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Consumer Engagement with Florida Blue – 2015 IBM DigEX Conference

Phani Kanakala of Florida Blue and Charles Mahoney of Perficient presented a member portal case study at the 2015 IBM Digital Experience Conference.  Florida has continually evolved their digital experience since releasing their first member portal on the IBM Digital Experience platform in 2008.  Florida Blue is the largest health insurance provider in Florida with […]

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MIT’s Lincoln Lab Creates a Benchmark for Digital Experience

I had the pleasure of sitting through Vishal Chawla’s session Monday morning at IBM’s Digital Experience conference in Atlanta, where he talked about Lincoln Lab’s process of upgrading Portal and Connections. Vishal is the Senior Manager of Technology Innovation and Integration with Lincoln Lab and was the team lead for their upgrade project. Lincoln was […]

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Ignite 2015 Recap – Top 3 Sessions to Replay

Welcome back from a great Ignite Conference! By now, I hope everyone knows that the conference recordings are posted to channel9, a section of MSDN. Microsoft does a great job of recording and publishing all of this content quickly, its pretty awesome. One of my biggest challenges at the conference was knowing which session to […]

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Office 365 NextGen Portals Under the Hood – Ignite 2015

Family of NextGen portals Video Delve Infopedia Notion of these portals is built on the following pillars Intelligent Mobile Social Ready to go NEXTGEN PORTAL MODEL NEXTGEN PORTAL ARCHITECTURE Office 365 Video Powered by azure media services Easily consume Share ideas broadly (rich discoverable social video across devices with yammer embedded) Secure & easy to manage […]

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Incident Analysis: a use case for Watson Explorer

Earlier this year, we examined how IBM Watson can help healthcare organizations analyze vast quantities of unstructured data to gain quick insights from previously untapped data sources. We found that the content analytics solution, along with IBM’s healthcare tools and accelerators, uncovers valuable intelligence from disparate healthcare data and content, including physician notes, patient surveys, […]

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Supporting the TOGAF-ADM using a SharePoint EA Portal Part 2

Throughout my career there have been a couple of quips that I have followed when presenting certain ideas; “Eat Your Own Dog Food” along with its close cousin Practicing What You Preach. In the first article of this series I promoted the idea that architecture is about collaboration and communication. I then laid out a […]

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Predicting Maintenance with Unstructured Data

The field of process control has changed radically over the last 20 years. Back in the day, it was not uncommon to view process control as simply the exercise of reading a time trend line to see if a defect rates were rising or falling based on outlier activity around the classic Shewhart control chart.   […]

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5 Basic Steps to a Faster IBM Content Migration

Migrating content to a single, updated repository allows organizations to replace legacy systems, simplify operations and reduce costs in maintenance and support. With ongoing IBM Image Services maintenance and support at 4x the cost of an updated IBM content repository, the price of staying on an outdated platform is substantially increasing year-over-year. After all content […]

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IBM ConnectED 2015: Content Management for Mobile

Barry Pellas from PointSource spoke about several options for delivering content to mobile devices. Imagine you want to display a coupon to a user has they navigate your mobile app. But you also want to deliver that same coupon to someone browsing on a desktop browser. You don’t want to create two different coupons and […]

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IBM ConnectED 2015: What’s New in WebSphere Portal & Web Content

It’s time again for Rob Will’s semi-annual presentation on What’s New in IBM WebSphere Portal and IBM Web Content Manager. Rob is IBM’s Chief Architect for Portal and WCM and always has lots of slides showing off what the latest version of the product does and what has been implemented in the last year. IBM’s […]

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IBM ConnectED 2015: A New Way to Engage with Digital Experiences

Jeff Schick opened this year’s IBM ConnectED conference talking about “A New Way to Engage,” which is IBM’s theme for this conference. He talked about how IBM has developed new ways to engage over the past year.  He talked about Watson, IBM’s cloud businesses, their new agreement with Apple and more initiatives. This year is […]

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Zions Bank implements IBM ECM to help with Check Imaging

Document imaging and retrieval is a critical component of any content-centric workflow. The financial industry knows the importance of digitalized, activated content, given the volume and complexity of banking and investment documents – loan origination, account management, new account opening, payments, invoices, customer communications, etc. Perficient recently wrapped up a project with Zions Bancorporation to […]

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Uncover Hidden Value in Healthcare Data with IBM Watson

Healthcare companies in the digital age are now responsible for vast amounts of data. This data is created and acquired on a daily basis, and the volumes are increasing substantially with each patient visit or interaction.  Some information is stored in pre-determined, structured fields within Electronic Medical Records (EMR), claims or financial systems and is […]

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Perficient’s IBM Big Data & Analytics 2014 Year in Review

We hope everyone had a great holiday celebrating the New Year. Looking back on 2014, our IBM Big Data and Analytics team had a tremendous year, filled with impressive milestones and noteworthy awards. We’re excited about the accomplishments we’ve seen in 2014 and look forward to partnering with clients and the IBM community to continue […]

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Dream Team 2014: Connecting Salesforce and SharePoint

By now, it’s old news that Salesforce is connecting to files stored in Microsoft’s SharePoint Online service, the portals-and-collaboration piece of Office 365.  The official announcement may have been made this morning, but it hit the channel months ago and was unveiled with much fanfare when  it was previewed at Dreamforce 2014 this fall.  Since then, our Perficient team […]

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Upcoming Webinar: 10 Steps To Optimize SharePoint: with Metalogix

Is your SharePoint environment painfully slow? Are you experiencing long page load times? Does your search results take forever to load? If so, you may be interested in my upcoming webinar – 10 Steps to Optimize SharePoint. This comprehensive webinar, put on jointly with our partners at Metalogix, will cover: Identifying the common problem areas affecting SharePoint […]

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The Top 5 Reasons Why Content Strategy Matters

Something happened while we were all madly getting websites up and running. They evolved. At the same time sites evolved, users expectations evolved as they wanted more than just a simple site. Users recognized the value of sites that provide content. They began to visit sites that were less about mass marketing and more about […]

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Video Comes to Office 365 and SharePoint Online

This week, Microsoft announced the release of an Office 365 Video Portal (see Office 365 Video ). This is an exciting first step into an area of great demand and large potential. In the past, many larger enterprises purchased dedicated 3rd party solutions for the management of video content. Smaller organizations typically leverage You Tube.  […]

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Using ARX’s CoSign to Digitally Sign PDF Documents [VIDEO]

Digitally signing documents is easier than you might think. It’s also much faster than having to print, sign, and scan them. And, of course, there’s a significant cost-savings for companies that frequently mail and store hardcopy documents. A product like CoSign can be a great solution for companies, especially those in highly-regulated industries that require […]

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Engaging Customers Through Marketing Technologies

Customer engagement is nothing new.  Customer engagement technology is nothing new too.  Cave paintings were an early form of customer engagement and throughout history, we’ve used various forms of technology to communicate to customers, partners and employees.  What is new technology to have a two-way, personalized engagement with them. Audrey Hendley, SVP of New Customer […]

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