Digital Transformation - Perspectives on Transforming the Customer Experience Throughout the Connected Enterprise

Digital Transformation

Perspectives on Transforming the Customer Experience Throughout the Connected Enterprise

6 Predictions on How AI Will Advance in 2018

Among many trends, AI’s continuing rollout and use in the enterprise ranks near the top. I recently read an article in on their Six Artificial Intelligence Predictions.  I wanted to highlight what they said and react to it myself based on what we are seeing in the market.  It’s worth it to read what […]

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AI Trends: What Happened to Chatbots?

I’ve been noticing a little trend about chatbots lately, so I wondered what’s going on with them?  Just a few years ago, chatbots were a bit of a rage.  With the hype around IBM Watson winning on Jeopardy, the potential seen in Siri and the introduction of Amazon’s Alexa, it seemed that chatbots were primed […]

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Oil & Gas Transformation Initiatives Enable Efficiency

While innovation thrives and regulatory obstacles persist, energy companies must remain diligent in setting and meeting their business and enterprise priorities so they stay competitive. For example, although “the average number of new oil and gas developments given the go-ahead globally has fallen from 35 a year between 2010 and 2014 to just 12 since […]

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Social Media Options

Thanks to Kara Whitlow for pointing me to this article. When you look at digital transformation, the custom facing side means you have to meet customers where they are and that means a variety of social media channels have to be included. It doesn’t matter if you are in the B2C or B2B world, social […]

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Transformation Initiatives Are Critical in Telecom and Cable

While innovation thrives and the “regulatory environment seems favorable to consolidation,” according to John Legeras, CEO of T-Mobile, obstacles persist. Through transformational initiatives, companies must remain diligent in setting and meeting their business and enterprise priorities so they remain competitive. Minimizing operating expenses through better cost-management activities, investing in new technologies, and redesigning processes will […]

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A Roadmap to Legacy Application Modernization

Legacy systems are a challenge to a digital business model The digital economy is accelerating and the businesses who are leading the way are the ones that deliver distinct business value using the most current data available in the most consumable means possible. The compelling reasons to modernize legacy IT applications and processes are to […]

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Customer Experience in Telecom and Cable Is the Key to Growth

While operational efficiency is critical when it comes to running a lean and profitable business, it is closely intertwined with the customer experience. For example, better processes along with front- and back-end systems can lead to faster and more effective customer service. It can also lead to better and faster delivery of products and services. […]

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Mobile Highly Relevant to B2B Customers

We commonly think that B2B customers don’t really need mobile.  After all, most B2B sales are highly driven by actual sales people, with web sites supporting them through content like white papers, product information, etc.  B2B customers are also thought to be desk-bound, mainly accessing your B2B content through traditional desktop browsers. Recently, however, we […]

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Readers’ Choice: Top 6 Digital Transformation Blog Posts of 2017

As 2017 comes to an end I took some time to pull together the top 6 most popular blog posts this year, as indicated by our readers. So take a few minutes and enjoy the best of 2017! #1. Video: Caterpillar, Inc. is Digitally Transforming to Drive Business Connecting with customers in today’s rapidly changing […]

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IoT Shaking Up the Automotive Industry: 5 Real-World Examples

Futuristic cars portrayed in movies and TV shows years ago had some thinking our cars would fly instead of drive by 2017. Over the past few years, the evolution of connected cars has married consumer technology with our primary mode of transportation. And just on the horizon are cars that will be self-driving. Vehicles rolling […]

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