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Generative AI

Artificial Chat Chat With Ai Or Artificial Intelligence. Digital Chatbot, Robot Application, Openai Generate. Futuristic Technology.

Discoveries from Q&A with Enterprise Data using GenAI for Oracle Autonomous Database

Natural language AI has proliferated into many of today’s applications and platforms. One of the high in demand use cases is the ability to find quick answers to questions about what’s hidden within organizational data, such as operational, financial, or other enterprise type data. Therefore leveraging the latest advancements in the GenAI space together with […]

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Introducing Salesforce Einstein Copilot for AI

Do you struggle to optimize user experience and maximize productivity? If so, your team is spending valuable time on repetitive tasks like data entry, locating the right information, and follow-ups, limiting time for core functions and strategic initiatives. What if an AI assistant could streamline workflows and unlock hidden efficiencies? Enter Salesforce’s Einstein Copilot, a […]

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From Concepts to Creation: Building Amazon Q Application with Amazon S3 Integration

Amazon Q is a fully managed, generative AI powered assistant created by Amazon Web Services. As per press release – ‘Amazon Q can help you get fast, relevant answers to pressing questions, solve problems, generate content, and take actions using the data and expertise found in your company’s information repositories, code, and enterprise systems’. With […]

Ai (artificial Intelligence) Concept. Electronic Circuit. Communication Network.

Optimize Multimodal AI: Part 1

At Perficient, one significant benefit of being a premier partner with elite cloud providers the likes of Google, AWS, and Azure, is the early adopter access granted to level up SMEs (subject matter experts) so that partner engagements between Perficient and its customers are meaningful, profitable, and repeatable.  In this initial blog post from Josh […]

2024 Financial Services Trends Perficient

Unveiling the Future: Key Trends Shaping Financial Services in 2024

2024 is going to be a transformative year for the financial services sector, marked by technological strides and innovative trends. Perficient’s financial services experts helped to provide valuable insights that unveil a tapestry of trends that will reshape the industry in the upcoming year. Client Retention and Personalization at Scale Financial services institutions are increasingly […]


AI: Legal Aspects of Using it in Consulting Companies

Introduction  Nowadays, everyone speaks of AI, it is not a subject related to IT people only; others that are involved in different fields, such as vendors, taxi drivers, journalists, scientists, teachers, students, and even politicians mention it in their speeches. Most of them use AI to generate content, for example “news articles, academic papers, social […]

2024 Wealth Asset Management Trends Perficient

6 Emerging Trends in Wealth and Asset Management for 2024

Co-authored by Perficient’s Wealth and Asset Principal: Gerardo Montemayor Influenced by an array of factors spanning from the transfer of generational wealth to technological progressions, Gerardo Montemayor, Perficient’s Principal in Wealth and Asset Management, has offered valuable insights into the trends poised to reshape the industry in the approaching year. 1. Wealth Transfer As older […]

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Perficient Included in Forrester Trends Report: Rethink Enterprise Applications Governance

Perficient, a leader in digital transformation, has been included as a company interviewed in Forrester’s recent report, “Rethink Enterprise Applications Governance: Refocus Applications Governance And High-Performance IT Exploiting New Technologies To Win, Serve, And Retain Customers.” This comprehensive report explores the evolving landscape of enterprise applications governance, shedding light on the transformative potential of new […]

Ai Ethics Or Ai Law Concept. Developing Ai Codes Of Ethics. Compliance, Regulation, Standard , Business Policy And Responsibility For Guarding Against Unintended Bias In Machine Learning Algorithms.

Perficient to Lead Discussion on Bias in AI at ISITC Securities Operations Summit

Perficient is proud to be presenting at the upcoming ISITC Annual Securities Operations Summit, taking place March 24–26 in Boston.   At this thirtieth annual event, participants will engage in discussions about important issues and opportunities, forging the way to a strong future in financial services. The event promises to be jam-packed with informative presentations hosted by leaders […]

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AI (Artificial Intelligence) Powered Product People

AI (Artificial Intelligence) Powered Product People  Have you ever wondered how artificial intelligence can transform not only our lives but also our professions? As someone passionate about technology and digital product development, I have always been intrigued by new tools and how they can improve our lives and careers.  In recent times, artificial intelligence (AI) […]

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Decoding the Future of Development with Sitecore and Generative AI

In Episode 2 of Sitecore Sessions our panel of Sitecore experts explored the transformative role of generative AI in the Sitecore community, its impact on development workflows, and the future of coding practices. You can watch the whole episode here:   A generated summary of the above video is below: The Dawn of Generative AI […]

Business Analysis And Financial Background

Transform FP&A with Artificial Intelligence: How Finance Leaders Benefit from AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming the way businesses operate across various domains and functions. From retailers improving their customer experience to marketers finding time and cost savings with generated content, we believe that AI has the power to improve organizations of industries. One of the areas where AI can have a significant impact is financial […]

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