Salesforce for Financial Services

Empowering Your Financial Advisors With Salesforce

Across industries, so much of marketing effectively comes down to timing — appealing to the right person, at the right place, at the right time. Timing for marketing financial services and products as a financial advisor is especially crucial, as many financial needs follow the timeline of milestones in an individual’s life. But financial advisors […]

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Your Complete Guide to Salesforce List Views in Lightning

Create a standard set of list views to avoid repeat requests or empower your users by teaching them how to create bespoke list views so they can grab and segment data on the fly. List Views in Lightning appear to be very similar to Classic at first glance, but when you dig a little deeper, […]

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How to Schedule Salesforce Data Cleaning

The average cost of bad data to US businesses is $15 million a year, as it hinders staff productivity and results in bad decisions. Suppose that inaccurate contact information in the CRM prevents sales reps from contacting prospects or that sales managers base their strategic sales plans on reports created using out-of-date data. If you’re […]

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4 Strategies to Keep One’s Salesforce Organization Stable

We’re sure you can relate to at least one of these factors if you’ve been a part of a Salesforce implementation. So, the question is how to ensure the survival of your organization in an era of constant business volatility. The answer to this question, like maintaining personal health, lies in following a defined set […]

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5 Things to Consider Before Using Salesforce Leads

Managing Leads in Salesforce makes use of the massive amounts of Lead data generated and allows you to report on it, providing visibility into your Lead processes to help drive decisions. There are many features in Salesforce that you can use to make this entire process faster, more automated, easier, and more successful overall. However, […]

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Salesforce Case Object – Your Ultimate Guide

One of the potent aspects of their Salesforce Service Cloud platform, Salesforce empowers enterprises with Salesforce Case management capabilities to assist them in providing better customer assistance. The Service Cloud’s Case Management functionality, which serves to enhance the overall user experience for both customers and staff, is built on the Salesforce Case object. What is […]

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Service Cloud Voice and Einstein Next Best Action 

The ability to provide exceptional customer experiences when interacting with service agents is already enhanced by natively integrating Salesforce with Amazon Connect in Service Cloud Voice. Why stop there? By Integrating Einstein Next Best Action into the agents’ Voice Call Console, Salesforce uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) to empower agents with the knowledge and automation you […]

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Meet Marketing Cloud Personalization

With the Marketing Cloud Winter ’23 release, Salesforce officially rebranded their Interaction Studio tool (AGAIN) to be known henceforth as Marketing Cloud Personalization. Although it’s been two years since Salesforce first acquired Evergage and rebranded the tool, it’s always been pretty common to hear people say things like “Interaction Studio (formerly known as Evergage).” So […]

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Getting Started with Salesforce Lightning Object Creator

What if you could integrate the logic defined in Excel onto a Cloud-based system that was tightly integrated with the rest of your enterprise systems? That would be truly transformational. That’s why expectations were high when Salesforce Lightning Object Creator was announced as part of the 2018 Dreamforce address. Now that Salesforce has made it […]

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Introduction To Salesforce Dynamic Forms

Salesforce is finally enabling the ability to customize and manage object layouts using dynamic forms with the Summer’20 release, after being one of the most requested suggestions on the Salesforce “Ideas” page.   What exactly are Salesforce Dynamic Forms? Dynamic forms have been introduced as a means of making object layout design more configurable. Users […]

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Salesforce Flows – Your Ultimate Guide

Any Salesforce org can benefit from using Salesforce Flows as a valuable tool. They make it simple to automate business activities without the need for writing code. We’ll discuss many best practices in this article that you should be aware of when using Salesforce Flows. Additionally, you will discover the various Flow kinds that you […]

Integrating LinkedIn and Marketo

The Ultimate Guide to Salesforce AppExchange

Every company has different processes, so the Salesforce platform frequently needs to be customized or integrated with custom solutions and third-party apps to incorporate business-specific needs that the platform and its modules do not cover. Salesforce AppExchange was created with this viewpoint in mind.   What exactly is Salesforce AppExchange? When it comes to Salesforce […]

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