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3 Best Practices for Driving User Engagement & Adoption of Microsoft Teams

More than many other applications, and specifically, more than the other Microsoft tools, implementing Microsoft Teams is a bigger challenge people-wise than technology-wise. Sure, there are absolutely technical aspects for an implementation that should not be taken lightly, including configuration, file migration, and security, to name a few, but frankly, and with no disrespect to […]

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3 Takeaways to Help Accelerate Value in Any Transformation

This blog series explores how change management can and should pay for your next project. Previously, I discussed how OCM paid for an ERP implementation. In this final post we look at three ways to accelerate value in transformation. Explicitly tie change management to business value (e.g., include business case analyses) Use change management to […]

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[Guide] Change Management Best Practices from Real Projects

Organizational change management is about defining and driving behavioral changes to individuals, groups of individuals, and entire organizations. It’s about increasing user adoption. Now, change management theories look great on paper. Many practitioners have gone through classes, read books, and have even become certified in change management but still struggle with how to actually perform […]

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A Look at How OCM Paid for an ERP Implementation

This blog series examines how change management can and should pay for your next project. My last post outlined the steps to develop behavior change. In this post I discuss how OCM can pay for an ERP implementation. Challenge and Opportunity A multi-state, utility company identified its purchase-to-pay (P2P) process as a candidate for value […]

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4 Key Steps in Driving Behavior Change

This blog series examines how change management can and should pay for your next project. My previous post, I discussed how behavior change leads to value. In this post I dive into the steps to develop behavior change. Changing behavior starts with defining value and identifying the key performance indicators (KPIs) that can tell stakeholders […]

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Break the Tug-of-War Mindset with Polarity Management

Is it possible to serve two masters? According to ancient wisdom, we can only serve one master at a time. Otherwise, we will hate one and love the other. However, my manager often reminds me that by the nature of our work as external consultants in a publicly traded company, we must serve two masters. Our first master […]

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Plan for Sustainable Change Management from the Start

I was watching the new Creed II movie, and in the film, an aged Rocky Balboa slowly climbs the same museum steps that he famously ran up and cheered at the top of in the iconic Rocky movie scene years ago. After he struggles to make the final steps, he celebrates that he’s still able […]

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Driving Behavior Change Leads to Accelerated Value

This blog series examines how change management can and should pay for your next project. My past post, explored why some organizations don’t immediately realize the value of a business transformation. In this post I’m going describe how behavior change leads to value. Effective organizational change management is a complex undertaking, and leaders often fail […]

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Organizations Don’t Realize the Value of Business Transformations

In this blog series, I examine how change management can and should pay for your next project. Previously, my post analyzed the demand for value. In this post I explore why some organizations don’t immediately realize the value of a business transformation. A Harvard Business Review article found that companies get only 63% of the […]

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How OCM Can (and Should) Pay for Your Next Project

In this blog series, I examine how change management can (and should) pay for your next project. This post addresses the demand for value from change management. Business transformation is a significant challenge for many executives and organizations. Whether the transformation is a large ERP implementation, shared services, applying new methodologies to product development, or […]

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Behind the Scenes of Implementing Financial Services Cloud

Implementing New Tech for Financial Services The financial services industry has a few extra things to look out for when implementing new technology than other organizations. Between evolving regulations and compliance requirements, having a tool that can grow with you is increasingly important, especially when everything seems to be moving to the cloud. Creating an […]

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Resources to Accelerate User Adoption of O365

Today’s post marks the beginning of the final section of this blog series dedicated to boosting adoption of Office 365 through organizational change management (OCM). The previous four posts set the stage for what we’re about to do, accelerating user readiness in the adoption of Office 365. To accelerate readiness for and adoption of O365, […]

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A Proven Approach for Change and Adoption of Office 365

In my most recent blog post we discussed some scenarios expressing of the importance of organizational change management (OCM) in an Office 365 (O365) implementation. This post will focus on the approach for change and adoption of O365. An organization must be ready, willing and able for the change and adoption of Office 365. A […]

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Change Management Lessons for Salesforce Financial Services Cloud

Bringing new technology to a team is always going to bring a set of challenges. As humans, we are creatures of habit, but we also have the ability to understand the logic behind adapting to the needs of the future.  When the Dark Cloud of Change is Already Looming For any business to succeed long-term, […]

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Struggling with Salesforce Adoption? Here’s Why

Organizational Change Management (OCM) has a profound impact on the probability of staying on schedule and on budget, resulting in a higher benefit realization as well as greater ROI. The OCM advisory firm Prosci estimates that two-thirds of all enterprise-level projects fail to meet business objectives and ultimately bring little or no ROI due to […]

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The Importance of OCM to an Office 365 Implementation

In my preceding blog post, we discussed some examples of increasing success and managing disruption with change management. Today, we’ll discuss the significance of organizational change management (OCM) to an effective Microsoft Office 365 (O365) implementation. Consider the implications that change management can have on implementing a solution like O365. O365 is a cloud-based subscription […]

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Increase Success by Managing Disruption with Change Management

My previous post focused on the first stage in adopting O365 through change management. Today’s post puts the spotlight on increasing success and managing disruption. Did you know that projects backed with a successful change management program are six times more likely to be successful than those that don’t? Prosci first conducted this study several […]

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Stay Connected with Perficient’s Salesforce Experts and News

Perficient is the preferred partner for brands thinking about implementing Salesforce for several reasons. We have an incredible wealth of knowledge, a passionately dedicated team, and the history and experience needed to be the true enterprise innovation leader. But keeping up with all the awesome things we’re doing can be hard! To make it easy, […]

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A Primer on Organizational Change Management

There’s a lot to consider when implementing Microsoft Office 365 (O365) – be it one application or the entire suite. Often, the last thing organizations think about is the impact on the users. Yet they are your most valuable asset, and their adoption can drive true value and impact across the entire organization. The content […]

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4 Ways to Start Building A Change-Ready Culture

Change management has long been a dark horse in the race for leaders looking to find the winning factors of organizational success. Putting people as a priority in organizations has been a concept that has found its way into the minds of many executives and leaders, but there is still a disconnect between what leaders […]

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