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How to Configure ServiceNow Knowledge Articles for Microsoft Search

If you use ServiceNow as your knowledge management platform, you might want to make your knowledge articles searchable and accessible from Microsoft Search. Microsoft Search is a unified search experience that helps you find what you need across your organization, including files, sites, people, and more. By connecting your ServiceNow knowledge articles to Microsoft Search, […]

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How to Configure ServiceNow Catalog Items for Microsoft Search

If you are using ServiceNow as your IT service management platform, you might want to make your catalog items searchable in Microsoft Search. Microsoft Search is a unified search experience that helps you find what you need across your organization, including files, sites, people, and more. By connecting your ServiceNow catalog items to Microsoft Search, […]


API’d Like to Talk to You: A Dive into the OpenAI Assistant API

Recently, I’ve had time to sit down and wade into the my own little area of the digital Wild West, that being AI integration. With the explosion of AI, I wanted to give my apps the ability to tap into that vast potential.    While it seems like every tech giant, startup, and their mother […]


Crafting a Secure User Login Page with Next.js and Optimizely Commerce API: A Step-by-Step Guide

In this blog, let’s dive into creating a secure user login page with Next.js and integrating it with Optimizely’s Commerce APIs. Here are the steps you can follow: Setting Up Optimizely Configured Commerce Project: First, ensure you have an Optimizely Configured Commerce project running on your local machine with the necessary APIs. The hosted Optimizely […]

Excel Power Query Data Sources

How to convert a CSV file to an Excel file

Converting CSV to Excel streamlines data manipulation and analysis, bridging the simplicity of CSV’s plain text structure with Excel’s powerful spreadsheet functionalities. This conversion ensures a seamless transition from comma-separated records to organized rows and columns, enhancing data accessibility and interpretation. Whether for data analysis, visualization, or collaboration, Excel’s versatile format accommodates diverse needs, offering […]

Salesforce Unveils Zero Copy Data Cloud


Imagine a world where we can skip Extract and Load, just do our data Transformations connecting directly to sources no matter what data platform you use? Salesforce has taken significant steps over the last 2 years with Data Cloud to streamline how you get data in and out of their platform and we’re excited to […]

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Azure SQL Server Performance Check Automation

On Operational projects that involves heavy data processing on a daily basis, there’s a need to monitor the DB performance. Over a period of time, the workload grows causing potential issues. While there are best practices to handle the processing by adopting DBA strategies (indexing, partitioning, collecting STATS, reorganizing tables/indexes, purging data, allocating bandwidth separately […]

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Create and Retrieve Secrets from the Azure Key Vault using an ASP.Net Core Application

As everyone knows, maintaining application-level security for passwords, certificates, API keys, and other data is a bit of a critical thing. It was necessary for my project to safeguard the SMTP password. I wanted to know how to protect my SMTP password in some way. I then discovered the Azure Key vault concept and began […]

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All Aboard! Visualize Business Impact with the Enterprise Cloud Transit Map

Cloud modernization is the primary driver of digital transformation and impactful business value. Cloud platforms have evolved from core technology to disruptive ecosystems of strategic advantage.  Migration and modernization are vital to reach new markets, deliver innovative products, improve resiliency, reduce costs, and improve customer experiences.  But it’s easy (and common) to lose sight of […]


AI: Legal Aspects of Using it in Consulting Companies

Introduction  Nowadays, everyone speaks of AI, it is not a subject related to IT people only; others that are involved in different fields, such as vendors, taxi drivers, journalists, scientists, teachers, students, and even politicians mention it in their speeches. Most of them use AI to generate content, for example “news articles, academic papers, social […]

Optimizely Configured Commerce Best Practices

Power Apps Solution Deployment Using Pipeline App: A Step-by-Step Guide

Microsoft’s Power Apps is a flexible platform that empowers users to effortlessly construct custom applications. As applications become more complex, the need for a well-organized and efficient deployment process becomes paramount. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the step-by-step process of implementing deployment pipelines in Power Apps, leveraging the Power Apps Deployment Pipeline App—an […]

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Ready for Microsoft Copilot for Microsoft 365?

Organizations want to leverage the productivity enhancements Microsoft Copilot for Microsoft 365 may enable, but want to avoid unintentional over-exposure of organizational information while users are accessing these Copilot experiences.  Our Microsoft team is fielding many questions from customers about how to secure and govern Microsoft Copilot for Microsoft 365.  These organizations want to ensure […]

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