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Back-End Development

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Easy Dynamic Property Permissions for the Optimizely CMS

I recently worked with a client who wanted to restrict access to specific properties of the content types. We set up some Editor Descriptor attributes, and applied a decorator to the properties in the model classes, which worked well. Then they wanted changes. The problem is that figuring out who has access requires looking at […]


API’d Like to Talk to You: A Dive into the OpenAI Assistant API

Recently, I’ve had time to sit down and wade into the my own little area of the digital Wild West, that being AI integration. With the explosion of AI, I wanted to give my apps the ability to tap into that vast potential.    While it seems like every tech giant, startup, and their mother […]

Enabling Dynamic Media Feature AEM Custom Components

Enabling Dynamic Media Feature For AEM Custom Components

Dynamic Media is one of the versatile tools provided by Adobe. Previously, it was known as Scene7. It has strong Asset editing and authoring tools capabilities. It is based on a Cache delivery network, which loads the contents to improve page load time and renders the right image renditions correctly resized and optimized. Dynamic Media allows […]

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Components of SonarQube

 What is SonarQube? SonarQube is a Code Quality Assurance tool that collects and analyzes source code and provides reports on the quality of your project’s code. It is also a self-managed, automatic code review tool that systematically helps you deliver clean code efficiently. SonarQube integrates into your existing workflow and detects issues in your code […]

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Handling Not Allowed Reflection Method in Sitecore

Recently, to meet project requirements, we customized and expanded the functionality of the “General Link” feature by incorporating a new “Telephone Link” feature. Everything was working correctly on our local project instance, but we got the below-listed error when the changes were deployed on the higher environment. Exception: Sitecore.Exceptions.AccessDeniedException Message: Calling Fieldtypes.ExtendedGeneralLink.ExtendedGeneralLinkForm.OnModeChange method through reflection […]

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Using Optimizely Content Delivery API for data migration

Optimizely Content Delivery API is very well known for building headless CMS, to connect to Single Page Apps, mobile apps, etc. However I also found that come in handy in terms of data migration. With the Content Delivery API, you can easily retrieve detailed information of source content in JSON format and map it to […]

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Optimizely Search & Navigation: Boosting in Unified Search

In the Optimizely Search & Navigation admin view, administrators can set a certain weight of different properties (title, content, summary, or document content). When an user searches for a keyword that matches to a property’s value, the higher weight of that property will make the matching pages to be more likely to appear at the […]

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Lessons Learned in Product Development from Paulo Neto’s eMLS Success

Our colleagues in Atlanta had the wonderful opportunity to step into the world of competitive gaming as they met, and even got to play against multiple eMLS champion Paulo Neto! Paulo Neto represents Atlanta United and is a renowned eSports athlete Known for his prowess in FIFA. Paulo shared his insights into his journey as […]

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Four Key Takeaways from TrailblazerDX

Last week, I attended TrailblazerDX in San Francisco, where the content was all about Salesforce Data Cloud and AI! There were over 300 sessions to attend, from technical talks to hands-on workshops where attendees could learn how to build copilots and how to use the latest Salesforce platform features directly from product managers, architects, and […]

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How to Use the Personalization Connector for Salesforce Sales and Service Clouds

Have you ever wondered what happens if you connected Personalization with Sales and Service Clouds? The Personalization connector for Sales and Service Clouds exposes user data and server-side campaigns in Salesforce CRM for your contacts and leads. ✋ The Key for Success To use Personalization for Sales and Service Clouds, you’ll need to have: User […]

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Talend ESB – tRestRequest and tRestResponse

This article covers the configuration of tRestRequest, tRestResponse and How can we create the HTTP listeners using postman. Create a job in the Talend tool (it can be Talend ESB or Talend Data fabric). Once you have created a job, place tRestRequest, tjavaRow component, and tRestResponse in the designer. Once you have placed all the […]

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Tutorial 04 – Microservices – Discovery Client, LoadBalancer Client and Feign Client

Before you dive into this tutorial, make sure to check out the other blogs in this series: Tutorial 01 – Microservices Architectural Design by using Spring Boot Tutorial 02 – Spring Cloud – Netflix Eureka Server Tutorial 03 – Publish Microservices to the Eureka Server In the Eureka Server environment, 3 “Client Component” types are […]

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