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AI Healthcare Use Cases

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Are you a Healthcare Business Leader stressing over how much you should use AI? Don’t be. I’m certain you have a roadmap with some bodacious goals on them. You want to increase engagement and access to high-quality care and drive down healthcare costs, right? Although AI isn’t a magic wand, we can finally start to think bigger and shorten our roadmaps.

If AI can be simply put, it’s a manner of processing massive amounts of data in real time to drive intelligent decisions. It can learn from interactions to improve performance and efficiency. Perhaps you’ve worked with your IT partners on projects that involve machine learning. Machine learning is a less sophisticated subset of AI that uses proven logic models to perform complex tasks.

Data in Use Cases

Every business leader in healthcare is thinking about how to best use their number one asset beyond their human capital – their data. You have mountains of it that can benefit your patients and members. The adventure is how best to unlock it. It’s daunting and machine learning use cases only got some organizations so far. Trusting your data is another blog-worthy topic. Let’s assume we do this for these use cases.

  • You’re a provider organization. Your clinicians want to suggest the most proven care plans to give your patients the best possible outcomes.
    • What if you gave them dashboards to browse by chronic conditions and the various care plans that led to the best outcomes?
    • What if the clinician saw those prompts within the EMR while speaking to the patient and could advise them in real-time more confidently?
  • You’re a payer. You want to rise above your current proposition by simply being a payer of claims and adding value throughout the care continuum. You’ve got your own claim data to prove what works and what may not. You’ve got the key to the kingdom on what members could pay overtime in one care plan versus another.
    • What if you ask members permission to proactively suggest providers, care plans, and their costs?
    • What if you use real outcome-based data across your enterprise to suggest the best plans for members upon renewal?
    • What if you refined product plan designs to best meet the needs of your clients, members, and organization?
    • What if you devised product pricing strategies for prospects and current clients backed by outcome-based effectiveness?

Does AI feel Unsettling to you in Healthcare?

My colleague Marlana Voerster goes deeper on how AI should be explained to healthcare consumers to build trust instead of the negative “big brother” sentiments many people have right now.

If you are stuck thinking that AI is too unsettling to institute in healthcare, please consider how a healthcare / AI thought leader, Mendel Erlenwein positions it:

“I don’t believe that AI should do everything, the way I see it, I split the care coordinator into two, separating the care coordinator by the heart, and the brain. I think the human being has a unique value proposition in the heart department; patience, delivery of care, empathy, etc., But we also must recognize the unique value proposition of AI in the brain department and its ability to process massive amounts of data intelligently.”

Do you want a Jumpstart on how AI can Fast-forward your Healthcare Roadmap?

Perficient’s CX AI Jumpstart is a new offering that is helping clients quickly define how AI can make the biggest impact on their business by using a cross-functional approach. Built on Perficient’s accelerated modeling process, CX AI focuses on developing an interactive model that demonstrates how organizations can leverage machine learning, natural language processing, conversational AI, generative AI, and cognitive computing to jump-start AI adoption.

Perficient’s award-winning AI practice specializes in analytics, big data, unstructured content management, enterprise search, digital experience, and business optimization to deliver solutions that help businesses turn their information into strategic assets.

Perficient recently launched a global Generative AI Innovation Group (IG). Their charge is to identify and develop market offerings, internal use cases, and applications, and routinely host events that educate, enable, and engage colleagues about the groundbreaking technology and its implications for transforming enterprise operations. For more information about Perficient’s AI expertise, follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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