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How to Guarantee a Positive Customer Experience

When considering a customer’s purchase experience, how many things could possibly go wrong? In truth, there are endless possibilities. On the other hand, how many simple things can you implement to ensure a positive customer experience? In my previous blog articles, I discussed Perficient’s “Now, New, and Next” framework. Today, I’ll share different tactics, features, […]

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6 Proven Customer Engagement Solutions Revealed

Technology is changing quickly, and it seems like there is something new every day. It can be intimidating to try and keep up with all the latest tech news, let alone implement it for your business. Brands often struggle with where to put their resources, what to invest in, and how to implement new technologies […]

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ETL & SQL : The Dynamic Data Duo

Data is the lifeline of any modern organization. At any point, every day, you work on molding data points into information to derive profits. Therefore, having the right building blocks is a crucial part of running a good business. This is where the dynamic duo of ETL and SQL comes into play. While you may […]

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Upskilling – Adapt to the Shift

What is your Side Wheel I was rushing back from the office to home. It is already 06.40 PM, and with 15 minutes of commute still left it is going to be a nail-biter finish in attending my 07.00 PM daily standup meeting. As I parked my car in the garage, my little angel came […]

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Creating a Deposit Advance Product to Boost the Customer Experience

According to industry research, 73% of all people point to customer experience as an important factor in their purchasing decisions. Moreover, customers in the financial services industry are increasingly interested in using their go-to firm to cover more of their needs, rather than using multiple providers. To meet the needs of their customers, banks are creating […]

Multi Channel Chatbot Automates Interactions With Up To 3,000 Users A Month

Multi-channel Chatbot Automates Interactions with up to 3,000 Users a Month

Chatbot Case Study Results  Multi-channel chatbot accessible through Facebook and WhatsApp resolves 42 requests per hour Supports 14 complex dialogs Employs custom entities detection algorithm Spanish chat interface with option to expand into English, Portuguese, and more. Serves an average of 3,000 users a month Overall adoption of DevOps processes and mentality  Executive Summary Our client, […]

Geolocation Company Increases Efficiency In Database Queries By 87%

Geolocation Company Increases Efficiency in Database Queries by 87%

Data Analytics Case Study Results  Easy-to-use, web-based internal platform created to access specialized data in 1 query Internal platform also slated to be launched as a client-facing platform Client-facing platform evolved from only catering to Apache Zeppelin to supporting Zeppelin, Jupyter, Python, and more 87.7% reduction in process to pull relevant data from catalog Enabled easy access […]

Cutting Deployment Times By 50% And Infrastructure Costs By 30% With Devops

Cutting Deployment Times by 50% and Infrastructure Costs by 30% with Devops

DevOps Case Study Results  Faster time to market, 50% reduction in deployment time Refactored cloud architecture 30% reduction in infrastructure costs 30-40% less time in CI/CD pipeline, getting to a one-click deployment Team oversees 15+ applications, all productive Database migration of 400 million records   Executive Summary Our client, a global geolocation company with offices in the US […]

Performance Engineering Practices Improve Systems Performance By 200% In 6 Months

Performance Engineering Practices Improve Systems Performance by 200% in 6 Months

Performance Engineering Case Study Results  200% performance improvement in critical cases in 6 months Fully automated testing allows for over 300 test executions a day  Issues are flagged at the beginning of the software development life cycle  Improved information analysis  Tests run in isolated performance environments before being deployed to production Time and money savings achieved by […]

Perficient Latin America’s Performance Tool Drives Innovation And Reduces Data Processing Time From Days To Minutes

Perficient Latin America’s Performance Tool Drives Innovation and Reduces Data Processing Time from Days to Minutes

Performance Tool Case Study Results  Can process data from several performance robots, including JMeter and Gatling Processes SAR and Perfmon logs Customizable graphics to fit specific requirements Reduces data processing times Easy-to-understand performance graphics and visuals Will integrate machine learning and data analytics to improve predictions Executive Summary Perficient Latin America, a purpose-driven software development outsourcing firm, […]