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Lift Off to the Oracle SCM Cloud! – Why Move to Cloud for SCM Enablement?

One of the biggest challenges companies face with their SCM applications footprint is moving part or all of it to a cloud-based SaaS/PaaS platform. This decision is sometimes complicated by the fact that on-premise license renewals, de-support notices for earlier versions of EBS, ‘true ups’ for user license fees (especially when there has been significant […] Resizeimage (2)

Federal Reserve Changes Derivative Netting Rules

On February 18, the Federal Reserve Board announced a final rule that they claim is intended to reduce risk and increase efficiency in the financial system by applying derivative netting protections to a broader range of financial institutions. Sections 401-407 of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Improvement Act of 1991 (FDICIA) validate netting contracts among […]

FR 2052a

Recent Changes to the FR 2052a Complex Institution Liquidity Monitoring Report

Previously, I discussed the history FR 2052a Complex Institution Liquidity Monitoring Report. My next blog will outline the recent changes to the report. As allowed in the FR’s 2052a guidelines, the Federal Reserve has already requested that monthly filers submit FR 2052a data on a more frequent basis and altered the asset and liquidity thresholds […]

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New York Raises Check Cashing Fees

Effective February 26, 2021, New York State has increased the maximum fee that check cashers in New York State may charge.  The increase is to 2.27 percent of the face amount of a check, draft, or money order.  The increase is permitted under Part 400.11 of New York State’s Superintendent’s Regulations which provides for an […]

FR 2052a

[Guide] Breaking Down the FR 2052a Complex Institution Liquidity Monitoring Report

The financial crisis of 2008 and 2009 highlighted the need for timely data to identify and monitor liquidity risks at individual firms, as well as in aggregate across the financial system, especially with respect to intra-company flows and exposures within a consolidated institution. Initially addressed through the Liquidity Coverage Ratio test, regulators soon recognized that […]

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Are There Digital Strategy Lessons Financial Institutions Can Learn From Other Industries?

The answer is yes, of course there are.  I presented on this topic, along with my colleague Scott Albahary – Chief Strategist for Financial Services here at Perficient and Jim Marous – Co-Publisher of The Financial Brand, to approximately 500 financial services industry folks. As the financial services industry continues to go through its digital […]

Formulating New Business Models

Success Criteria for an Effective Sales Enablement Program

Previously, I discussed the role of sales enablement in investment management. This blog analyzes how technology and the right team can improve your sales enablement program. For a sales enablement program to be successful at its launch and continue to be effective over time, it has to have the right mix of technology tools, and […]


Federal Reserve Releases 2021 CCAR Testing Scenarios

Last Friday, February 12, while many bankers were preparing for a long 3-day weekend or perhaps making preparations for Valentine’s Day celebrations, the Federal Reserve Board released the hypothetical scenarios for its 2021 bank stress tests.  In 2020, the Federal Reserve found that large banks were generally well-capitalized under a range of hypothetical events. The […]

Focus And Dedication Got Her Far

The Role of Sales Enablement in Investment Management

Forrester Research defines sales enablement as “A strategic, ongoing process that equips all client-facing employees with the ability to consistently and systematically have a valuable conversation with the right set of customer stakeholders at each stage of the customer’s problem-solving life cycle to optimize the return of investment of the selling system.” Sales enablement is […]

Focus And Dedication Got Her Far

ERP Essentials – Business Process Design, Optimization, Reporting Requirements

ERP Essentials – Business Process Design, Optimization, Reporting Requirements Know Your Audience If you think about the make up of your company, in terms of personnel and the roles they play, no matter what level someone sits at, CEO, Line Manager, down to Assembler, you can describe that person as a creator of data or […]

Investment Management

[Guide] Developing a Thriving Investment Management Sales Enablement Program

In an increasingly virtual and complex business environment, traditional selling and sales management methods at investment management firms don’t cut it anymore. In particular, firms face many challenges, including inaccurate or insufficient contact management data, an incomplete view of sales and transaction data, limited mobile-enabled solutions, and a lack of complete information available for analysis. […]

Connecting Loyalty, Analytics, and Personalization in the Payments Industry

Organizations that love data-driven decision-making suffer from the same challenge. How do we earn trust from consumers to get the right data about them, all in an effort to serve them better? This classic problem of “if I knew more, I could do more” is most easily solvable by the following axiom: “With the correct […]

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