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Digital Transformation

Photo of kids with thinking hats on, unleashing creativity.

Unleashing Creativity through Constraints

When you hear the word “constraints,” what creative images and stories does your mind conjure up? The word often leads people toward negative thoughts of confinement, limitations, obstacles, or not getting what you want. With this article, though, I want to talk about useful constraints and how they can encourage creativity and innovation. Common Views […]

Industrial Technology Concept.

From Assembly Line to AI: How Generative AI Is Transforming Manufacturing

Lately, new AI tools like ChatGPT have been so impressive that employees are clutching their purse strings. Not too long ago in human history, we were gaping in awe of the revolutionary assembly line and wondering if any of us would ever work again – but look at us now. While there are certainly benefits […]

Top 5 Benefits for deploying a COE

Introduction: Centers of Excellence (CoE), also called “Center of competency” is a multidisciplinary team that includes executive sponsors, key stakeholders, finance representatives, business teams and technical implementation teams. They are fast becoming an integral part of Finance service’s delivery model. Why is CoE important? A 2020 BCG research showed that 70% of digital transformations fall […]

Adobe Experience Cloud helps the fourth-largest mobile carrier accelerate growth.

How DISH Network Accelerated Retail Wireless Growth Using Adobe Experience Cloud

How do you enter into a highly competitive wireless space and build market share quickly? That’s a question DISH Network asked when it became the US’s fourth-biggest mobile carrier three years ago. The American television and consumer wireless services provider needed a digital foundation to support a scalable commerce experience, great customer service, and the […]

The Intertwining Wires Flash In Different Colors. 3d Rendering Illustration.

Informatica PowerCenter Overview: Part 1

what is ETL? ETL is a process that extracts the data from different source systems, then transforms the data (like applying calculations, concatenations, etc.), and finally loads the data into the Data Warehouse system. The full form of ETL is Extract, Transform, and Load. What is a data warehouse (DW)? A Data Warehouse (DW) is […]

Multiple Clouds With Blueprints On Grid Paper Copy

Multicloud Migration Made Easy: A Step-by-Step Blueprint for IT Leaders

As businesses increasingly adopt multicloud architectures to drive innovation and create value, IT leaders face mounting pressure to develop a successful multicloud strategy. While our comprehensive ‘IT Leader’s Guide to Multicloud Readiness‘ provides a detailed exploration of the multicloud migration, this blog post serves as a primer, providing valuable insights into the benefits of a […]

Man With Binoculars With Clouds In Them

Achieving Multicloud Observability: Best Practices for IT Leaders

As businesses increasingly adopt multicloud architectures to drive innovation and create value, IT leaders face the challenge of ensuring observability across different cloud platforms. In the ‘IT Leader’s Guide to Multicloud Readiness,’ we discussed the importance of adopting a multicloud strategy and offered tips for identifying the right cloud providers and services, optimizing costs, and […]

Hybrid Connectivity in Multicloud Adoption

Hybrid Connectivity: Unlock Multicloud Benefits

Hybrid connectivity is rapidly becoming a critical aspect of modern cloud adoption. It allows for seamless communication between end users, on-premises data centers, and public cloud infrastructure. However, navigating the complexities of hybrid connectivity can be a daunting task for even the most seasoned IT professionals. While our ‘IT Leader’s Guide to Multicloud Readiness‘ provides […]

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Mastering Cloud Transformation for Business: Enterprise Migration

In our fourth and final segment of our Cloud Transformation for IT Leaders series, we will focus on driving enterprise velocity while maintaining best practices and consistency as your portfolio migration program matures. If done well, this is where your organization achieves true cloud maturity and is on its way to unlocking the incredible innovation […]

Warehouse Interior At Sunset

Perficient’s Salesforce Partner Relationship Management Expertise

Leaders in the healthcare, financial services, manufacturing, and automotive industries, among others, are seeking to improve the customer experience while streamlining operations for maximum efficiency and profitability. In order to remain competitive in a constantly evolving market, many organizations seeking long-term success have turned to Salesforce and its partners like Perficient. With over 500 Salesforce […]


I’m Still on Sitecore XP – What About Me??

All of the buzz in the Sitecore community lately is around the composable DXP and headless offerings. Rightfully so – I believe that this plug-and-play model is much more customer-centric and easier to digest. And while there are many businesses who have already made the switch to composable, others are choosing to stay on the […]

Wisw S5e5 Ep37 Blog (1)

What If Jim and Kim Answered Your Burning Questions?

Listen up, content strategists! Want to learn about the latest digital transformation trends? Tune in to the new episode of What If? So What? as Jim and Kim answer submitted listener questions. You don’t want to miss it! We’d love to get your feedback on a “white noise” word or topic you’d like for us […]

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