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Exploring Blue Prism’s Web-Based Extension

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Empowering Automation in the Digital Era

In this highly digitally connected world, companies are always looking for new and creative ways to improve efficiency, simplify procedures, and provide better customer service. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has become a game-changing technology that helps businesses accelerate up operations, cut down on human error, and automate repetitive activities. One of the leading RPA platforms, Blue Prism, provides an extensive set of tools and features to automate Various business processes. A good example of this is the online-based Extension, a potent element that allows online applications the ability to be automated, providing up new avenues of opportunities for businesses.


Utilizing the Web-Based Extension for Blue Prism

The main objective of Blue Prism’s Web-based Extension is to enable seamless interaction between web-based apps and Blue Prism robots. With the help of this extension, robots can communicate with websites in the same manner as people do—they can provide data, extract information, and initiate activities. By leveraging this capability, businesses can automate complex processes that require interaction with web interfaces, boosting operational accuracy and efficiency. It acts as a link between the web browsers and the Blue Prism platform, enabling robots to communicate with web content, retrieve data, and take actions within web applications in the same manner as human beings do.


Key Features and Capabilities

Browser Agnostic The web-based extension ensures flexibility and adaptability in automation by working with frequently utilized web browsers like Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome.
Element Interrogation With the help of this plugin, reliable automation becomes possible by permitting robots to detect and examine web elements such as buttons, drop-down menus, text fields, and links.


Blue Prism offers two modes for interacting with online applications HTML Mode and Accessibility Mode. Applications with typical HTML structures should use HTML mode; on the other hand, accessibility mode offers improved interoperability with web frameworks and dynamically generated content.
Event Handling The extension facilitates event-driven automation, allowing effective process automation by enabling robots to react to inputs like mouse clicks, keyboard inputs, and page load events.


Data Extraction and Validation Ensure accuracy and integrity in data processing, robots can extract data from web pages, verify form entries, and perform all data verification tasks.
Seamless integration with Blue Prism’s Object Studio The Web-based Extension allows developers to create reusable automation objects for web applications, hence boosting automation development efficiency and scalability.



Using Blue Prism browser extensions, Blue Prism offers native support for automating websites and apps in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge, a Chromium-based web browser. Blue Prism can interact with websites and apps that appear in these browsers because of to the extensions, which makes it simple to model business processes that depend on these websites and apps.

The Blue Prism extensions create a connection between Blue Prism and the web page in Chrome, Edge, and Firefox. This connection enables data interchange and element manipulation.

Type of Extensions in Blue Prism:

  • Chrome: Used to automate websites and apps in Edge and Chrome versions that are based on Chromium.
  • Firefox: Used to automate Firefox web sites and applications.

Chrome Extension for Blue Prism

Created with the goal to simplify online automation simpler within the Google Chrome browser environment, the Blue Prism Chrome Extension—also commonly known as the Blue Prism Browser—is an insignificant extension. It offers a simplified user interface for Chrome users to interact with web elements and automated tasks.

Important Characteristics:

  • Integration with Chrome: This extension works in combination with the Google Chrome web browser to take advantage of its features and offer an automated task environment that is comfortable and recognizable.
  • Point-and-Click Interface: By enabling users to interact with site items directly from the Chrome browser window, a point-and-click interface makes task automation simpler.
  • Lightweight and User-Friendly: Users with various levels of technical proficiency can utilize the Chrome Extension because it is both lightweight and user-friendly.
  • Basic Automation Capabilities: It provides basic automation features like data entry, form filling, and element selection on web sites.


Firefox Extension for Blue Prism

The objective of the Blue Prism Firefox Extension is to provide web automation in the Mozilla Firefox browser environment. It is a browser extension. This Firefox plugin lets users interact with web elements and automate tasks right within Firefox, much like the Chrome extension does.

Important Characteristics:

  • Efficient Integration with Firefox: By leveraging Firefox’s features and offering a comfortable environment for online automation activities, the extension smoothly integrates with the Mozilla Firefox browser.
  • Point-and-Click Interface: This function allows users to automate operations by allowing them to interact with web items directly within the Firefox browser window utilizing a point-and-click interface. Blue Prism’s cross-browser compatibility is ensured via its support for Firefox, which enables users to automate tasks in both Chrome and Firefox settings.
  • Key Automation Features: such the Chrome Extension, this addon provides key automation features such element selection, data entry, and form completion on websites.


Benefits and Use Cases

  • Web-Based Form Filling and Data Entry

Robots can automate data input operations which include submitting requests, filling up online forms, and updating data in web-based apps because of to the Web-based Extension. This function accelerates up data processing cycles, reduces manual error rates, and streamlines company processes.

  • Data extraction and web scraping

Organizations may deploy the extension to monitor market trends, acquire competitive intelligence, generate data from websites, and add pertinent information to databases. This enhances strategic initiatives, enhances the organization insights, and makes more straightforward to make well-informed decisions.

  • Automation in E-commerce

Web-based extensions can automate a wide range of operations within the e-commerce industry, including inventory management, order processing, and customer service. Businesses can improve order accuracy, maximize customer satisfaction, and optimize operational efficiency by automating repetitive processes.

  • Automation in Customer Service

Robots that have been outfitted with the Web-based Extension have the capacity to automate customer service processes through their interactions with web-based chatbots, account information retrieval, and service request processing. The result makes it possible for businesses to provide individualized customer experiences, speed up response times, and increase client retention.

  • Automation in Financial Services

The extension can automate operations in the financial services sector, including compliance reporting, transaction monitoring, and account reconciliation. Financial institutions can minimize operational risks, guarantee regulatory compliance, as well as enhance audit trails by automating repetitive processes.

Best Practices for Implementing Web-Based Extensions


Blue Prism’s Web-based Extension empowers organizations to extend automation capabilities to web-based applications enabling efficient and scalable process automation across a range of sectors and business operations. Organizations in the digital age may accomplish unprecedented levels of productivity, agility, and innovation by utilizing this feature to its full potential and following the suggested processes.

To sum up, Blue Prism’s Web-based Extension is an essential component of its goal to promote automation excellence and enable organizations to achieve success in an extremely competitive marketplace.

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