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Personalization and Relevant Search with Coveo for Adobe

Personalization and Relevant Search for better customer experience

You need personalization and relevant search.

Marketing is no longer about convincing a customer to buy. It’s about helping them buy. And to be seen as an expert, companies need to deliver the information each customer needs. Technology that can seamlessly deliver personalized, targeted content is the Holy Grail. Whether your visitors browse or search, it’s about giving customers exactly what they expect to see and even anticipating what they need next.

With Coveo’s search and relevance solution for Adobe Experience Cloud (Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Target and Adobe Analytics), you can deliver intuitive ecommerce site search, relevant product recommendations, and behavior-based personalization with AI on tap for every part of the shopper journey.

Coveo helps organizations quickly optimize their Experience Manager-powered sites with its robust, relevant from day one search. Additionally, it combines pre-packaged machine learning models for query suggestion, automatic re-ranking, dynamic faceting, question answering, and recommendations, alongside a new native connector for indexing content.

From Static Sites to Personalized Search

We recently discussed how to create these more personalized web and commerce search experiences with Coveo and Adobe experts during a virtual panel.

Watch the on-demand video below and learn about:

  • What you can and should expect with digital experiences in 2022
  • How to deliver the right content to the right person at the right time
  • How Coveo for Adobe makes this easier for digital leaders and developers alike
  • How to get even more out of your existing Adobe investments
  • Best practices in web personalization whether your visitors browse or search


Choose Perficient for Your Coveo and Adobe Needs

We’re both a Coveo Platinum partner and an Adobe Platinum partner helping brands create thrilling cross-channel experiences – from strategy to implementation and beyond – ensuring that every step of the customer’s journey is seamless, personal and memorable.

Connect with our experts and find out how you can start winning in the digital experience economy.

Perficient has established itself as a leader in delivering end-to-end digital experience solutions, now leveraging the full power of the Adobe Experience Cloud. – Tony Sanders, Senior Director, Partner Sales for the Americas, Adobe

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Meghan Frederick, Marketing Manager

Meghan Frederick is a Partner Marketing Manager supporting Perficient's Adobe and digital experience partnerships. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, traveling to EDM festivals, and coaching CrossFit.

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