Digital Transformation | Perspectives on Transforming the Customer Experience Throughout the Connected Enterprise

Digital Transformation

Perspectives on Transforming the Customer Experience Throughout the Connected Enterprise

Getting Value for Your Analytics Dollars

A common theme at many of our clients is the failure to get any real insight from web and other analytics. All too often we find only the most basic analytics in use.  We also find that few people pay attention to the analytics.  In addition, no one has thought about what value they really […]

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3 Hurdles to Delivering Personalized Experiences

According to Gartner, companies that prioritize customer experience generate 60% higher profits than competitors. So what does prioritize customer experience really mean? The first thing we have to keep in mind is that customer experience isn’t just one interaction. Customers make many stops along their journeys through the marketplace. The sum of all of these interactions is […]

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DevOps and Open Source Technologies

As everybody is adopting various cloud solutions in some shape or form which may be Public, Private or Hybrid or even changing the architecture or approach to do things (for example microservices), it’s essential that we implement a very high degree of automation. With the traditional approach and architecture, we had few components which makes […]

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Addressing IT Gaps that are Hindering Your Digital Transformation

The sheer scope of a digital transformation can be overwhelming. Oftentimes, organizations try to simplify their digital transformation journey by solely focusing on customer experience. While the digital experience is critical – and the primary component of a digital transformation – a successful digital transformation requires organizations to address underlying IT systems, platforms and operational […]

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Time To Embrace New Measurement Priorities

Think Google always has thought provoking content. I found this one to be a good summary of the evolution of how you measure what’s happening on your site.  We find that as a company becomes more sophisticated in the use of analytics, they start looking for deeper and better insight.  You should read the whole […]

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Digital Transformation Common Sense

The eMarketer Digital Transformation 2017 report has a lot of common sense discussion on Digital Transformation packed into 18 pages. (Thanks to Erin Moloney for the report) Without revealing everything, I want to highlight a couple items that make a lot of sense.  The first is that Digital Transformation is a business driven event.  Something […]

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Forrester Digital Transformation Conference Themes

I’m at the two day Forrester Digital Transformation Conference in Chicago.  It’s been a great conference so far and validates much of what we at Perficient have been seeing when it comes to Digital Transformation.  Before blogging about individual topics, I thought I’d hit what I see as some of the key themes in the […]

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Webinar: Modernize Core Tech to Accelerate Digital Transformation

For too long, digital transformation initiatives have focused solely on customer experience. But customer experience is just one half of a successful digital transformation strategy. Yes, external experiences must change to deliver new channels and personalized service, but internal operations and systems must also be transformed. Effective, modern, and digitized internal operations have countless internal […]

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What You Need to Know About Digital Intelligence

One big focus of Digital Transformation is getting the customer experience right. As we’ve talked about, the customer experience is not just about visits to your website, but also includes interactions with your marketing emails, the in-store experience, how your customer service representatives interact and so on.  We talk about understanding the customer journey across all […]

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Mobile Page Load Is Important

We all spend a lot of time on the big things like creating the correct strategy, investing in innovation, and orienting our culture.  Even as you focus on those, you can’t lose track of the small stuff. Let me give you an example.  I’ve had two separate clients in 2017 tell me that when they […]

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