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Getting Started with IBM Content Navigator Plugin Development

IBM Content Navigator (ICN) is a massive leap forward for the OOTB Enterprise Content Management user experience. One of the most important features is the plugin interface. It allows organizations to extend or alter functionality in a maintainable way that persists nicely through upgrades and fix packs*. I’ve been working on a talk for a […]

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Perficient’s Portfolio of Data Accelerators

An important aspect of our transformational success stories with our clients and the fantastic journey of forming the Data & Analytical Insights practice within Perficient is the collection of accelerators that Perficient has built over the years. As I am working with different departments within Perficient, I realized the incredible work that teams have done […]

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5 Ways to Build a Data Lake and not a Data Swamp

In the last 6 months, my customers and I have been on a journey with some of the largest cloud data lake vendors, open source Big Data vendors, and a team of the smartest Big Data architects that I’ve worked with in my career. As we explore this journey, often our clients are looking to […]

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A Garage with no Grease – IBM Bluemix Garage

When you think about the picture of a garage it often brings images of grease, oil, tools and cars. At the IBM Interconnect 2016 conference this week IBM released a new methodology called IBM Bluemix Garage. I had the pleasure of sitting in a session led by Rachel Reinitz – IBM Distinguished Engineer & CTO IBM Bluemix Garage. […]

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Architectural Assessment learnings applied to ROA

Over a number of years, I have had the opportunity to conduct several architectural assessments on SOA, ROA and API Management. The domains and technology stacks have varied, and the engagements have been a mix of post mortems and organizational readiness. What I have found is that there are certain common characteristics of organizational behavior and challenges […]

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5 Reasons to Go to Las Vegas for InterConnect Feb 21-25, 2016

1. Depending on where you live / work, the weather might be better than your current location. Why not take a break from the cold / snow and enjoy some warmer dessert temps? Then again, some have those temps where they live, so surely there are other reasons to travel to Vegas. 2. InterConnect is […]

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Top 10 Things to Know for IBM Connections Cloud

Deploying IBM Connections in the cloud is a quick and cost efficient way to quickly start reaping business benefits and efficiency of IBM Connections.  The IBM Connect 2016 conference had a great session by IBM’s Manish Kataria, Top 10 Things to Know for Creating Successful Solutions Based on IBM Connections Cloud.  This had many great […]

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NRF 2016: IBM – What’s next in retail?

With all the devices and data, processes and people that exist, will all of these components become so intertwined that the digital world and physical world will become one? To what extent will engagement and analytical insights drive change throughout the value chain and in stores? Wil retailers be required to move beyond traditional legacy […]

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Logging maintenance work while out and about…

If you’re like me, you try to plan and have good intentions to complete activities only to have life interrupt and forget. Ever planned a day of activities / work to find out later that something was missed? Unfortunately this happens far too often and applies to virtually any line of business. How about the […]

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Resolve “server negotiated an unknown SSL protocol version” issue

Most of you have encountered following issue while establishing SSL session with Back-end servers using Data Power. 3:43:38 PM ssl error 23577521   0x8120001a sslproxy (): Server negotiated an unknown SSL protocol version Here is the RCA and Solution to fix this issue. RCA (Root Cause Analysis)  The Crypto profiles object on Data Power starting from Firmware v […]

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Turn “off” persistent connection between local chained services

I have seen at most of the places that while configuring the objects on Data Power, we just configure the standard properties and leave others as is with default values without knowing their significance. But sometimes this ignorance might lead us to face some critical issues that might be very hard to troubleshoot. I suggest trying […]

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The cloud delivers the benefits of Predictive Maintenance sooner

I’m looking forward to co-presenting a webinar on Thursday, Dec. 3rd on how the cloud can deliver the benefits of predictive maintenance sooner, and I invite you to join. Abstract: Asset-intensive industries are becoming increasingly instrumented and connected, motivated by the immediate need to improve efficiency or via interest in the potential of the Internet […]

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How To: Message Selectors in WMB & WMQ as JMS Publish Subscriber

WebSphere MQ, when used as a JMS provider, can be leveraged to implement one of the widely used architecture patterns, the Pub-Sub model. In this use case, we have a message flow as the service provider that connects to WMQ publisher and another consumer message flow that uses WMQ topics as a subscriber within WebSphere […]

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Perficient SME to Discuss Asset Management in the Information Age

Join Perficients’ Dave Reiber for a webcast, sponsored by Plant Engineering Magazine, to talk about the fast-changing landscape of Asset Management. The title for the talk is “Predictive Maintenance Strategy Without CMMS.” He will discuss an altered view of what is going on, in the age of “Internet of Things.” Traditional methods become ineffective or […]

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Implement Cloud ERP in 8 Weeks or Less | Part 5 of 5

In the fifth of a five-part series on implementing Oracle Cloud ERP in eight weeks or less, we look at AP Scanning 101: getting started, setting up the application, and managing stakeholder expectations. Presented by Samantha German, Practice Leader, Cloud ERP at Perficient.

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Perficient & CPI Card Group: An Oracle OpenWorld BICS Case Study

Interested to get a closer look at how quick-to-deploy and scale-able Oracle BI Cloud Service is? Meet us at Oracle Open World on Oct 29th, for a best practices and case study of CPI Card Group, a leading provider in payment card production and services. Tyler Wilson of CPI Card Group will join me in telling […]

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Cloud & On-Premise Integration for Salesforce

There are many benefits to cloud-based applications versus on-premise, including simplified and fast implementations, flexible application access to align with an agile business, scalable solutions without additional hardware requirements, and lower IT costs and resources.  In the case of Salesforce, a leading sales automation and CRM provider, companies are able to quickly access critical sales […]

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Webinar Recap: Align Data & Analytics for Digital Transformation

Exponential growth of data is a common trend across all industries, along with the need for insights from that data. We’re seeing a large portion of data growth and complexity from the prevalence of devices, mobile, Internet of Things and cloud. Data management and analysis is no longer a competitive advantage, it’s a business necessity […]

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Leveraging Digital Experience and Marketing

When we talk about Omni-Channel Marketing, we want to integrate marketing automation tools – campaign management, segmentation, etc – with Digital Experience platforms.  IBM has a complete suite of tools in marketing automation, content analytics and digital experience.  In this session at the IBM Digital Experience Conference, Connie Triassi, Angela Caruso and Bryan Daniel talked […]

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Consumer Engagement with Florida Blue – 2015 IBM DigEX Conference

Phani Kanakala of Florida Blue and Charles Mahoney of Perficient presented a member portal case study at the 2015 IBM Digital Experience Conference.  Florida has continually evolved their digital experience since releasing their first member portal on the IBM Digital Experience platform in 2008.  Florida Blue is the largest health insurance provider in Florida with […]

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