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Innovation and Product Development

Michael Kosiek

[Podcast] The Rundown: 5 Technologies You Didn’t Know You Needed

In a world where technology evolves at lightning speed, staying ahead of the curve is not just important— it’s essential. In the latest episode of our “What If, So What?” podcast we dive deep into the tech trends reshaping industries in 2024. Join our host, Jim Hertzfeld, as he sits down with Mike Kosiek, a […]

Patient In An Online Medical Consultation

Leading a Clinical Data Collaboration Revolution: A Success Story

Clinical trials are integral to the safe and efficient delivery of new pharmaceuticals. But this part of the development process comes with many unique challenges. Participants need to be carefully monitored for adverse impacts, disparate teams need easy access to the vast quantities of data that trials generate, and that data—often being collected from a […]


Set Your API Performance on Fire With BlazeMeter

BlazeMeter, continuous testing platform,  is a perfect solution for your performance needs. BlazeMeter is an open-source tool that supports Web, Mobile and API implementations. You can perform large scale load and performance testing with the ability to tweak parameters to suit your needs. We will learn step by step process on using BlazeMeter for API […]

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Acceptance Criteria – Part 2 of User Story

This blog is the second post in a series about leveraging user stories to improve product outcomes. In this post, we will explore how acceptance criteria can be used to define the scope and requirements of user stories. What are Acceptance Criteria? Acceptance criteria, or AC, are the minimum level of expectations that need to […]


Charting Your Course to Success: A Guide to Crafting Powerful OKRs for Product Development

Last week, we introduced the concept of Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) – a goal-setting framework for aligning your teams, fostering innovation, and driving measurable outcomes – and demonstrated the differences between OKRs and KPIs . If you haven’t explored that post yet, you can find it here. Now, let’s dive into how OKRs can […]

Shot Of Corridor In Working Data Center Full Of Rack Servers And Supercomputers With Cloud Storage Advantages Icon Visualization.

Leveraging Data Cloud for Medical Devices

From patient records to medical device telemetry, the volume and diversity of data generated for medical device companies can be staggering. However, harnessing this data to its full potential remains a significant challenge for many. Healthcare organizations, including medical device companies, grapple with dispersed data across various departments and technologies. This fragmentation impedes timely and […]

Measuring Success

OKRs vs. KPIs: Why Objectives and Key Results Rule the Digital Product World

In the fast-paced realm of digital products, success hinges on setting the right goals and tracking progress effectively. Two popular methods dominate: OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). But while KPIs offer a snapshot of performance, OKRs provide a roadmap to moonshot achievements. Let’s break down the key differences. KPIs are […]

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How to Write a User Story – Part 1

This blog is the first post in a series about leveraging user stories to improve product outcomes. In this post, we will explore how to write compelling user stories to quickly deliver value to your customers. The User Story – Your Key to Unlocking Product Value Picture this. It’s demo day. You’re excited to finally […]

Doctor Creating Artificial Intelligence Interface

4 Crucial Benefits of Agile Project Management for Healthcare Providers and Payers

Healthcare organizations (HCOs) are doubling down on business resiliency, cost optimization, and better experiences for their consumers and employees. To operationalize the important tasks at hand, many of these teams are adopting more modern, Agile methods to streamline and speed that progress. And importantly, health plans and systems increasingly rally digital, IT, and marketing teams […]

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We’re All Outraged! Turning Passion into Results.

If you were to pop open any social media platform or news app right now and scroll through a couple dozen posts, you’ll easily get the feeling that everything is #%&$ falling apart. Everyone is mad at something. We now use the term “doomscrolling.” In the past we had Yellow Journalism and we are there […]

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AI (Artificial Intelligence) Powered Product People

AI (Artificial Intelligence) Powered Product People  Have you ever wondered how artificial intelligence can transform not only our lives but also our professions? As someone passionate about technology and digital product development, I have always been intrigued by new tools and how they can improve our lives and careers.  In recent times, artificial intelligence (AI) […]

Planning For Future Success

10 Ways Agile Supports Product-Driven Healthcare

The shift from a project to a product mindset is particularly relevant for health insurers and healthcare providers as they aim to enhance their agility, responsiveness, and consumer-centric focus. Agile methodologies play a crucial role in facilitating and supporting this transition in the healthcare industry. Agile’s role in product-driven healthcare Continuous Improvement in Healthcare Services: […]

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