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Tutorial 3 – Using Spring Boot – Publish Microservice to Eureka Server and Type of Client Components

To access previous blog, click this link: – Tutorial 02 – Spring Cloud – Netflix Eureka Server Publish Microservice to Eureka Server   Every Microservice must be published/ registered with Eureka Server (R&D Server) by becoming Eureka Client We must create a microservice using Spring Rest Controller to offer support. The @EnableEurekaClient annotation is not required […]

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EC2 Instance Recovery: Fixing Block Device Issues via /etc/fstab and Rescue Instance

In this blog post, I will share my firsthand experience tackling and resolving a critical issue with an inaccessible and failed EC2 instance. I’ll provide a detailed account of the problem, its impact, and the step-by-step approach I took to address it. Additionally, I’ll share valuable insights and lessons learned to help prevent similar issues […]

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Unleashing Synergy: Why Salesforce Data Cloud is the Perfect Companion to Your Existing CDP

Leveraging Your CDP In today’s dynamic business landscape, harnessing the power of customer data is non-negotiable for success. Companies around the globe are increasingly turning to Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) to consolidate and manage their customer information effectively. While many organizations have already invested in a CDP, the addition of Salesforce Data Cloud can elevate […]

What To Consider Before Leaping Into Microservices

Tutorial 02 – Spring Cloud – Netflix Eureka Server

You may learn microservices in-depth from beginner to expert in this set of tutorials. click here for previous blog: – Tutorial 01 – Microservices Architectural Design by using Spring Boot Introduction: – Netflix Eureka Server – To enable discovery and communication between microservices, it is necessary to register or publish the microservice with the R&D […]

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DBFS (Databricks File System) in Apache Spark

In the world of big data processing, efficient and scalable file systems play a crucial role. One such file system that has gained popularity in the Apache Spark ecosystem is DBFS, which stands for Databricks File System. In this blog post, we’ll explore into what DBFS is, how it works, and provide examples to illustrate […]

Spark DataFrame Method

Spark: DataFrame Basic Methods

DataFrame is a key abstraction in Spark which represents structured data and allows for easy manipulation and analysis. In this blog post, we’ll explore the various basic DataFrame methods available in Spark and how they can be used for data processing tasks using examples. Dataset: There are many DataFrame methods which are subclassified into Transformation […]

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Harness The Power of Appium Inspector

As we learned in the last blog, how to set up Appium 2.0 from scratch and install Appium Inspector too. This blog will teach about Appium Inspector’s desired capabilities to start our Android apps. Appium Inspector is part of the Appium 2.0 framework used to inspect elements within mobile applications for automation testing. Appium Inspector enables […]

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Caldera Medical is Live on Oracle Fusion (Cloud) SCM and Financials

SCM | Supply Chain Management Migration to the Cloud – August 2023 Go Live! Caldera Medical, INC.   Business Challenge + Opportunity Migrate existing footprint and business processes from Microsoft NAV into Oracle ERP and SCM Cloud (Fusion).  In addition to migrating Caldera Medical to Oracle Cloud for their Finance (ERP) and SCM needs (Procurement, […]

Incorta and Google Cloud: Unleashing the Power of Data in BigQuery

Incorta and Google are partnering on several initiatives around cloud computing and analytics deployments,  aimed at helping companies move business application and enterprise resource planning data into the cloud. Companies want to move data to a data lake to perform analytics and gain insights from that data. However, this can be challenging for ERP, CRM, […]

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Adobe Target Recommendations Designs: Iterating Over $entityN.variable

Adobe Target Recommendations uses the open-source Apache Velocity Engine – with an emphasis on velocity – to retrieve recommendations data. A Recommendations Design is a specialized Target offer populated at runtime with the entities, i.e., products or items, to be displayed. This is done by incorporating Velocity Template Language (VTL) identifiers to denote entity attributes […]

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AWS Glue Complete View

AWS Glue is a serverless data integration service that simplifies the discovery, preparation, and movement of data for analytics, machine learning (ML), and application development. With Glue, you can: Centralize data discovery and metadata management: Create a unified Data Catalog to identify and understand your data across diverse sources. Build scalable ETL pipelines: Visually develop and schedule […]

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Appium 2.0 Unlocking: Complete Installing Walkthrough for Testers and Developers

In this blog, we will set up Appium plugins, Appium drivers, Appium Doctor, NodeJS, UI Automator, Appium inspector, and Android Studio to create our automation scripts for Android devices. Appium 2.0 is an Android platform tool where drivers and plugins are easily created. It will allow us to cover mobile applications, desktop Apps, and Flutter […]

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