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Case Studies

Internet Infrastructure Concept. Abstract Technology Background.

Retrieve Your Application Data Using AWS ElastiCache

AWS ElastiCache is a service that improves web application performance by retrieving information from fast-managed in-memory caches. What is Caching? Caching is the process of storing data in a cache. A cache is a temporary storage area. Cache are optimized for fast retrieval with the trade off that data is not durable. The cache is […]

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Part 1: An Overview of the PDFBox Library

Apache PDFBox is a versatile open-source library designed to work with PDF documents. It is widely used in various Java applications to create, modify, extract, and print PDF documents. In this part, we will provide a theoretical overview of the PDFBox library, highlighting its key features, components, and typical use cases. Key Features of PDFBox […]


The Quest for Spark Performance Optimization: A Data Engineer’s Journey

In the bustling city of Tech Ville, where data flows like rivers and companies thrive on insights, there lived a dedicated data engineer named Tara. With over five years of experience under her belt, Tara had navigated the vast ocean of data engineering, constantly learning, and evolving with the ever-changing tides.One crisp morning, Tara was […]

An Analyst Uses A Computer And Dashboard For Data Business Analysis And Data Management System With Kpi And Metrics Connected To The Database For Technology Finance, Operations, Sales, Marketing

Unleash the Power of Your CloudFront Logs: Analytics with AWS Athena

CloudFront, Amazon’s Content Delivery Network (CDN), accelerates website performance by delivering content from geographically distributed edge locations. But how do you understand how users interact with your content and optimize CloudFront’s performance? The answer lies in CloudFront access logs, and a powerful tool called AWS Athena can help you unlock valuable insights from them. In […]

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IICS Micro and Macro Services

  Macros in IICS   Informatica IICS: An expression macro is a useful technique for creating complex or repeating expressions in mappings. This makes it possible to perform computations over various fields or constants. creating a collection of related expressions so that the same computation can be done on several input fields. Steps to Use […]

Financial Difficulty

From Spreadsheet Chaos to Data Strategy Triumph

Uncovering the Challenge A leading wealth and asset management firm recently sought our financial services expertise for a critical challenge. Relying on complex spreadsheets for portfolio analysis, the firm faced operational hurdles due to immense computing demands. Our Approach: Transforming Operations through Strategic Consulting Our team embraced the challenge, conducting a meticulous two-week analysis to […]

AI Testing

Maximizing Road Safety with an AI Testing Strategy

Imagine a world where roads are safer than ever! This could be possible thanks to an AI Testing Strategy by Perficient, which stands out as a trendsetter in innovation, driving solutions that revolutionize traffic management and road safety enforcement. Do you dare to step into this journey towards a safer and more efficient future?  Join […]

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Mastering Advanced Features and Techniques of JEST React Testing Library

Welcome to a deeper journey into the JEST React Testing Library world! We’ll explore advanced methods and tricks that enhance your testing expertise here. If you’re new to JEST, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with “Exploring JEST React Testing Library: A Complete Overview,” which helps you understand basic and advanced insights, ensuring a comprehensive […]

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Caldera Medical is Live on Oracle Fusion (Cloud) SCM and Financials

SCM | Supply Chain Management Migration to the Cloud – August 2023 Go Live! Caldera Medical, INC.   Business Challenge + Opportunity Migrate existing footprint and business processes from Microsoft NAV into Oracle ERP and SCM Cloud (Fusion).  In addition to migrating Caldera Medical to Oracle Cloud for their Finance (ERP) and SCM needs (Procurement, […]

The future of commerce is leaning toward a composable approach, but there are pros and cons to it, monolith, and headless commerce.

Ryman Hospitality Migrates to Oracle ERP Cloud!

ERP | Enterprise Resource Planning Migration to the Cloud – July 2023 Go Live! Ryman Hospitality Properties, Inc. (NYSE: RHP) Business Challenge + Opportunity Migrate existing footprint and well-established business processes from Oracle EBS and NetSuite financials into Oracle ERP Cloud (Fusion), with over 500 custom reports written across different tool sets (FSGs, Discoverer, GL Wand, […]

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AI Healthcare Use Cases

Are you a Healthcare Business Leader stressing over how much you should use AI? Don’t be. I’m certain you have a roadmap with some bodacious goals on them. You want to increase engagement and access to high-quality care and drive down healthcare costs, right? Although AI isn’t a magic wand, we can finally start to […]

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An Introduction to ETL Testing

ETL testing is a type of testing technique that requires human participation in order to test the extraction, transformation, and loading of data as it is transferred from source to target according to the given business requirements. Take a look at the block below, where an ETL tool is being used to transfer data from […]

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