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Organizational Change Management

[Invite] Implement Microsoft Teams with Organizational Change Management to Maximize Your ROI

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The impacts of COVID-19 have made it imperative, now more than ever, to assure that employees are ready, willing, and able to embrace new technology in a virtual workplace. Despite the current circumstances, successful change is more complex than just ensuring adoption – it is understanding the change from the stakeholders’ perspective, creating opportunities for employees to engage, and ultimately developing innovative ways of working that increase productivity.

Investing in organizational change management allows organizations to make these important changes quickly while minimizing disruption of business activities and maximizing the ROI.

Whether your organization is undergoing a Skype to Microsoft Teams transition, struggling to adopt a new technology, or just curious to learn more about organizational change management and the benefits it can provide your organization, our upcoming webinar is one you don’t want to miss!

Tune in next Thursday, October 8th from 2:00-3:00pm ET to learn more about our unique organizational change management approach to enterprise-wide change.

In this webinar we will explain how we successfully transitioned 15,000 users from Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams while empowering the organization to utilize the technology to its full capability. Mark your calendars to learn how our organizational change management team guided the change process – from understanding our audience to empowering users to sustain the change. We will discuss the elements needed for any organization to succeed in a change initiative.

We look forward to your attendance! Click below to register for the webinar, and to add to your calendar.

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Meghlynn Achez

Meghlynn Achez is an experienced Organizational Change Management expert from Perficient’s Management Consulting practice. Her unique skill set focuses on the people side of change, providing our clients with holistic solutions that incorporate behavioral change, business productivity, and employee engagement within organizational transformations.

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