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Organizational Change Management

Perficient Earns Microsoft Adoption and Change Management Advanced Specialization

Why Change Management is a critical part of digital transformation

Successful digital transformation hinges on effective organizational change management. Our dedicated team of change management experts help the world’s largest enterprises and biggest brands effectively navigate the adoption of new technologies, systems, and processes. Today, we’re thrilled to announced that Perficient has earned the Microsoft Adoption and Change Management Advanced Specialization.

A Gold-Certified, award-winning Microsoft partner, Perficient received the advanced specialization by driving customer usage and adoption of Microsoft 365 through change management services. Perficient earned the specialization based on technical competency, performance, assessment training, and customer references.

“The success of any project is equally dependent on the technology used to build the solution and the ability of users to actively engage with and adopt it,” said David Chapman, Organizational Change Management principal and chief strategist, Perficient. “We’re committed to helping businesses realize the full potential of their investment in Microsoft products through change management, and we’re proud to be recognized by Microsoft for our achievement in adoption and change management.”

Perficient’s Change Management Experts Help Guide Businesses to a Safe Return-to-Office

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the need for businesses to quickly adopt Microsoft 365 to maintain connection and collaboration while working in remote environments over the past year. As federal guidelines regarding COVID-19 fluctuate, business leaders and decision makers are beginning to navigate a safe return to the office.

“Many employees have concerns about their return to the office and expect to work differently in the post-pandemic world. This mindset underscores the need for leaders to develop and deliver a clear and well-planned return-to-office strategy,” said Mike Willis, Organizational Change Management director, Perficient. “Return-to-office strategies will look different for each organization. Our methodology helps enterprises effectively manage the human aspects of change management to address their employees’ uncertainties while achieving business goals. The result is more than a temporary solution with short-term benefits – we’re empowering every employee to embrace the return-to-office strategy.”

Perficient’s organizational change management professionals apply broad-based business experience and expertise to drive user engagement and adoption of major change programs, ensuring that a team is ready, willing, and able to perform effectively in a new environment. To learn more about Perficient’s Microsoft expertise, return-to-office strategy, and organizational change management experience, subscribe to Perficient’s blog, and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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