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Reinventing the Future: Early Takeaways from AWS re:Invent 2023


Our technology journey continues forward at an incredible pace – and today I’m honored to be alongside IT leaders and technical visionaries at AWS re:Invent in Las Vegas to connect on innovations, ideas, and groundbreaking strategies based on technology – and entirely focused on impacting real-world outcomes.

We’re just getting started here, but already the experience has been not only informative but transformative. For now, I wanted to share with you some pivotal insights I cannot wait to explore further in the coming days:

The Incredible Accessibility of Responsible AI

One of the standout themes is how AWS cloud-native services are quickly expanding our ability to provide controlled, collaborative, and connected intelligent experiences. At times within the crowds here, you can sense a little “Generative AI Hype Fatigue” starting to simmer – but now we’re seeing the groundwork for so much more than that. Cloud services are evolving to provide private, secure, customized models, governed by policy and guardrails that are a core slice of the foundational AI stack – not as an afterthought for CISOs to sort out way too late in the game.  What’s exciting here is that the path to responsibly enabling AI for enterprise is starting to light up.  We know it’s going to be an ongoing journey for years to come, but the time for a private pilot leveraging your data, based on your unique use cases, is here.

AWS made announcements today around its Amazon S3 Express One Zone storage class, Graviton4 chips powering R8g EC2 instances, expanding their NVIDIA partnership and deeper collaboration with multiple foundational models.  These, combined with all the choice, customization & actionable power of Amazon Bedrock are starting to make this new vision an achievable reality, and these services are worth a deeper look to see how they might fit into your enterprise mission.

Embracing the Power of Q

Amazon Q and its variations are a point of emphasis, providing both developer and business intelligence aimed at greatly increasing productivity and reducing manual, commoditized tasks.  Developers gain from enterprise-wide code, library, and development process analysis and proactive guidance, can accelerate code versioning upgrades or even platform & OS migrations, and business-focused employees can leverage proprietary business knowledge from a wide range of enterprise solutions and create impactful intelligence and reporting using natural language interaction.

I’m looking forward to digging deeper with the new Amazon Q, Amazon Q in QuickSight and Amazon CodeWhisperer features to increase intelligent actions within customer ecosystems as well as internally improve and enhance our own business collaboration and efficiency.  More to come here!

The Road Ahead

It’s clear we’re seeing cloud migration, app modernization, and optimization happening in parallel as companies look to maximize investments and deliver competitive, innovative experiences.  No one is moving forward without at least an early position on AI being considered, and we’re now seeing impactful AI use cases emerge and become more mainstream.

It’s an exciting time and the road ahead is filled with opportunity.  It’s up to us as technology leaders and trusted partners to drive these business outcomes with responsible and secure approaches.  We’re going to achieve so much in the year ahead – and the impacts and outcomes will be incredible.

Stay tuned for additional insights from re:Invent!


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