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Overriding Optimizely’s Content Recommendations Block to Implement Custom Recommendations

Introduction The Content Recommendations add-on for Optimizely CMS dynamically recommends content from your site tailored to the interests of each user. Installing the NuGet Package will give you access to Optimizely’s Content Recommendations Block which uses Mustache Templating to render the data from the Content Recommendations API on a page. Although Mustache Templates provide a […]


Your Data In AI

What’s happening to your data in AI? I’ve had countless conversations with tech enthusiasts asking that question. It’s a valid concern, given the rapid expansion of AI technologies and their integration into our daily lives. So, I decided to shed some light on this topic by breaking down the different levels of data usage by […]

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Unleash the Power of Data: The Migration Factory by Perficient on Databricks

Introducing: The Migration Factory In today’s ever-evolving business environment, staying up to date on best practices and technology is essential for remaining competitive.  Many Fortune 500s have realized the importance of making data work in favor of one’s business.  Without proper data management, corporations begin to fall behind the competition by struggling with things like […]

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[Webinar] Perficient’s Own EBS to Oracle Cloud HCM Journey

View the on-demand recording to learn how Perficient, a global digital consultancy with 7,500+ employees, is modernizing HR functions and enhancing the employee experience while better supporting our business by migrating from Oracle E-Business Suite to Oracle Cloud HCM. Andrea Lampert, VP of People, and Michael Zucker, VP of IT join key stakeholders from our […]

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Red Hat Ansible Accelerator

Automate with Ansible Most server management infrastructure tasks have been automated for some time, but network changes can still create a bottleneck. Red Hat Ansible enables you to automate many IT tasks including cloud provisioning, configuration management, application deployment, and intra-service orchestration. With Ansible you can configure systems, deploy software, and coordinate more advanced IT […]

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Perficient Achieves Microsoft Security Designation

We are proud to announce that Perficient has achieved a Microsoft designation in Security (Microsoft 365 and Azure). This further recognizes Perficient as a leading partner in Microsoft security solutions. Last year, Microsoft’s Partner Network (MPN) officially stepped onto the scene under a new name: Microsoft Cloud Partner Program. They also phased out the 18 […]

Deploying Azure Infrastructure With Terraform Using Azure DevOps Pipelines

In this blog post, my objective is to provide a comprehensive walkthrough of the elements required for effectively implementing Azure Infrastructure with Terraform using an Azure DevOps Pipeline. The main purpose is to assist you in grasping the concept of automating the deployment and maintenance of your cloud infrastructure residing in Azure. Before delving into […]

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Data + AI Summit is in Full Swing!

The worlds largest Data + AI conference is underway at the Moscone Center in San Francisco!  Perficient experts have been immersing themselves in all the conference has to offer. Whether it was the opening keynote with Databricks CEO, Ali Ghodsi or learning about brand new releases from the Databricks platform in breakout sessions, our leaders […]

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Automating Salesforce Lead Conversion with Katalon Studio: Sales Process with Efficient Automation

Introduction Continuing from our previous blog on “Automating Salesforce with Katalon Studio: Streamlining Salesforce Operations with Automated Testing” we now dive deeper into a specific aspect of Salesforce automation: lead conversion. In this continued blog, we will focus on automating the lead conversion process using Katalon Studio. Building upon the foundation of Salesforce automation discussed […]

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Catch Perficient thought leaders at Snowflake Summit 2023!

Ready? Set? Snowflake Summit!  Snowflake Summit kicks off the summer season in the heart of Las Vegas, NV at Caesars Palace from June 26th – 29th!   Summit is all about bringing data professionals together to discuss and present new ideas encompassing the ever–evolving data industry.  Learn how to access, build and monetize your data while […]

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Strategic Skills Inventory for Modern Work

In the ever-evolving landscape of modern work, you are likely looking for ways to improve efficiencies within your group and to keep up with the pace of business. Whether you’re embarking on a cloud migration, implementing new technologies, or enhancing your data strategy, one critical factor can make or break your success— the capabilities of […]

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Simplify Your Salesforce Data Integration with DataRaptor in OmniStudio

OmniStudio is a powerful platform that enables businesses to create custom Industry Cloud applications by combining various services, components, and data model objects. One of the essential tools in OmniStudio is DataRaptor, which is used to Transfer and Transform Data between Salesforce and other tools in the platform. Introduction DataRaptor in OmniStudio is an advanced […]

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