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Checking in on Artificial Intelligence Trends in 2018

It’s just past mid-year 2018.  Back in December 2017 and January 2018, many pundits were making their annual predictions about artificial intelligence.  In fact, my colleague Michael Porter wrote about AI predictions earlier this year.   Rarely do I notice anybody checking in on those predictions to see whether they are reality or not.  So I […]

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MarTech: 5 Disruptions Happening to Marketing

What trends do you think are disrupting marketing right now?  GDPR? Advertising overload? Privacy concerns with Facebook?   While those are certainly disrupting, at the MarTech West conference Scott Brinker spoke about the five disruptions he sees. He started by talking about all the hype going on with marketing technology.  AI, AR, ChatBots, Bots, and many […]

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The 2018 MarTech Landscape is Here

Today at the MarTech West conference in San Jose, Scott Brinker and team unveiled the 2018 MarTech Landscape chart.  Scott has produced The Marketing Technology Landscape chart since 2011.  The chart shows all the companies in the MarTech landscape grouped over many categories, such as Advertising & Promotion, Content & Experience, etc.   While the chart […]

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Executive Introduction to Machine Learning – How To Make Predictions

In my previous article (see Executive Introduction to Machine Learning), I provided a concise, jargon-free introduction to what is machine learning.   I basically described it as four steps: 1) Take data in; 2) Run it through an algorithm to make a prediction; 3)  help the machine learn to make better predictions; 4) predict something based […]

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Executive Introduction to Machine Learning

In a recent post, Michael Porter asked “What Does AI Have To Do With Strategy?” In discussing the transformational nature of AI, he suggested the very first question you should ask is, “What is AI and Machine Learning?”   Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of research into machine learning to understand the concepts and deep […]

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AI Trends: What Happened to Chatbots?

I’ve been noticing a little trend about chatbots lately, so I wondered what’s going on with them?  Just a few years ago, chatbots were a bit of a rage.  With the hype around IBM Watson winning on Jeopardy, the potential seen in Siri and the introduction of Amazon’s Alexa, it seemed that chatbots were primed […]

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Mobile Highly Relevant to B2B Customers

We commonly think that B2B customers don’t really need mobile.  After all, most B2B sales are highly driven by actual sales people, with web sites supporting them through content like white papers, product information, etc.  B2B customers are also thought to be desk-bound, mainly accessing your B2B content through traditional desktop browsers. Recently, however, we […]

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What You Need to Know About Digital Intelligence

One big focus of Digital Transformation is getting the customer experience right. As we’ve talked about, the customer experience is not just about visits to your website, but also includes interactions with your marketing emails, the in-store experience, how your customer service representatives interact and so on.  We talk about understanding the customer journey across all […]

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So, You Heard of Facebook Workplace? What Does This Mean?

Facebook has long been an icon in the world of digital transformation.  I can’t remember all the conversations I’ve had with business people who want a solution that is “like Facebook” even when they don’t really know what that means.  Facebook was one of the original companies that demonstrated to all of us the importance of consumerism […]

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Salesforce Einstein Brings CX Opportunities with AI – #DF16

During Dreamforce this week, Salesforce officially announced Salesforce Einstein, the company’s new artificial intelligence layer built into the platform. At the Salesforce Einstein keynote, Salesforce pushed the idea that anybody can be a data scientist because the platform has intelligence built right in. John Ball, the SVP & GM of Salesforce Einstein MC’d the session. John […]

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The Future of Work According to Salesforce & Google Cloud – #DF16

Salesforce and Google are working to “assist” us a work. Tom Holman from Google, Daniel Chang and Sriram Iyer from Salesforce, and Greg Malpass from Traction on Demand presented a session on the topic at Dreamforce 2016. Tom is the product manager for Google G Suite, which Google just announced, but really is a rebranding and […]

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Increasing Employee Engagement – Salesforce Community Cloud #DF16

When we think of the Salesforce Community Cloud, we traditionally think of a partner portal or an external-facing community. Salesforce is positioning the Community Cloud for employees. Key attributes of this vision are similar to what we expect as consumers. They include: Relevant, up-to-date information Effortless access to systems and apps Open, transparent collaboration Ability […]

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A Partner Community for Financial Services – Tips From #DF16

I mentioned the Zurich partner community in one of my previous Dreamforce blog posts about the Salesforce Community Cloud Keynote. Here, I’ll dive deeper into the details of a presentation dedicated to financial services partner communities. Kimberley Zatlyn from Salesforce started the session and reiterated the same statistics that were presented in the keynote presentation. Paul […]

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Salesforce Marketing Cloud #DF16 Keynote Updates

Salesforce presented a Dreamforce 2016 keynote today that introduced updates and plans for the Marketing Cloud. In the first image below, Salesforce shows the underlying structure of the Marketing Cloud. Marketing Cloud is really trying to get to 1:1 marketing, and the announcements this week are all geared toward that. A big announcement from Salesforce today was […]

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#DF16 Community Cloud Keynote: Insights Into Business Use

The Community Cloud keynote at Dreamforce 2016 presented tons of great insights from some of the world’s leading companies. Here are some statistics on Community Cloud: 90 million members on Community Cloud in 3 years 10K active communities 240K Chatter networks In 2016, Community Cloud delivered more than 100 new features. What are these people doing with […]

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How Barclays Caught the Digital Wave – #DF16

Craig Wright from Salesforce’s Innovation Technology Center presented a case study on Digital Transformation at Barclays. Criag started the session talking about what is the Digital Wave. Evidence of the Digital Wave can be seen from companies spending  2.1 trillion dollars on digital transformation. 27,000 digital health apps exist on the Apple AppStore.  In terms of […]

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Meet the Future: Technology Awakens our World – #DF16

Peter Schwartz is SVP for Strategic Planning at Salesforce and is a futurist. Today he spoke about a profound change in our world he expects to see, where every object we make is about to come alive with intelligence and speech.  This is not specifically about Salesforce, but more about general future trends. Peter showed […]

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A Unified Patient Platform – #DF16

Joshua Newman, Chief Medical Officer hosted the Health and Life Sciences kickoff keynote session at Dreamforce 2016 about how companies are using Salesforce to innovate, make decisions, manage patient and member journeys, and connect the entire healthcare ecosystem. There were a lot of people attending this session, which is an indication of the amount of […]

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Salesforce: Emerging Trends & Technologies – #DF16

Do you want to find out what Salesforce and other thought leaders see as emerging and digital technology trends?  At Dreamforce 2016, Kartik Chakkarapani, the Emerging Trends Track leader hosted a session with Peter Coffee, VP for Strategic Research at Salesforce, Kevin Brady, Chief Digital Officer at Cisco, and Dion Hinchcliffe, Chief Strategy Officer at […]

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Salesforce Einstein Tackles Customer Service – #DF16

Here at Dreamforce 2016, Salesforce is touting their new “Einstein” set of Artificial Intelligence tools. At its heart, Salesforce Einstein has four tenets: Discover patterns in data Predict what these patterns mean Recommend actions based on the predictions Automate the execution of recommended actions I just attended a short session with Salesforce where they displayed […]

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