Digital Transformation | Perspectives on Transforming the Customer Experience Throughout the Connected Enterprise

Digital Transformation

Perspectives on Transforming the Customer Experience Throughout the Connected Enterprise

Altimeter Has Their 2016 State of Digital Transformation Out

As we’ve dived into Digital Transformation, we use the baseline set by Altimeter as a great definition.  They provide a clear and concise picture on which to hang the Digital Transformation Story.  They just updated their 2016 State of Digital Transformation and it’s worth reviewing. I like the fact that they focus on more than […]

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Unlocking Digital Is About More Than Technology

Steve Lohr in the Business Standard has a great article about economists leaving the ivory tower for Silicon Valley.  I love this article because it highlights the human element.  I can see you asking yourself already what correlation does the dismal science have with the human element of digital transformation?  Well, as an economics graduate […]

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Infographic: 7 Ways Mobile is Impacting Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is the means of modernizing the systems that businesses use to create, deliver, and sustain meaningful customer experiences. This modernization ensures that businesses remain attuned to their most digitally savvy customers. Businesses that embrace mobile as a critical piece of a larger digital transformation plan will take the lead in their marketplace. In […]

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Take the worry out of going mobile

The future of business is in your hands right now – or on your wrist or in your pocket. More than two-thirds of consumer shopping and almost 40 percent of purchases occur with either a smartphone or tablet, according to Forrester Research. About 90 percent of e-commerce originates from mobile devices, and a growing segment […]

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3 Stats that Validate the Need for Effective Change Management

If you want better user adoption – invest in your people. Change management is the process of getting people ready, willing, and able to accept and embrace new ways of working. The focus is not just on looking at the differences and changes; it requires a logical answer to the foremost question on everyone’s minds: “What’s […]

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Why Customer Experience Matters in A Frictionless World

I’m working through some fun interface issues in my Under Armour / HTC Band.  It’s the equivalent of a fitbit but with a few extras that come with a higher price tag.  I use this as an example of how important it is to get the experience right.  You can’t afford to get it wrong […]

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Transformation: AI Diagnoses Woman with Rare Form of Leukemia

Let me tell you the story and the implication: has a story about a woman with Leukemia who had a first failed treatment. It was Watson, the AI, who correctly diagnosed this woman After treatment for a woman suffering from leukemia proved ineffective, a team of Japanese doctors turned to IBM’s Watson for help, which was […]

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What Place Does Innovation Have in Digital Transformation?

OK, so I admit, I asked a dumb question in the title. Innovation has a huge play in Digital Transformation.  That said, could you answer the deeper implied question, “How exactly will you make your company innovative as you move deeper into the digital world?” Honestly, that’s a better and a much more difficult question. […]

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Spring Boot Actuator – Application Monitoring Made Easy

Spring Boot Actuator helps you manage and monitor your applications using various way like HTTP, JMX and SSH. It allows you to monitor various aspects of your application. Actuator exposes various endpoint to provides different details about environment and application. Following are the endpoints exposed. All the endpoint can be accessed using <host>:port/endpoint for e.g.  […]

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Most Common NoSQL Databases

Key-value pair NoSQL databases Most basic type of NoSQL database Two main concepts are Keys and Values Keys are nothing but identifiers through which you can refer values Values are values corresponding to a key Values can be like string, blob, image etc. Some database support buckets to provide separate placeholder to logically separate data. […]

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