Sitecore Website Performance Guide – Part 1

Welcome to my series on Sitecore Website Performance. This series will outline the key metrics and tools used to track website performance as well as specific recommendations to improve page speed within Sitecore.  In Part 1 we will review how to test website performance and how we get the most accurate results. What is the […]

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Sitecore Personalize: Building Your Library

There is a lot of discussion about how Personalize can benefit your company’s digital strategy. Rightfully so, it’s scalable, flexible and can fit into your tech stack with ease. In a previous blog, I discuss the roadmap to success for Personalize and an operational model to support the best methodology. Now, I want to focus […]

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Sitecore Layout Service: Custom Rendering Contents Resolver

In this blog-post, we would be looking at how you can create custom Rendering Contents Resolver to customize the rendering output of Sitecore’s Layout Service. Sitecore’s Layout Service is a Headless endpoint which is responsible for providing data of the requested page or rendering in the form of a JSON object. GraphQL to get the […]

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A Practical Roadmap for Existing Sitecore Customers to Move To XM Cloud

Sitecore’s XM Cloud CMS is the future of enterprise content management offerings from Sitecore, and a viable option today. With new tooling including: “Sites”, “Pages” and “Components” it offers a better content author experiences that is not available in its other CMS offerings. With built in analytics, personalization that works at the edge, you are […]

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Sitecore JSS Experience Editor Rendering Wrappers

Sitecore’s Experience Editor aids Content Author/Editor in creating pages effortlessly, however, it can be bewildering at the same time for authors who are creating new pages with minimal knowledge about the website’s placeholders and renderings. Experience Editor by default does not provide details about which rendering is present and what data source it is using, […]

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SXA Map Component Part 5: Filter Locations with Radius Filter or Custom Filter Slider Components

Challenge: Hi Folks! Welcome back. In this post, we will explore how we can filter the locations’ search results based on the radius distance from the current location or the given location. We will use the Radius Filter component and a custom Facet Slider component to filter the locations’ search results. One can use any […]

My Journey with the Sitecore MVP Mentor Program Part 1

So you want to be a Sitecore MVP? Welcome to the Sitecore MVP Program. The MVP mentor program provides guidance to those in the Sitecore Community who want to become an MVP. Join this program and gain new experiences, skills, knowledge, support and more. – I’d like to share my experience with the program so […]

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Agile Sitecore Training – Part 2 of 3 

Agile Sitecore Training – Part 2 of 3  Introduction This post is the second in a series discussing applying agile practices to training for Sitecore products. In the first post, I covered applying “Individuals and Interactions over Processes and Tools” to training. In this post, I will look at “Working Software over Comprehensive Documentation”. Over […]

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Sitecore Symposium 2022 – CTO Summary

If you are a CTO or technology decision maker in a company either using or considering Sitecore as your CMS platform, here is what you should take away from Sitecore Symposium 2022 held in Chicago. Next.js The future of building Sitecore web applications will be on Next.js. Sitecore was consistent in their messaging around moving […]

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Vue 3 with Sitecore MVC

Intro Vue is rapidly becoming one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks for building user interfaces. Vue 3 can be used as the UI for a Sitecore MVC website (i.e., not headless). Still, a few configuration gotchas need to be addressed, and a general strategy for working with your markup needs to be implemented. There […]

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5 BIG Marketing Capabilities on Sitecore XM Cloud Your Team is going to Care About.

For the last couple of years, Sitecore XM Cloud has been looming over the horizon with the promise of faster deployments, better security, interoperability, scalability… but until Sitecore Symposium earlier this month, there was little to no information about what it actually offered marketers and strategists. Whether this was the result of poor messaging or […]

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Fun with custom Sitecore Processors, a look into the future (of your Sitecore content)!

This is a little P.O.C. I worked out a while ago that allowed for the creation of a custom a preview site where a user could tack on a date & time via the QueryString to see what the content would look like on that date. Only requirements were 1. it had to be friendly […]

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