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Flywheels and why it matters with Snowflake

Reflecting on Summit At the Snowflake Summit, a strong commitment to AI was emphasized. Both Snowflake and NVIDIA have made strides in building their AI capabilities. The rise of AI, particularly generative AI, has been a prominent topic at cloud tech conferences over the past year. As a former Snowflake employee and current customer, I’m […]


Perficient is headed to Data Cloud Summit

See you at Summit! Snowflake’s Data Cloud Summit is being held in San Francisco, CA at the Moscone Center from June 3rd-6th. This conference brings together the best and brightest folks from all around the globe for an intuitive week of content on the Snowflake platform and its innovative use cases surrounding AI. Learn how […]

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Snowflake: Master Real-Time Data Ingestion

In this blog post, we’ll dive into two powerful features of Snowflake: Snowpipe and Streams. Both Snowpipe and Streams are crucial components for real-time data processing and analytics in Snowflake. We’ll explore what each feature entails and how they can be leveraged together to streamline data ingestion and analysis workflows, harnessing the Power of Snowflake’s […]

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Salesforce Data Cloud – What Does noETL / noELT Mean for Me?

In the realm of data management and analytics, the terms ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) and ELT (Extract, Load, Transform) have been commonplace for decades. They describe the processes involved in moving data from one system to another, transforming it as needed along the way. However, with the advent of technologies like Salesforce Data Cloud, a […]

Salesforce Unveils Zero Copy Data Cloud


Imagine a world where we can skip Extract and Load, just do our data Transformations connecting directly to sources no matter what data platform you use? Salesforce has taken significant steps over the last 2 years with Data Cloud to streamline how you get data in and out of their platform and we’re excited to […]

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AWS S3 Integration with Snowflake

In today’s ever-changing world, data is essential for every kind of organization, customer, or business. These days, most businesses use cloud storage to store data that is recoverable, quickly available, and safe. Users always want upgrades and the most recent technology to apply to their applications. Users won’t be able to obtain continuous data updates […]

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Querying and Transforming Snowflake data and S3 Files using AWS Glue Python Shell

Introduction AWS Glue is a fully managed ETL service from AWS which provides flexibility to work with both Snowflake tables and S3 files. AWS Glue Python shell allows to use additional python libraries (In our case, snowflake-connector-python) which helps in retrieval of data from snowflake and to run the queries directly in Snowflake with Snowflake […]

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Exploring the Potential of Your Data with AWS Q Gen AI Chat Assistant and Perficient Handshake

The recent introduction of AWS Q has certainly caught the attention of the tech community. This new platform offers a promising set of features, including Retrieval Augmented Generation capabilities, aiming to enhance the domain of generative AI-powered assistance. It’s an interesting development that offers fresh possibilities for IT professionals and developers. In terms of utilizing […]


SQL Server to Snowflake Migration – Conversions with Examples

SQL Server to Snowflake Migration – Conversions with Examples Readers’ Digest: During one of my project experiences, I have had an opportunity to work in MS SQL where I gained valuable knowledge working with the stored procedures. A stored procedure is a prepared SQL code that you can save, so the code can be reused […]

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Dynamic Merge in Snowflake using Stored Procedure and Python – For SCD Type 2

Pre-requisite Before going through SCD Type 2, I would suggest visiting my earlier post with respective to SCD Type  1 in here for better understanding of this blog. Dynamic Merge in Snowflake using Stored Procedure and Python – For SCD Type 1 / Blogs / Perficient SCD Type 2 It helps in tracking the history […]

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Catch Perficient thought leaders at Snowflake Summit 2023!

Ready? Set? Snowflake Summit!  Snowflake Summit kicks off the summer season in the heart of Las Vegas, NV at Caesars Palace from June 26th – 29th!   Summit is all about bringing data professionals together to discuss and present new ideas encompassing the ever–evolving data industry.  Learn how to access, build and monetize your data while […]

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SCD-2 ETL Data Pipeline from S3 to Snowflake using Informatica Cloud (IICS)

What is a Data warehouse? A Data warehouse is a concept that aggregates data from different sources into a single, central, consistent data store to provide meaningful business insights. It is typically used to connect and analyze heterogeneous sources of business data. To move data from one or more sources to the data warehouse, ETL […]

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