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Oracle Cloud Points to Consider when Implementing Customer Payments by Direct Debit

Process/ Schedule customer payments to maximize cash in your bank account and minimize processing times. Set up customers on direct debit payments, so you collect on time and with less effort. The following tasks are what you execute to process direct debits and send them to the bank for collection: Run the Create Automatic Receipts […]

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Expenditure Batch Approval is Here for Oracle Projects!

Formally known as “pre-approved batches”, Oracle Project Management Cloud now has a new feature in Release 20B that enables workflow approval for project expenditure batches.  This is fantastic news for maintaining the audit trail within Oracle.  Historically, customers have always looked for a way to systematically approve Project Expenditure Batches. The default approval rule is […]

Oracle Cloud Customer Drafting- Improve your Cash Flow

With direct debit, you are in control – once your customer authorizes drafting their bank account you can collect payments whenever they are due without needing your customer to do anything else. Therefore, no more chasing customers for payments – they will be on time every time.  Your cash flow will improve and you will […]

Asset Maintenance Philosophies to Conquer Everyday Life, a How-to

Maintenance. A word that does not inspire many people. It implies either an undesirable task or an unwanted cost. But, is maintenance really a bad thing? In this post, we’ll discuss some of Asset Maintenance Management philosophies and how they can positively impact your everyday life.

Top 5 Oracle blogs of 2020

Reader’s Choice: Top 5 Oracle Blog Posts of 2020

While conducting business in 2020 may have looked a little different, the subject matter experts of Perficient’s Oracle practice stayed dedicated to our clients and readers. The team published fresh, relevant blog content that in all saw over 34,000 page views. Congratulations to the two bloggers that made our top five list: Mazen Manasseh from […]


Argus Safety, Oracle Clinical & RDC Release Notes [Jan. 2021]

Perficient’s Life Sciences practice regularly monitors the software release notes for several Oracle Health Sciences applications, including: Argus Safety Oracle Clinical/Remote Data Capture (OC/RDC) Thesaurus Management System (TMS) Generally speaking, we review release notes at the beginning of each month for the previous month. On occasion, there are no new releases and, therefore, nothing to review; however, […]

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Do you use “Composite form” or “runBusinessRule” in your Oracle cloud application ?

Oracle’s support for composite forms will be stopped from May 2021 according to oracle’s update for future.  There are dashboard features that you can take advantage of to convert your composite forms sooner than later. And also if you are executing rulesets using Automate command “runBusinessRule” – you may want to explore “runRuleset” command as […]

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Achieving Data Copy Functionality in “Planning in Oracle EPM Cloud” ASO Reporting Cube

It is standard practice to use the DATA COPY function to copy actuals for the current and previous months to forecast in BSO cubes to support the forecasting for the business FP&A departments. When it comes to ASO cubes it’s a little bit challenging with the combination of MaxL script to invoke a calc script […]

Oracle IBPX Webinar

How a Single View of the Business Plan Can Help When Market Disruptions Arise [Webinar]

Manufacturers face a common challenge when trying to respond to unplanned market events that may impact business financial forecasts as well as sales and operations planning processes: having a single view of the business plan, with the right indicators can improve timeliness of key decisions. Oracle Integrated Business Planning and Execution (IBPX) brings together stakeholders […]

6 Keys to Success in your Adult Life

As this year winds down to its conclusion, we start to look ahead. We are compelled to perform retrospectives and see how they measure up to our keys to success. Thinking of this, I am reminded of a keynote speech that I had heard when I was being recognized for achieving the rank of Eagle […]

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Accessing Vertex O Series after Browser Support for Adobe Flash ends in 2020

Vertex has replaced Adobe Flash with HTML5 in O Series version 9.0.  Access to the Vertex 9.0 user interface (UI) will be available after January 2021 using the major browsers other than Microsoft IE.  So, access to Vertex O Series version 9.0 is not an issue. That’s not true of previous versions of Vertex O […]

Working Capital Analytics

The current economy has elevated the old saying that ‘Cash is King’ to new heights. With the altered nature of business flows arising from the COVID-19 crisis, many enterprises face new challenges to their continued existence, much less success. Being aware of Working Capital balances and taking proactive action has never been more important to […]

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