Perficient and Symantec Empower Customers with AI

AI adoption allows employees and AI to co-exist

Perficient Digital and Symantec have created an AI-enabled self-service cybersecurity support agent called ‘Sami.’ We are excited to announce that the new platform reduces phone channel use, case abandonment, and improves knowledge of customer behavior. 
[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]“When it comes to user-centered design, there is a strong push toward real ROI and value of intelligent self-service,” said Ed Hoffman, Perficient vice president of digital experience solutions. “Organizations that infuse AI into their user experience stand to meet the demands of their consumers while improving operational efficiencies. Symantec is now equipped with a cutting-edge support experience that leverages AI to efficiently solve customer problems. This new system prioritizes hundreds of interactions away from live agents and enables those employees to focus their attention on more challenging strategic needs.”[/perfectpullquote]
Our work for Symantec’s new portal began with integrating a series of acquired technologies. The work quickly grew to include tracking the customer journey so we could develop a customer-centered design. We built a fully responsive website on Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) that leveraged new AEM features and functionality. This allows for a multi-page application that integrates all authors and provides the flexibility to create content and adjust the look and feel as desired. Another large part of the customer-centered design included creating an AI agent, Sami, to answer common questions and find potential resolutions to half of all service tickets. One of the virtual agent’s goals is to deflect calls from live agents, whose duties range from simple tasks to the more-involved process of opening a case in Salesforce. 

Virtual Support Agent

Symantec’s virtual support agent, Sami

The support site,, has been recognized with a gold dotCOMM award and as a 2019 Top 10 Best Supporting Website by Association of Support Professionals.

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