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Six Proven Customer Engagement Solutions Revealed

Technology is changing quickly, and it seems like there is something new every day. It can be intimidating to try and keep up with all the latest tech news, let alone implement it for your business. Brands often struggle with where to put their resources, what to invest in, and how to implement new technologies […]

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Microsoft Graph API in SharePoint

Microsoft Graph API in SharePoint SPFX  enables us to fetch the data from O365. To connect with the data of millions of people in the Microsoft cloud, use the Microsoft Graph API. Build apps for businesses and people that connect to a plethora of data, relationships, and knowledge via a single endpoint using Microsoft Graph. […]

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Major Steps Involved in Developing a Power BI Report

The following are the steps that play a significant role while developing a Power BI report: Step 1: Get Data (Identifying the Data Sources) Power BI provides a direct way, i.e., the “Get Data” feature, through which you can connect to various sources that range from flat-file, server-based, and cloud-based data sources. The data can […]

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10 Steps to Integrate Power Apps on Power BI Dashboard

Microsoft Power Apps is an excellent example of a Platform as a Service (PaaS). It allows you to create mobile or tablet apps for internal business users that can run on Android, IOS, and Windows. We can now integrate Power Apps into our Power BI reports using the Power Apps visualization in the Power BI […]

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Power BI – Cross-Report Drillthrough From One Report To Another Report For Increased Security

POWER BI – DRILLTHROUGH FROM ONE REPORT TO ANOTHER REPORT FOR INCREASED SECURITY (CROSS-REPORT DRILL THROUGH) APPLIES TO: ✓ Power BI Desktop ✓ Power BI service The traditional drill through do not allow to drill through from one report to another report. It is only work in a single report. It is page to page drill through. […]

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ETL & SQL : The Dynamic Data Duo

Data is the lifeline of any modern organization. At any point, every day, you work on molding data points into information to derive profits. Therefore, having the right building blocks is a crucial part of running a good business. This is where the dynamic duo of ETL and SQL comes into play. While you may […]

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Basic Understanding of Full Load And Incremental Load In ETL (PART 1)

Full Load: Full Load in ETL is loading ALL the data from the source to the destination. A target table is truncated before loading everything from the source. That’s why this technique is also known as Destructive Load. In full load first we truncate the destination table and then we load all the data from source […]

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Data Flows in Azure Data Factory

Overview: Data flows are one of the features inside the Azure Data Factory which allows data engineers to develop data transformation logic in a graphical approach without writing code. The resulting data flows can then be executed as activities within Azure Data Factory pipelines that use scaled-out Spark clusters. Your data flows will run on […]

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Azure Application Insights – Cost Save with this Simple Optimization

Let’s discuss Azure Application Insights and the simple optimization we can do to avoid surprise bills. Azure Application Insights can be used to monitor and check our applications’ health, analyze logs and other metrics related to our application, and view other resources which are included in our Azure subscription. Many teams may have different objectives […]


How to create cascading parameters in Reporting services (SSRS)

What is SSRS? SSRS stands for SQL Server Reporting Services. It is a reporting tool developed by Microsoft that comes free with the SQL Server. It produces formatted reports with the tables of data, graph, and reports. Reports are hosted on a server and configured to run using parameters supplied by users. When we run the […]

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Feature of Snowflake: Zero Copy Cloning

                                                                      Feature of Snowflake: Zero-Copy Cloning Zero Copy Cloning in Snowflake: Snowflakes have some advanced feature like Time Travel, zero-copy cloning […]

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How to create zip file which contains single text file with a fixed threshold in SSIS.

What is SSIS? SQL Server Integration Service (SSIS) is a component of the Microsoft SQL Server database software that can be used to execute a wide range of data migration tasks. The SSIS ETL tool Extracts data from different sources and transforms that data according to user requirements. And then loads data into various destinations. […]

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