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5 Essential Steps for Improving Your Customer Care

Satisfying today’s digitally savvy and well informed customers boils down to one common theme – customer experience. Price and quality are key considerations when making purchase decisions. However, it’s the experience that keeps customers coming back for more. 73% [of consumers] said a good experience is key in influencing their brand loyalties Your organization must […]

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How Bots & AI Will Impact Customer Journeys in B2B

I just ordered a pizza for dinner with a few taps on my phone, and the delivery driver should be here anytime. It’s amazing how we are automating nearly everything around us, empowering end-users to achieve a wide range of tasks with minimum effort. New Horizons for Customer Service The customer service industry has joined […]

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How You Interact Digitally Matters in the Car Rental Industry

While mobility and connected cars remain two of the most talked-about topics in the industry, car rental companies continue to invest heavily in other forms of digital transformation because they realize that providing an incredible customer experience is important to their business. Whether it involves making a reservation on the company’s website or making a […]

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Customer Experience (CX) Dimension #1: Customer Insight

The first of the seven customer experience (CX) dimensions discussed in Perficient Digital’s CX strategy guide is Customer Insight. As I’ve discussed in the previous posts in the series, in life sciences, “customer” means many things: patient, physician, clinical site, clinical subject, research partner, regulatory agency, vendor, and even employee. To provide each of these […]

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CX Methodology And Site Relationships: Duke-FDA Case Study

If you haven’t read the previous posts in this series, be forewarned that this week’s post might be a little hard to follow, as it assumes you have all of the context from the series to-date. Still, I encourage you to dive in, and I’ll do my best to connect all of the dots for […]

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How The “World’s Best Digital Bank” Uses Signals Of Intent

Today at IBM Amplify 2017, an event at which companies across all industries gather to learn how cognitive technology is transforming customer engagement to make each customer feel recognized and special at every step of their journey, my colleague, Michael Porter, was fortunate to hear firsthand how one bank in particular is achieving such great […]

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IBM Amplify: DBS Bank Uses Analytics To Improve Customer Journeys

Sameer Gupta lead a session at IBM Amplify where he explained DBS Bank’s journey in using signals of intent, in real time, from multiple sources for developing one-on-one contextual communications with customers. They use a variety of sources like deposits, transaction history, credit card transactions, web behavior, location, etc to detect patterns and interest for […]

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Optimize Business Outcomes with Data-Driven Customer Journeys

CIOs are key contributors of new business models and organizational strategy. Data is the key asset for CIOs and CDOs to have a seat with the CEO, CFO, and CMO. In addition to unstructured data collection like social media and machine data, companies have started to consume strategic market competition data such as benchmarks, new […]

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Role of Data in Enhancing a Customer Journey

As Simon Sinek pointed out, “people want to do business with you because of why you do what you do.” The story of Steve Jobs revolutionizing the marketing of Apple products and building a cult of Apple loyalists is timeless. This is the age of the customer and word of mouth is the best marketing […]

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5 Ways to Engage Your Customers Along Their Buying Journey

The customer. All this time, that’s the person you’ve kept in mind as you’ve carried out your marketing strategy. But not every customer is at the same place in his/her journey. Some might be reading a post about your company on Facebook. Others could be comparing your products to a competitor or looking for support. […]

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IBM Commerce Solutions & the Customer Journey

The age of the connected consumer has rapidly changed many industries (especially retail) as their demands and expectations evolve and rise to the highest of standards. Retail organizations know that connected consumers use the power of information to drive prices down, demand a high level of service and expect personalized experiences. In order to obtain […]

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CNX15: How Brands Use Digital Marketing to Acquire & Engage

Marketers by nature are tinkerers, always looking for ways to improve their effectiveness. That statement is supported by the use of numerous metrics, reports, dashboards and scorecards. So it comes as no surprise that we want to push the envelope and ensure that we cover the customer’s entire journey with timely personalized messaging.  So, how […]

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5 Must-Have Features in a B2B Marketing Automation Platform

  In our Marketing Cloud blog series, we’ve discussed two of the five W’s (Why and the Who) of marketing technology. Today we’re going to answer the question: What capabilities do I need in a marketing cloud? In response to the evolving role of marketing, a growing trend in the industry has led to the […]

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Dreamforce 13: Email Marketing with ExactTarget Marketing Cloud

This week I’m at Dreamforce13 put on by  Salesforce has been making a strong push into the Portal and Social space in the last several years. Bryan Wade, ExactTarget Vice President of Email Products highlighted the features in the ExactTarget Marketing Cloud. When we talk about customer experience, marketing has been playing an increasingly […]

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