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5 Ways APIs Benefit Data Mining and Analysis

The other day, I was looking at a car rental website to book a reservation. To my surprise, what followed were numerous advertisements popping up on my web browser – all much better deals than those on the site I was searching! I was amazed. I wondered how my single search result could personalize the kind of […]

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5 key roles of Data Architect in Information Management

  As architects, sometimes we get caught in the trap of focusing on the most tangible aspects of our architecture solving business problems, while losing track of the aspects that truly drive our architectural decisions. Information architecture serves as that vital bridge from the business applications to technology architecture (TOGAF Architecture Development Method). Although solutions […]

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What Enterprise Information Management Means to Me

As Gartner Research pointed out, by 2020, IT will generate $225 Billion in revenue for Social, Mobile, Analytics, and Cloud (SMAC) market. The foundation of the success behind these areas are information management and delivery. What is Enterprise Information Management (EIM)? EIM is the art, science, and management of building actionable intelligence with available data. […]

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Data Analyst versus Data Scientist

Is Data Scientist a Data Analyst OR vice-versa? I googled this and got more than a 1000 websites that provides this differentiation. So my thought was to consolidate everything I learnt for people who choose their career path in one or the other. If you check Gartner’s Hype Cycle of Emerging Technology, the peak of […]

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SAP Shifting Focus from Product Integration to Innovation

SAP is taking a new approach in the BI space by focusing on innovation as was presented at the recent SAPPHIRE NOW event in Orlando, FL. One of the most promising products, Visual Intelligence, is a desktop tool used to visually explore and manipulate date. Visual Intelligence is a compliment to their recently launched HANA platform […]

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BM SPSS Statistics – Data Management Toolset

IBM SPSS Statistics – Data Management Toolset (DMS) In a recent blog post I listed some of the more helpful “data management tools” offered within IBM SPSS Statistics version 20 (Case Summaries, Replace Missing Values, Transform and Compute, Recode, Select Cases, Sort Cases and Merge Files) and would like to review them today. These tools […]

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IBM SPSS Statistics – Continued Exploration

Getting Started…Again Back to Statistics; I restart IBM SPSS and from the startup/open dialog, locate my previously defined data file from the “Open an existing data source” list and click OK. My file opens in the data editor (just as I left it) and the Statistics Viewer shows the very first transaction “GET” (and then […]

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