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All Aboard! Visualize Business Impact with the Enterprise Cloud Transit Map

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Cloud modernization is the primary driver of digital transformation and impactful business value. Cloud platforms have evolved from core technology to disruptive ecosystems of strategic advantage.  Migration and modernization are vital to reach new markets, deliver innovative products, improve resiliency, reduce costs, and improve customer experiences.  But it’s easy (and common) to lose sight of your business mission as you navigate complicated technological challenges.

Sometimes, visualization can help.  We’ve created our Enterprise Cloud Transit Map as a simple blueprint for navigating complexities while staying focused on the win themes that really matter: creating competitive advantages, adding customer value, building a strong operational core, and growing your business:

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The Tracks of Transformation: I Think I Can

Our map consists of five distinct tracks, each with its own set of ‘stations’ or focus areas, designed to guide your voyage towards the real value prop outcomes of cloud modernization:

  • Competitive Advantage
  • Business Growth
  • Innovation & Acceleration
  • Profitability
  • Operational Maturity
  • Foundational Core
  • Customer Value

Strategy & Architecture: This is where your journey begins. Aligning organizational goals with industry insights and crafting fit-for-purpose architecture lays the foundation. Business Alignment, Product Strategy, Scalability, and Interoperability are key stops for this line, as well as Centers of Excellence ensuring adoption success and leading to innovation and differentiated products.

Platform Foundation: The next path is getting your infrastructure, platform, connectivity, and governance set up for success across multicloud and hybrid cloud architectures, modernizing legacy IT, solving for resiliency issues, and setting the table for sustainability and cost optimization wins down the line.

Migrate & Modernize: The heart of transformation lies in scalability, cost optimization, and interoperability. This track is a deep dive into streamlining deployments, embracing cloud-native capabilities, and modernizing applications to deliver differentiated products more efficiently.

Data Insight: Data is the engine driving intelligent decision-making. This track emphasizes modernizing your data platform, ensuring regulatory compliance, and unlocking (and trusting) the potential of AI, setting the stage for insightful, data-driven decisions and truly impactful applications of emerging tech.

Cloud Operating Model: The maturity of your journey, focusing on developing team skills, optimizing costs, enabling new business objectives, and establishing a modern operational model. Success here aligns your cloud model to your existing organization while embracing transformative tools, technologies, and processes, with effective resource management and sustainable policies & governance.

On the Path to Business Impact

For IT and business leaders committed to modernizing their organizations, our Enterprise Cloud Transit Map is more than just a navigational guide; it’s a sanity check on delivering real-world business impacts and outcomes.  Understanding the key themes of the map helps you set a course to resiliency, performance, profitable growth, and competitive innovation.

All Aboard!

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