by default; if you use XM Cloud, then you already have SPE. If […]


Using conditions with XM Cloud Form Builder

If you follow the release news from Sitecore, you’ve already noted the release of highly awaited XM Cloud Forms, which however did not have a feature of adding conditional logic. Until now. The good news is that now we can do it, and here’s how. See it in action Imagine you have a registration form […]

Sitecore Sessions Healthcare Thumbnail

Exploring Healthcare Trends in Sitecore and Digital Marketing

In the latest episode of the Sitecore Sessions, our Sitecore MVP’s, Megan Jensen and Myself met with healthcare strategists Priyal Patel and Michael Porter to discuss healthcare trends, our success in delivering healthcare projects with Sitecore, the challenges and opportunities we’ve been seeing across composable, finding search and leveraging AI. You can watch the whole […]

Business Analysis And Financial Background

Fetching and Editing Renderings Information for Versioned Items With PowerShell

While working on a project, I encountered a scenario wherein I had to list all the items with particular renderings along with the versions of page items. I also had to update the rendering in presentation details for all the versions. This was a bulk update. I decided to write a PowerShell script for this […]

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Decoding the Future of Development with Sitecore and Generative AI

In Episode 2 of Sitecore Sessions our panel of Sitecore experts explored the transformative role of generative AI in the Sitecore community, its impact on development workflows, and the future of coding practices. You can watch the whole episode here:   A generated summary of the above video is below: The Dawn of Generative AI […]


GraphQL: not an ideal one!

You’ll find plenty of articles about how amazing GraphQL is (including mine), but after some time of using it, I’ve got some considerations with the technology and want to share some bitter thoughts about it. History of GraphQL How did it all start? The best way to answer this question is to go back to […]


Exploring the Future of Sitecore with XM Cloud: Insights from Experts

Our Sitecore team has started a new YouTube Channel and have begun posting video discussions on various topics. In our first session, I had a discussion on our thoughts about the future of XM Cloud in 2024 with Martin Miles and Megan Jensen. Here is the full video, with Intro Music and an AI Announcer. […]

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