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Informatica PowerCenter Overview: Part 1

what is ETL? ETL is a process that extracts the data from different source systems, then transforms the data (like applying calculations, concatenations, etc.), and finally loads the data into the Data Warehouse system. The full form of ETL is Extract, Transform, and Load. What is a data warehouse (DW)? A Data Warehouse (DW) is […]

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Slowly Changing Dimension(SCD) TYPE 3 in Informatica PowerCenter

What is a Slowly Changing Dimension? Slowly Changing Dimension (SCD) is a dimension that allows us to store and manage both current and previous data over time in a data warehouse. It is considered and implemented as one of the most critical ETL tasks in tracking the history of dimension records. There are three types […]

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Let’s Meet at Informatica World 2023 #InformaticaWorld

Informatica World takes place May 8-11 at the Venetian Resort Las Vegas and we can’t wait to meet you there! Perficient is a proud sponsor of Informatica’s largest event, which brings together customers and partners from across the globe. Perficient is a global digital consultancy, an Informatica Platinum Enterprise Partner, and the 2022 Cloud Modernization […]

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Implementation of SCD type 1 in Informatica PowerCenter

What is a Slowly Changing Dimension? A Slowly Changing Dimension (SCD) is a dimension that stores and manages both current and historical data over time in a data warehouse. It is considered and implemented as one of the most critical ETL tasks in tracking the history of dimension records. Type 1 SCDs – Overwriting In […]

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SCD-2 ETL Data Pipeline from S3 to Snowflake using Informatica Cloud (IICS)

What is a Data warehouse? A Data warehouse is a concept that aggregates data from different sources into a single, central, consistent data store to provide meaningful business insights. It is typically used to connect and analyze heterogeneous sources of business data. To move data from one or more sources to the data warehouse, ETL […]

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Performance Tuning Guidelines – Informatica PowerCenter

Quite often, while building the Data Integration Pipeline, Performance is a critical factor. The factors below are vital for following the guidelines while working on ETL processing with Informatica PowerCenter. The following items are to be considered during ETL DEV: Pre-Requisite Checks and Analysis Basic Tuning Guidelines Additional Tuning Practices Tuning Approach Pre-Requisite Checks/Analysis  Before […]

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Are You Looking for Your Next Career Move?

At Perficient, our people are at the heart of what we do. We love what we do and where we work, contributing to our collaborative, open, and friendly culture. Our culture is one of the main reasons Perficient continues to be recognized as a “Top Workplace” in key markets across the U.S. Perficient invests in […]

Informatica Partner Of The Year

Perficient Named 2022 Informatica Cloud Modernization Channel Partner of the Year

We are excited to announce that Perficient has been awarded Informatica’s 2022 Cloud Modernization Channel Partner of the Year award. This designation represents the exceptional work of Perficient’s Informatica experts and their commitment to building a practice that delivers excellence using Informatica’s cloud modernization solutions. Cloud modernization has the power to transform businesses by optimizing […]

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What is Supplier 360 and What Does It Look Like

The Challenge in Supply Chain Let’s face it. You and your suppliers are linked together and what they do affects you. So if your supplier data is fragmented across dozens or even hundreds of systems, it’s probably costing you. What is causing these supply chain leaks? Data stored in various places like supply chain management […]

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ETL & SQL : The Dynamic Data Duo

Data is the lifeline of any modern organization. At any point, every day, you work on molding data points into information to derive profits. Therefore, having the right building blocks is a crucial part of running a good business. This is where the dynamic duo of ETL and SQL comes into play. While you may […]

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Basic Understanding of Full Load And Incremental Load In ETL (PART 1)

Full Load: Full Load in ETL is loading ALL the data from the source to the destination. A target table is truncated before loading everything from the source. That’s why this technique is also known as Destructive Load. In full load first we truncate the destination table and then we load all the data from source […]

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Feature of Snowflake: Zero Copy Cloning

                                                                      Feature of Snowflake: Zero-Copy Cloning Zero Copy Cloning in Snowflake: Snowflakes have some advanced feature like Time Travel, zero-copy cloning […]

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