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Case Studies

AI Testing

Maximizing Road Safety with an AI Testing Strategy

Imagine a world where roads are safer than ever! This could be possible thanks to an AI Testing Strategy by Perficient, which stands out as a trendsetter in innovation, driving solutions that revolutionize traffic management and road safety enforcement. Do you dare to step into this journey towards a safer and more efficient future?  Join […]

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Mastering Advanced Features and Techniques of JEST React Testing Library

Welcome to a deeper journey into the JEST React Testing Library world! We’ll explore advanced methods and tricks that enhance your testing expertise here. If you’re new to JEST, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with “Exploring JEST React Testing Library: A Complete Overview,” which helps you understand basic and advanced insights, ensuring a comprehensive […]

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Caldera Medical is Live on Oracle Fusion (Cloud) SCM and Financials

SCM | Supply Chain Management Migration to the Cloud – August 2023 Go Live! Caldera Medical, INC.   Business Challenge + Opportunity Migrate existing footprint and business processes from Microsoft NAV into Oracle ERP and SCM Cloud (Fusion).  In addition to migrating Caldera Medical to Oracle Cloud for their Finance (ERP) and SCM needs (Procurement, […]

The future of commerce is leaning toward a composable approach, but there are pros and cons to it, monolith, and headless commerce.

Ryman Hospitality Migrates to Oracle ERP Cloud!

ERP | Enterprise Resource Planning Migration to the Cloud – July 2023 Go Live! Ryman Hospitality Properties, Inc. (NYSE: RHP) Business Challenge + Opportunity Migrate existing footprint and well-established business processes from Oracle EBS and NetSuite financials into Oracle ERP Cloud (Fusion), with over 500 custom reports written across different tool sets (FSGs, Discoverer, GL Wand, […]

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AI Healthcare Use Cases

Are you a Healthcare Business Leader stressing over how much you should use AI? Don’t be. I’m certain you have a roadmap with some bodacious goals on them. You want to increase engagement and access to high-quality care and drive down healthcare costs, right? Although AI isn’t a magic wand, we can finally start to […]

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An Introduction to ETL Testing

ETL testing is a type of testing technique that requires human participation in order to test the extraction, transformation, and loading of data as it is transferred from source to target according to the given business requirements. Take a look at the block below, where an ETL tool is being used to transfer data from […]

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ETL Vs ELT Differences

What is ETL? ETL stands for Extract, Transform, Load. This process is used to integrate data from multiple sources into a single destination, such as a data warehouse. The process involves extracting data from the source systems, transforming it into a format that can be used by the destination system, and then loading it into […]

Exploring the Power of Omnibug

In today’s digital age, where online experiences are becoming increasingly complex, ensuring the seamless performance and functionality of websites is of utmost importance. Web developers and digital marketers often find themselves faced with the challenge of identifying and resolving issues that impact user experience, such as broken links, tracking errors, or slow loading times. Omnibug […]

XM Cloud Deployments: Static site deployment using Netlify CLI

In my previous post (XM Cloud Deployments: Static site deployment using Vercel CLI), I created a Sitecore XM Cloud deploy script to use the Vercel CLI. In this next challenge, I will be looking at doing the same in Netlify. A little background: Netlify and Vercel are two major competitors in the JamStack space. Both […]

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Stay Safe from UPI (Instant Money Transfer) Scams by Being One Step Ahead.

“Never share your OTP”, we have heard this a lot of times and we do follow the rule very strictly, but do you know what other mistakes can make you a victim of any financial scam? Please go through this blog for real-life deceit that happened and what measures can be taken to avoid the […]

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Case Study: Lift and Shift from Drupal to Sitecore SXA: Part 3

Welcome to case study on doing a lift and shift from Drupal to Sitecore 10.2 and SXA. In this article, we’ll talk about converting the CSS and Drupal-specific JavaScript. Let’s start with SXA Theme regarding CSS/SCSS and JS files. Here is a quick recap from the previous article for this series. We used the SXA […]

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Case Study: Lift and Shift from Drupal to Sitecore SXA: Part 2

Welcome back to this case study on doing a lift and shift from Drupal to Sitecore 10.2 and SXA. In the previous article we setup a theme, a custom grid and a base component. This removed all the extra divs and containers normally injected by SXA. In this article, we’ll use the html from drupal […]

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