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Organizational Change Management

[Upcoming Webinar] Change Management Drives Adoption of Microsoft Teams While Working Remotely


Are you struggling to get users to efficiently embrace a new tool or technology?

Is the unexpected shift to fully remote working creating change management obstacles?

Are you looking to prepare for an upcoming Microsoft Teams implementation for your small or large company?

Just because you implement a new tool, doesn’t mean people will use it or even leverage it correctly. Join us for our next change management webinar in which we will be sharing a success story about how our change management team enabled the adoption of Microsoft Teams for 15,000 users at a large utility holdings company.

We’ll be highlighting real experiences, obstacles, and solutions to explain the importance of change management and why it is so crucial in achieving your desired goals and returns on your investment.

Please join us for the webinar on October 8th we discuss how investing in OCM can help drive user engagement, increase adoption, and maximize your ROI.

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