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Setting Cookies Globally Across All Controllers in .NET MVC

If you are looking to set the value of the cookies across all the controllers, you can use action filters and apply them on controllers. Action filters contain logic that will be implemented before or after a controller action is executed. They can be applied to an individual action method or the entire controller. I […]


Page Restrictions in an Initialization Module

Managing your AllowedTypes (insert options) in Episerver can become overwhelming, depending on the strategy you take. You can read about different options here: but there is a strategy you can take for a very developer-friendly approach. As highlighted on Epi World forum thread (Dylan McCurry and I worked together on the project where […]

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Rebasing Changes in Visual Studio

In this blog post, I will briefly describe the concept of rebasing and go over how it is done in Visual Studio.   Merging vs. Rebasing When you are merging branches, you simply merge the latest dev branch into your current feature branch as shown in the diagram below. Unlike merging, rebasing “re”-bases the feature […]

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How To Set Up .NET Core Web App With React & TypeScript

If you are trying to build a .NET Core Web Application with React.js, there is a template that you can create your project with in Visual Studio. However, if you want to incorporate Typescript in your application, there are a few extra steps that you have to take. This blog post is possible thanks to […]


Case Insensitive Queries with the AEM Query Builder

Recently, I needed to perform a query using the AEM Query Builder which was case insensitive. While I normally prefer using JCR SQL2 queries, in this case Query Builder was a better fit as I wanted consuming applications to be able to manipulate the query and doing so as a map is significantly easier than […]

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How to Deploy Your Local SQL Database on Azure SQL

I will be going over how you can export your local SQL Database to Azure SQL within SSMS. If you have not created your SQL server and database on Azure, here is a tutorial I found on Youtube that guides you through the process. Open your SQL Sever Management Studio and enter the Azure SQL […]

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Adding a Database Project to a .NET MVC Framework Web Application

For an updated tutorial with GIFs, click here. We are going to be continuing from where we left off in the last post. If you are trying to follow along and want to take a look at how I set up the folder structure, click here. Overview Create a SQL server database project and configure the […]

Understanding the HCL Commerce Upgrade from the Consultant’s Perspective

With extensive program upgrades and technical improvements, many businesses are finding its time to upgrade from HCL V7 to the more recent version, HCL V9. We understand that upgrades to any system can be frustrating, extensive, and difficult to navigate, which is why partnering with HCL experts who can walk you through the migration and […]

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Dynamically Set Connection Strings in Web.Config

If you are struggling to set up the web.config files upon hosting your web application, here is a solution to how you can configure your Web.Debug.config and Web.Release.config file so that your application runs dynamically on both the dev and prod environments.   Web.Config Leave the original web.config file as it is. Make sure you […]

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Configuring Web.config to Redirect to Azure Website Instead of Localhost

If you have created your App Service on Azure but it redirects to a localhost instead of the Azure website URL upon authentication, there are some changes you will have to make in your Web.config file. In our example, we will be using Microsoft.Owin.Security.OpenIdConnect library for authentication (Azure AD). We are using .NET Framework 4.7.2 […]

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Defer offscreen images in Episerver

Lazy loading images is a technique for modern web developers where you instruct the client’s browser to only download images as they are needed.  This leads to tremendous performance improvements, as client devices do not waste bandwidth downloading assets which are not being rendered.  To achieve this, we’ll use some client side mechanisms from […]


Set up Sitecore Solr Collections Using SearchStax

This article explains the steps needed to set up Solr Cloud collections for your Sitecore environment using SearchStax. Assuming you already have Solr Cloud Manager Environment set in SearchStax, follow the below steps to set up the Solr Cloud environment. 1. Upload Solr Configurations The first step is to get the compatible Solr schema and […]

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