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Deploying a Sitecore Instance on a “Local” Kubernetes (k8s) Setup

Have you ever wondered about having a local Sitecore instance on a local deployment of k8s? I was curious and decided to dive headfirst into the unknown world of k8s virtualization on a local setup. In this blog series I will be sharing the details my journey, my findings the mistakes/successes, and the final state […]

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Optimizing Boomi Limitations

Boomi Introduction Boomi is a cloud-based integration platform that allows businesses to easily and quickly connect their various applications, data, and systems. It offers a wide range of scalable and flexible integration capabilities, such as data integration, application integration, and API management, to integrate on-premises and cloud-based applications. Boomi is used for creating and deploying […]

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Calculated Table Joins in Power BI

Calculated table joins are used to couple two or more tables of data. Common examples include CROSSJOIN, UNION, EXCEPT and INTERSECT. Common Use Cases for Calculated Table Joins in Power BI Blending or combining data across multiple tables. Creating advanced calculations like new vs. returning users or repeat purchase behavior. Querying tables to troubleshoot errors […]

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Yes! It is possible to create integration with click, without code. You can quickly and easily build flows to integrate systems and automate integration tasks just using clicks. This makes integration as simple as a few clicks for non-developers. This can be done through Mulesoft Composer. Let’s go in depth and find out how the […]

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Relationship Functions in Power BI

Relationship functions in Power BI allow you to access fields within DAX measures or calculated columns through either physical or virtual relationships between tables. Common Use Cases for Relationship Functions in Power BI Defining calculated columns or measures using fields from related tables. Handling relationships between calendars and multiple date fields (transaction date, stock date, due […]

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An Automated DevSecOps Framework

Automation for Automation – An Executable Framework for DevSecOps In an age where automated Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) is becoming more and more critical to the success of any organization, why are we still building our DevSecOps environments by hand?  Instead why don’t we leverage automation for our automation?  DevSecOps support teams are […]

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Create Workato Custom Connector Locally

Workato Introduction Workato is a low-code/no-code, cloud-based iPaaS Solution that is hosted on public cloud infrastructure from Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services (AWS). It means everything you create here is a drag-and-drop application component that resides on cloud.  Workato Connector To achieve any automation in the Workato tool, we create a recipe. The […]


Leveraging MuleSoft’s API Led Connectivity and Event-Driven Architecture with Solace

Organizations today are going into a rapid digital transformation. With MuleSoft’s API Led connectivity approach, the integration strategy of the enterprises is now going towards more reusability with quicker deliverables of projects through discovery, self-service, and reusability. But what if we mix the flavor of Event Driven Architecture also into the Enterprise’s Integration Strategy? With this blog, […]

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4 Ways Financial Institutions Can Help Their Customers Navigate Inflation

Inflation reached a forty-one-year high in June, and according to the Consumer Price Index, prices have remained elevated. Many are struggling to make their dollars stretch and are looking to their financial institutions for guidance on how to better manage spending and stay afloat financially. Financial firms cannot singlehandedly control inflation, of course, but they […]


JIRA – Novice to Pro

You must have heard “Practice makes a Man Perfect” quite a lot and it can be summed up to this one word, i.e., “CONSISTENT”. Make JIRA part of your daily routine spicing it with JIRA Best Practices. Be a JIRA – Novice to Pro User! Yes, this blog is that easy!! Why make JIRA a […]

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Tips and Tricks for Configuring Oracle Cloud HCM Approvals

How do Oracle Cloud HCM workflow and approvals work? How do I configure that? How do I smoke test and then how the heck do I migrate these so that I don’t have to build them manually again? If you’ve ever asked yourself one of these questions, then hopefully this blog on Tips and Tricks […]

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3 Ways Financial Institutions Can Step Up for Underserved Communities

The financial services industry has made major strides in amping up its overall customer experience game; however, there is still a deficit in the personalization and accessibility of products and services for many Americans. The financial services industry must consider its customer experience game while also grappling with a sense of distrust from many communities […]

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