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Organizational Change Management

[Webinar Recording] Change Management Empowered the Adoption of Microsoft Teams for 15,000 Employees

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Perficient’s Andres Gonzalez, lead business consultant, organizational change management, Meghlynn Achez, lead business consultant, organizational change management, and Ryan Coburn, senior project manager, management consulting, hosted a webinar where they discussed how change management was leveraged by a large utility company to ensure that its 15,000 employees adopted Microsoft Teams successfully.

The change management team was able to ensure that every employee was ready, willing, and able to embrace a new way of working together. Implementing a new technology was just the beginning and making sure each employee knew how and when to use the new tool was crucial.

This project happened during the Covid-19 pandemic and required our team to educate and train many teams in a completely virtual environment. In fact, our team used Microsoft Teams to teach Teams, which promoted a self-learning environment.

Watch our on-demand webinar to learn more about:

  • The client situation and need for a new collaboration tool
  • Unexpected obstacles and delivering this project in a virtual environment
  • Driving user engagement and increasing adoption
  • Achieving the desired ROI with a new platform

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