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AEM Local Development With OpenJDK

AEM Local Development With OpenJDK 11 and Maven 3.9.x

The official Adobe tutorial for setting up a local AEM development environment requests the reader to install Java JDK 11 for AEM 6.5 and above.  It does not provide a download link for the Java JDK 11.  If you were to do a quick Google search for “JDK 11 download,” you would be presented with […]

AEM Vite Developer

Adobe Sites: Migrating from Webpack to Vite

Webpack is an amazing bundler for JavaScript and, with the correct loader, it can also transform CSS, HTML, and other assets.  When a new AEM project is created via the AEM Project Archetype and the front-end module is set to general, Adobe provides a Webpack configuration to generate the project’s client libraries. Introducing Vite Vite […]

Building Shared Navigation With AEM Content Services

Dev Tutorial: Building a Shared Navigation With Help from AEM Headless Services | Part 2

In part 1 of this series, I walked through the setup of a simple navigation component (HTL). This component’s model uses a service to provide a list of navigation link elements. This results in the author only needing to select a starting path, without having to add each link manually. What’s more, we set up […]

Adobe Customer Journey Analytics Specialization

Perficient Achieves 7th Adobe Specialization in Customer Journey Analytics

Perficient is excited to announce that we have earned an Adobe specialization in Customer Journey Analytics (CJA), further solidifying our position as a leading Adobe partner. This is the 7th Adobe specialization we’ve added to our portfolio, which already includes Adobe Analytics, Adobe Commerce, Adobe Experience Manager – Run and Operate, Adobe Experience Manager – […]

Enabling Dynamic Media Feature AEM Custom Components

Enabling Dynamic Media Feature For AEM Custom Components

Dynamic Media is one of the versatile tools provided by Adobe. Previously, it was known as Scene7. It has strong Asset editing and authoring tools capabilities. It is based on a Cache delivery network, which loads the contents to improve page load time and renders the right image renditions correctly resized and optimized. Dynamic Media allows […]

Developers Guide To Custom Datasource For Dropdown Fields In Context-Aware Configuration Editor

Create Custom Datasource for Dropdown Fields in Context-Aware Config Editor

Sling Context-Aware Configuration in AEM (Adobe Experience Manager) provides the flexibility to set key value pairs for a business logic specific to a content path instead of site-wide configuration or template-wide configuration.  For example, if you want to set different values for path /content/mysite/en and /content/mysite/es, then we can use the Context-Aware Configuration at the […]

Consistent User Experience Across Desktop And Mobile

Dev Tutorial: Building a Shared Navigation With Help From AEM Headless Services | Part 1

Modern AEM can serve content in a headless manner across multiple channels, be they React or Vue apps, native mobile apps, or some other non-AEM platform. This is accomplished through AEM’s built-in headless services. Here are content fragments of importance that provide the building blocks for exposing content in a headless way. These work in tandem […]

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Create an RSS Feed using HTL

Did you know you can create an RSS feed in AEM (Adobe Experience Manager) for external applications like Eloqua? While AEM provides out-of-the-box functionality for RSS feeds, customizing them may require additional steps. Below you’ll find several options for creating RSS feeds in AEM along with steps for creating one using HTL.   3 Options to […]

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Making a Splash and Growing with Perficient: From Solution Director to Adobe Managing Director

Meet Matt Shields, Managing Director of Perficient’s Adobe Business Unit Perficient’s Adobe business unit (BU) has grown organically over the years and is now one of Perficient’s largest partnerships. Starting with a single source contract, the Adobe practice at Perficient was built from the ground up.  When Matt Shields joined Perficient in 2015, the Adobe […]

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A Comprehensive Guide to AEM Instances: Types, Uses, and Management – Part 2

Dispatcher In AEM the Dispatcher is a caching and load balancing tool that sits in front of the Publish Instance. It intercepts incoming requests from users, caches static and dynamic content, and forwards requests to the appropriate Publish Instance. The primary function of the Dispatcher is to cache content served by AEM. This caching mechanism […]


A Comprehensive Guide to AEM Instances: Types, Uses, and Management – Part 1

Let’s go through the basics of AEM. AEM (Adobe Experience Manager) is a CMS that provides digital asset and content management solutions. It is used to create and deploy websites. AEM structure includes instances that vary from environment to environment like Author Instance, Publish Instance, Dispatcher, and Load Balancer. To build any AEM application, it […]

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Three Principles for Writing Effective Analytics Documentation

Documentation is a crucial part of your analytics implementation. From your Solution Design Reference document to your internal wiki for all resources, making sure that you can write and edit your documentation is key to ensuring a cohesive and thorough understanding of your implementation. With effective documentation, you can: Prevent knowledge gaps among team members […]

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