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Unlocking the Power of Salesforce Data Cloud: Revolutionizing Healthcare

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In today’s rapidly evolving healthcare landscape, data is the driving force behind informed decision-making and personalized patient care. However, the abundance of data scattered across various siloed systems can be overwhelming, making it challenging for healthcare providers to harness its full potential. This is where Salesforce Data Cloud steps in as a Customer Data Platform (CDP) – offering a transformative solution that empowers healthcare organizations to aggregate, harmonize, and act upon their data efficiently. 

Data Cloud is not just a technological advancement; it’s a tool that supports the paradigm shift in the way healthcare providers view and engage with patients. Traditionally, the healthcare industry has been heavily clinical-centric, often treating patients as sets of symptoms and diagnoses. The capabilities of Data Cloud support the shifting perspective towards a holistic view of the patient. 

This transformation extends beyond patient care philosophy. It’s about moving away from fragmented systems that house patient data in silos, and instead, embracing connected ecosystems where information flows seamlessly between departments and organizations. This interconnectedness is vital for delivering comprehensive and well-coordinated care. 

Moreover, Data Cloud empowers healthcare providers to move from generic, one-size-fits-all interactions to personalized engagement. By aggregating and analyzing patient data, it becomes possible to tailor healthcare services and communication to patients’ unique needs and preferences, ultimately leading to improved patient satisfaction and outcomes. 

Automating Manual Processes to Focus on Care

Perhaps one of the most significant advantages is the shift from manual processes to automation at scale. Healthcare systems are often bogged down by administrative tasks and paperwork, which can be both time-consuming and error-prone. Salesforce’s automation capabilities streamline these processes, freeing up healthcare professionals to focus on what truly matters – delivering high-quality care to their patients. In essence, Data Cloud is not just a tool; it’s a catalyst for change that is reshaping the healthcare industry toward a more patient-centered, efficient, and equitable future. 

Data Cloud

Data Cloud is a powerful extension of Health Cloud that transforms the way healthcare organizations manage and leverage data. At its core, it begins with aggregating data from various sources, including the CRM’s core functionalities such as sales, service, marketing, and health data, along with electronic medical records (EMR), data lakes, and website data. This data integration is performed at scale, and the magic lies in the harmonization process that creates a unified patient profile. 

  • Data Streams: Streamlines the data ingestion process, making it seamless and efficient. With just a few clicks, users can easily map data from diverse sources. 
  • Identity Resolution: Reconciles multiple data sources to identify a single individual across various systems, providing a holistic view. 
  • Actionable Insights Using Segments: Empowers users to create patient segments with just two clicks. For instance, healthcare providers can effortlessly build a segment of patients who have not scheduled appointments.  

What sets Data Cloud apart is its ability to bridge the gap between data analysis and action. Once these patient segments are created, healthcare organizations can take immediate action to drive value, whether it’s through targeted outreach, personalized care plans, or streamlining appointment scheduling processes. Healthcare organizations are empowered to harness the full potential of their data, enabling them to make informed decisions and deliver enhanced patient experiences with ease and efficiency. 

During Dreamforce in September, Salesforce announced free Data Cloud for Enterprise Editions and above. Take advantage of this no-cost access to start leveraging the capabilities of this exciting feature. Not sure how to get started? We can help. 

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Chelsea Monda

As a Healthcare Industry Lead within the Salesforce practice at Perficient, Chelsea deeply understands the challenges payers and providers face in the healthcare sector. This experience has allowed her to lead teams in developing solutions that optimize processes, streamline operations, and enhance the quality of the member and patient experience. She strives to drive impactful changes in the healthcare industry, leveraging the power of technology and innovative strategies.

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