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Front-End Development

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Debugging Redux Applications with Redux DevTools and Trace in Editor

Debugging modern web applications can be a challenging task. Redux DevTools is an excellent tool for tracking state changes and dispatching actions in Redux applications. Combined with source maps in Webpack, you can easily trace back to your original source code, making debugging much more straightforward. In this post, we’ll walk through setting up Redux […]

AEM Vite Developer

Adobe Sites: Migrating from Webpack to Vite

Webpack is an amazing bundler for JavaScript and, with the correct loader, it can also transform CSS, HTML, and other assets.  When a new AEM project is created via the AEM Project Archetype and the front-end module is set to general, Adobe provides a Webpack configuration to generate the project’s client libraries. Introducing Vite Vite […]

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Understanding Error Handling in TypeScript: Strategies and Best Practices

TypeScript offers significant benefits for software development, including improved productivity, code quality, and reliability. It is a useful option for creating contemporary online apps because of its static typing, improved tooling support, and JavaScript compatibility. Error handling is a critical aspect of software development that impacts applications’ reliability, security, and user experience. By implementing robust […]

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Unlocking Efficiency: Exploring Story within Story in Storybook

Story within Story: In Storybook, “Story within Story” means using parts of one story in another. Instead of remaking stuff, developers just import existing stories and use their parts in a new story. This helps make complex UIs by combining simpler parts from different stories, making coding faster and more efficient. Suppose you have two […]

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Optimizing UI Development: Storybook Essentials

Introduction: Storybook works alongside your app, giving you a separate area to create and test UI components without being tied to the main code and context of your app. It’s like having a special workshop just for building and trying out different parts of your website or app. What & Why? It’s a place where […]

Angular 17

Angular 17: Maximize Your Development Efficiency and Performance

Angular has long been a leading web development framework, powering countless dynamic websites with its robust features and scalable architecture. However, recent advances in technology have seen other frameworks offering faster, more efficient solutions. With the release of Angular 17, the framework responds with a transformative update, enhancing performance and flexibility. This post will examine […]

Extending General Link for Experience Editor Mode in Sitecore

12 Best Practices for React Developers

As a React developer, it’s critical to increase the performance of your React applications to provide a smooth and streamlined user experience. This post will cover the best practices for writing code in React JS. 1. Minimize Re-renders and Use Memoization Memoization is a technique for minimizing expensive computations or function calls by caching their […]

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Visual Studio Code Extensions and Shortcut Keys

Visual Studio Code Extensions and Shortcut Keys to Simplify Coding Efficiency is key when it comes to coding. A well-organized workflow significantly impacts output and how much you enjoy coding. The well-known Microsoft code editor Visual Studio Code (VS Code) has become highly well-liked among developers because of its performance, adaptability, and wealth of customization […]

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Unleashing the Power of 3D CSS3 Transformations in Web Design

3D Transformation of Elements Dive into the exciting realm of CSS3 3D transformations! Experience the magic of moving, rotating, scaling, and skewing elements in three-dimensional space, adding depth and flair to your web design. With CSS Transform and Transform Functions, unleash your creativity and elevate your website with stunning visual effects while ensuring seamless layout […]


Elevate Your Web Design: Exploring 2D CSS3 Transformations

Ready to take your website from static to sensational? Dive into the world of 2D transformations in CSS3 and discover how you can effortlessly enhance your web design with dynamic effects! Say goodbye to boring layouts and hello to eye-catching animations and transitions. Let’s unleash the power of CSS3 together! 2D Transformation of Elements Using […]


Leveraging TypeScript’s Power with Next.js

In the sphere of modern web development, leveraging powerful tools can drastically enhance productivity and code quality. Among these tools, TypeScript and Next.js stand out as a dynamic duo, offering a seamless combination of type safety, developer ergonomics, and performance optimization. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the symbiotic relationship between TypeScript and Next.js. […]


Level Up Your Map with the ArcGIS SDK

In today’s tech-driven world, the ability to visualize data spatially has been vital for various industries. Enter ArcGIS, a Geographic Information System (GIS) developed by ESRI, which is here to help us solve our client’s needs. Let’s chart our way into the world of ArcGIS and how it empowers businesses to harness the full capabilities […]

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