Building Better UX with a Product Content Strategy

Strategy and Consulting - The Digital Essentials, Part 2
The Digital Essentials, Part 2

A compelling digital strategy finds a balance between maintaining what you already offer while providing new, disruptive ideas that will get you to next level, hold off competition, and entice new customers. We present five digital essentials to help you rise to the challenge.

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Many manufacturers and distributors find the concept of content marketing to be daunting and complex. In fact, only 39% of B2B organizations had a documented content marketing strategy in 2018. Senior commerce consultant Karie Daudt, who recently joined Perficient Digital after serving as VP of Marketing & Customer Experience for Insite Software, weighed in the importance of a product content strategy in supporting a better user experience (UX) in a blog post written for inRiver.
In the article, Karie outlines what a product content strategy is before exploring different types of product content and their value. “Start by incrementally building product content where you will make the biggest impact in the shortest period of time,” she advises.
Product content can support the buying journey and enhance UX, while simultaneously improving internal efforts. It’s important to develop content that fits the product, taking industry, user needs, and accessibility in mind.
“Now, product content is no longer just an asset utilized by internal teams. It is a tool that needs to support both internal business operations and the customer buying journey,” Karie emphasized. A product information management system (PIM) can streamline data organization efforts while disseminating content across a variety of platforms.
For more of Karie’s recommendations on building a product content strategy that supports UX, visit the inRiver blog to read the full article.

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