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Star Vs Snowflake

Introduction to Star and Snowflake schema

In the world of data warehousing and business intelligence, two key concepts are fundamental: Snowflake and Star Schema. These concepts play a pivotal role in designing effective data models for analyzing large volumes of data efficiently. Let’s delve into what Snowflake and Star Schema are and how they are used in the realm of data […]

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Achieving New Heights in Healthcare Marketing With Salesforce Marketing Cloud Personalization

In December 2022, the Department of Health and Human Services released a bulletin announcing additional compliance requirements for healthcare marketers when it comes to third-party trackers. The guidance lays forth expectations for how healthcare organizations collect data on activities that take place on their website and mobile apps.   So, what’s the problem? Per the […]

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Spark SQL Properties

The spark.sql.* properties are a set of configuration options specific to Spark SQL, a module within Apache Spark designed for processing structured data using SQL queries, DataFrame API, and Datasets. These properties allow users to customize various aspects of Spark SQL’s behavior, optimization strategies, and execution environment. Here’s a brief introduction to some common spark.sql.* […]

Date and time

Date and Timestamp in Spark SQL

Spark SQL offers a set of built-in standard functions for handling dates and timestamps within the DataFrame API. These functions are valuable for performing operations involving date and time data. They accept inputs in various formats, including Date type, Timestamp type, or String. If the input is provided as a String, it must be in […]

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DBFS (Databricks File System) in Apache Spark

In the world of big data processing, efficient and scalable file systems play a crucial role. One such file system that has gained popularity in the Apache Spark ecosystem is DBFS, which stands for Databricks File System. In this blog post, we’ll explore into what DBFS is, how it works, and provide examples to illustrate […]

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Spark: Persistence Storage Levels

Spark Persistence is an optimization technique, which saves the results of RDD evaluation. Spark provides a convenient method for working with datasets by storing them in memory throughout various operations. When you persist a dataset, Spark stores the data on disk or in memory, or a combination of the two, so that it can be […]

Next Course

A crash course of Next.js: rendering strategies and data fetching (part 1)

This series is my Next.js study resume, and despite it’s keen to a vanilla Next.js,  all the features are applicable with Sitecore SDK. It is similar to the guide I recently wrote about GraphQL and aims reducing the learning curve for those switching to it from other tech stack. Next.js is a React-based framework designed […]

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Part 2: Essential Spring Boot Concepts

Introduction: In the second installment of our Spring Boot blog series, we delve into the fundamental concepts that form the backbone of any Spring Boot application. From managing dependencies with Maven or Gradle to working with data using Spring Data and mastering the intricacies of RESTful web services, we leave no stone unturned. So, fasten […]

Headless BI?

Imagine you’re running a business and using analytics to make decisions. You have reports, dashboards, data visualizations – all sorts of content that helps you understand what’s happening in your business. This content goes through a life cycle: it’s created, used, updated, and eventually retired. Managing this cycle effectively is crucial to ensure the information […]

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Unlocking the Power of Salesforce Data Cloud: Revolutionizing Healthcare

In today’s rapidly evolving healthcare landscape, data is the driving force behind informed decision-making and personalized patient care. However, the abundance of data scattered across various siloed systems can be overwhelming, making it challenging for healthcare providers to harness its full potential. This is where Salesforce Data Cloud steps in as a Customer Data Platform […]

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Dreamforce Takeaways: DATA + AI + CRM for Manufacturers

Dreamforce 2023 was hyper-focused on generative AI and the ways Salesforce is making it easy to take advantage of the benefits – especially for manufacturers. Oftentimes, the thought of artificial intelligence (AI) is accompanied by fears of the unknown and insecurities around data sharing. Salesforce is helping demystify those notions and build trust with the […]

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Nine Key Takeaways from Dreamforce 2023

Last week, Perficient attended the largest AI event in the world, Dreamforce, in San Francisco. During the three-day conference, 40,000 Salesforce partners, clients, and vendors got together to hear from Salesforce leadership, industry experts, clients, and a handful of celebrities, as well as get hands-on experience with the Salesforce platform.   Fueled by generative AI, IDC […]

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