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Financial Services

From Spreadsheet Chaos to Data Strategy Triumph

Financial Difficulty

Uncovering the Challenge

A leading wealth and asset management firm recently sought our financial services expertise for a critical challenge. Relying on complex spreadsheets for portfolio analysis, the firm faced operational hurdles due to immense computing demands.

Our Approach: Transforming Operations through Strategic Consulting

Our team embraced the challenge, conducting a meticulous two-week analysis to uncover the root issue: a cumbersome process of procuring, processing, and managing diverse datasets. Recognizing the need for a comprehensive operational overhaul, we proposed a transformative journey from spreadsheet reliance to a robust data strategy initiative.

Enhancing Operations through an End-to-End Approach

We excel in end-to-end project management, demonstrating our capabilities across every facet of our service pillars:

  • Strategy & Consulting: We translated the client’s pain into a strategic opportunity, optimizing operations and uncovering growth avenues.
  • Customer Experience: Understanding advisors’ and managers’ needs, we tailored solutions to elevate service and engagement.
  • Innovation & Product Development: Leveraging cloud solutions, we enhanced spreadsheet capabilities, boosting productivity.
  • Platforms: Seamlessly integrating with Salesforce, Workday, and Pega ensured scalability and interoperability.
  • Data: Deploying a data-centric model, including a Snowflake Data Lake, transformed data accessibility and decision-making.
  • Global Delivery: Through collaboration between our Mexico and US teams, we delivered a comprehensive solution spanning geographical boundaries.

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Commitment to Client Partnership and Transformation

This project underscores our commitment to client partnership from its inception to launch. By leveraging our expertise and innovative solutions, we uncovered hidden opportunities, driving sustained growth for our clients. At Perficient, we’re not just technology providers—we’re trusted partners delivering transformative outcomes.

Partnering for Success

Unlock your financial services business’s full potential and learn more about data strategy by speaking to our industry experts. Let us navigate your journey to success.

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