Digital Transformation | Perspectives on Transforming the Customer Experience Throughout the Connected Enterprise

Digital Transformation

Perspectives on Transforming the Customer Experience Throughout the Connected Enterprise

A Fireside Chat with a Customer Obsessed CIO

Join Perficient and Graybar for a fireside chat at the 2016 Gateway to Innovation Conference in St. Louis on: Wednesday, May 11, 2016 | 10:45 Breakout Session | Room 240, 2nd Floor America’s Center Convention Complex | America’s Ballroom, 220 Complex – 2nd Floor 701 Convention Plaza, St. Louis, MO 63101 Graybar CIO David Meyer and Mike […]

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Infographic: 9 Steps for Digital Transformation Success

Trends analyst Altimeter defines digital transformation as “the realignment of, or new investment in, technology and business models to more effectively engage digital customers at every touch point in the customer experience lifecycle.” Note that this lifecycle encompasses the entire progression of customer interaction, from consideration of a product through its purchase and use on […]

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What Tools Are In Your Marketing Wallet?

My colleague, Beth Martin, Marketing Director, Digital Platform Solutions at Perficient recently wrote a blog post called What’s in Your Marketing Wallet? In her post she talked about the evolving role of marketers and how the marketing landscape is changing. As marketers we are no longer just the creatives with the catchy headline … we need to be the strategists, […]

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Digital Transformation and The Impact of Customer Experience

Customer experience, or CX, is the sum of all interactions a customer can have with a brand. The sum of these interactions shapes your brand and can decide the fate of your business. What a customer thinks of a brand becomes the overall brand perception and trumps the company’s view of itself. Josh Bernoff of […]

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Digital Transformation in Life Sciences

Marin Richeson seems to be on a roll in the Life Sciences blog with multiple topics on the implications of digital to Pharma.  I’ve talked to more than one Life Sciences firm who is rethinking their entire approach to customer experience and moving towards addressing a full journey.  What makes it more fun for these […]

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Brands Must Move to Digital Experience

I read an article on about a variety of marketing execs highlighting the needs to move to a digital experience.  Now this was from the recent Ad Age Digital Conference so keep in mind that the main focus is still on ads but at least it’s on ads that provide an experience.  In reality, a […]

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Modern Cloud and the Impact on Digital Transformation

Modern business moves faster than ever, with more access than ever to innovative hardware and software solutions. To counteract the competitive landscape, savvy business executives must do what they can to adjust to changing climates and remain adaptable through technology and strategy. As a result of these changes, many businesses are considering cloud computing solutions […]

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Escaping the Digital Media Click Trap

I ran across an interesting article at the site.  It’s about how using ‘tricks’ to generate more views ultimately fails.   The main target are the news generators and the examples they use include Mashable and BuzzFeed but the lessons learned are completely relevant to anyone trying to create a great customer experience.  A […]

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Infographic: 8 Ways to Jumpstart Digital Transformation in 2016

Digital transformation is not just a buzzword, it is a business imperative. Understandably so, digital transformation can be an intimidating phrase. What is it? What does it mean for me and my organization? How do we get started? These may be a few of the questions swirling in your heads. Our new infographic takes a […]

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Riding the Digital Tidal Wave in Telecommunications

Like all industries, the digital tidal wave is quickly transforming the telecommunications industry. Thanks to digital, operators are witnessing an evolving customer journey and a significant shift in the way customers and operators engage. The customer journey is increasingly becoming multi-channel as customer interactions integrate physical, online, and mobile digital touch points throughout the purchasing journey.  The […]

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