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Perficient Named 2021 Acquia Partner of the Year for Drupal Cloud

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Acquia recently announced the winners of its 2021 Partner Awards. We’re delighted to share that Perficient received the Outstanding Partner Contribution award for our outstanding performance in Drupal Cloud for 2021.

We’re one of Acquia’s first Certified Drupal Cloud Practices and a valued Acquia partner since 2017. Throughout that time, our Acquia practice has demonstrated consistent expertise with Acquia products and cloud hosting services. Our engagements range from implementing Drupal websites and portals to strategizing personalization and customer journeys, including clients in regulated industries like healthcare and financial services.

“Our long-term Acquia relationship continues to thrive and grow considering the extensive digital adoption that companies have faced over the last two years. We’re very honored by this award, and look forward to continuing to drive ROI and impact for our mutual clients,” said Dan Persson, Acquia Practice Director at Perficient.

The Acquia Partner Awards recognize 17 outstanding partners across four global regions. The awards acknowledge excellence in overall revenue performance, growth with Acquia’s Open Digital Experience Platform (DXP), outstanding contributions to Acquia product innovation, and impact on their communities.

Making A Difference for Our Healthcare Clients

As an early implementer of the Acquia Open Digital Experience Platform, we’ve used Acquia Drupal Cloud to enable our clients to move faster. Our expertise has supported clients in a variety of ways, whether they involved launching hundreds of sites in record time or ensuring authors have a set of flexible components to build new page layouts.

“This award recognizes Perficient’s impact with our healthcare clients, driving innovation that improves customer experience, employee experience, and patient experience,” Persson remarked. “We’ve enhanced upon the Acquia Drupal Cloud to provide ideal experiences in healthcare that meet HIPAA requirements.”

Additionally, our Acquia practice has developed consistent best practices for using Drupal Cloud to deliver progressively decoupled site experiences that leverage the best of headless Drupal. And at the same time, our clients’ content authors are empowered with full capabilities and flexibility of a component-based editing experience.

“Congratulations to Perficient, who went above and beyond to deliver substantial value to our joint customers during another year of rapid digitalization,” said Chris Doggett, Acquia’s Chief Revenue Officer. “Since last year’s Partner Awards, we’ve seen how partners, brands, and businesses across the globe have adapted to new ways of operating. We look forward to celebrating the exceptional work of Perficient, who continues to elevate the standard of customer experience by leveraging Acquia’s Open DXP and the expertise of our partner ecosystem.”

Why Choose Perficient for Acquia? 

We’re a trusted and certified Acquia Gold partner ready to help you integrate a single view of your customer and create impactful digital experiences. For more information about Perficient’s Acquia Drupal Cloud and healthcare expertise, subscribe to Perficient’s blog, and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn 

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