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AEM as a Cloud Service Sites Theming And Frontend Pipelines

Test Driving AEM Cloud Service Sites Theming and Frontend Pipelines

In the past, deploying UI updates has required packaging them alongside OSGi bundles and HTL-driven components. While this is still a usable way to deploy projects in AEM, it cannot isolate the UI and hot reload updates. Furthermore, front-end developers and designers often need to only focus attention on the app experience. They may not […]

HIPAA-Ready And Personalized Healthcare Experiences

HIPAA-Ready and Personalized Healthcare Experiences Webinar

REGISTER: Join us live on Thursday, February 22 at 12:00 P.M. EST!   Consumer demand for proactive, personalized experiences is at an all-time high. To capitalize on this opportunity, healthcare and life sciences organizations need a scalable, adaptable ecommerce solution that supports the safeguarding of protected health information (PHI). Adobe is revolutionizing healthcare commerce with […]

Big Data Technology And Data Science Illustration. Data Flow Concept. Querying, Analysing, Visualizing Complex Information. Neural Network For Artificial Intelligence. Data Mining. Business Analytics.

Adobe Target Recommendations Designs: Iterating Over $entityN.variable

Adobe Target Recommendations uses the open-source Apache Velocity Engine – with an emphasis on velocity – to retrieve recommendations data. A Recommendations Design is a specialized Target offer populated at runtime with the entities, i.e., products or items, to be displayed. This is done by incorporating Velocity Template Language (VTL) identifiers to denote entity attributes […]

3 Ways Adobe Commerce Elevates Pharmacy Services

3 Ways Adobe Commerce Elevates Pharmacy Services

Is there anything worse than going to a pharmacy to pick up your prescriptions? Okay, I’m sure there are a few things but it’s still inconvenient, right? Thankfully, many pharmacies have adopted home delivery services. Patients can request delivery of their medication come right to their doorstep. However, this presents some challenges. What if a […]

Adobe Commerce Med Device Life Sciences And Golf

Adobe Commerce, Medical Device & Life Sciences, and … Golf?

My journey from golf course employee to building HIPAA-ready commerce solutions.   I’ve spent essentially my entire career in the medical device and life science space, and it didn’t start the way you would think. In college, I worked at a golf course as the guy who drove that funny tin can of a golf […]

Adobe Commerce To Improve Payor Strategies

How Adobe Commerce Can Impact Payor Strategies

Health insurance is just one of those things we simply can’t live without. It’s a security blanket we all want to snuggle up to, but nobody likes to use it. Because if you’re using it, it likely means you’re sick or need care. Can you guess who else doesn’t like it when you use your […]

Adobe Commerce To Enhance Patient-Provider Relationships

3 Ways Adobe Commerce Enhances Patient-Provider Relationships

I don’t think you’ll ever meet anyone who says they like to go to the hospital or to their doctor. Sure, it’s a necessary part of life and staying healthy. But sometimes unfortunate circumstances arise when we need urgent medical attention. As consumers, we’re inclined to minimize return visits to the doctor’s office whenever possible. […]

New Relic One To Monitor Aemaacs

How to Use New Relic One to Monitor AEMaaCS Properties

In this blog, we’ll discuss the expected outcomes of monitoring AEM as a Cloud Service (AEMaaCS) properties using New Relic One, some limitations, and how to do it. What to Expect Using New Relic One Utilizing AEMaaCS, JMX MBeans, and health checks can be viewed within New Relic Insights for detailed application stack performance and […]

Basic Multi Tenant Model For Aemaacs

Basic Multi-Tenant Model for AEM as a Cloud Service

Are you or your client considering moving to AEM as a Cloud Service (AEMaaCS)? There are many advantages of the fully managed and automated environments AEMaaCS offers. But one of the things you need to consider is the need for a multi-tenant setup. If you currently have a multi-tenant setup, moving to AEMaaCS will most […]

Yes To Success!

New Year’s Resolution: Say Goodbye to WordPress

WordPress, which began as a blogging platform, is now one of the most popular content management systems on the web. Its popularity is largely due to its being free and familiar for most digital marketers and IT professionals. However, as a DXP (Digital Experience Platform) consultant, I believe that WordPress is not the best choice […]

Adobe Commerce Hipaa Compliant Healthcare Experiences

Adobe Commerce: Leading the Way in Proactive Healthcare Experiences

There’s been a massive change of tone in the healthcare space over the last few years. What is it you might ask? Well, simple. Proactive healthcare choice. Let me explain. Traditionally, healthcare was reactive – when something went wrong, we would go to the doctor or seek medical treatment. Today, however, the tables have turned […]

Adobe Cloud Manager Add RDE

Using Rapid Development Environment in AEM as a Cloud Service

There’s a new type of environment known as a Rapid Development Environment (RDE) with Adobe’s Cloud Service. This environment was specifically made with developers in mind to accelerate code deployments and other development activities in Cloud Service. We’ve had a chance to use the RDE to better understand its capabilities, strengths, and gaps. Pipelines in […]

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